Friday Night Pizza (Pt 3) (L)

Conclusion of our Friday Night Pizza event we jointly wrote, her’s are in bold. I wait but a little bit allowing your body to recharge before heading back into the kitchen, grabbing a drink. Your panties are still on the floor where I dropped them and that made my heart skip, knowing that my horny […]

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Putt Naked

I know I haven’t written a heat story in awhile, but I figured I’d share this with you. Enjoy! “So, what’s with this golf mat?” I ask Josh as I walk into the living room to find my tall, handsome husband lining up a putt. “Well, I think since winter is on it’s way we […]

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Control Issues (L)

My wife and I have a fairly active sex life for a couple with three children. We do lots of fun things. However, busyness and child rearing had taken their toll on some of our spontaneity. So when my wife announced that the charity board she was serving on had their annual meeting in Hawaii […]

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Deflowered Virgins

My wife and I were virgins when we married. We knew each other for 8 years and dated for 6 years. We are both Christians but she came from a more religious background than I did. She told me up front that she was saving herself for marriage.  I was also saving myself  and decided […]

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Hide and Seek Game

  Hope you all couples are doing great. Sorry for all our readers, Its been long time since my previous post. I and my wife were pretty busy so didn’t had time to write part of our love making here. And it feels odd too to write often about our love making, as it’s more […]

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A Fantasy (L)

I’ve been thinking about a fantasy I’ve had for a while.  It hasn’t happened yet, but it would be nice.  I thought I would write it out to share with my wife first and everyone on here.  Enjoy! I get home and my wife is still in her work clothes: Dress shirt and dress pants.  […]

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