Hit the Lights..

She’s going out of town… And I definitely need her before she leaves for a few days. Those nights will be long and most likely dull, and I most definitely want to enjoy her while I can. I’m craving her silken pussy, almost obsessing with it. I’m hard, almost uncomfortably hard and I just can’t […]

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Protecting Our “Us”

Our love will be the fortress to withstand any enemy outside of our relationship.  We will be vigilant to protect our marriage covenant.  Decisions as well as the direction in our future life together will be filtered through this bedrock place that stands.  This is right after God’s place in our hearts.  Another words; it’s God […]

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To Play or Not to Play?

Hey everyone! Recently, a group of my friends (all of us are ladies) and I got together, and an interesting conversation had started. Some of us, like myself, are single Christian young women in our 20s still waiting for our wedding night with our husbands. The rest of us are married. I don’t remember how […]

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Our Sexual Liberties

There is no more reason to wait!  Our afternoon of covenant “Idoes” has allowed for this tender moment.  My beloved new husband; you look so amazing, so handsome, so perfect.  The most outstanding part is that you are all mine.  Oh my, the ways that I want to please you and savior every part of […]

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Lately, I have  had a hard time being able to stay horny; I have always been a very reactive  sexual person! Serving and showing my love has always been one of joy  and very pleasurable. It seems though that my hormones and need for sex has started to drop off and not been as back to […]

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Her Sweet Spot

Today was Friday, and it was my day off. I had been feeling a bit under the weather the last couple of days so I was very intentional at sleeping in. After about ten hours in bed I awoke feeling much better. Looking at the clock it was easy for me to tell that my […]

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