Faithfulness without sex?

Hello this is my first post. I have been a member for about a year but never posted a story until now. I would like to know how do other people keep their marriage affair free. I know that this is a christian sex site But what else do some of y’all couples do out […]

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My Favorite Breakfast

I woke up early to the smell of pancakes. How I love pancakes. I opened my eyes and noticed my wife wasn’t next to me. Usually she sleeps in till I wake her up.  I sat up and heard some noise downstairs. I got out of bed, put on a t-shirt and walked downstairs. I […]

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Private Island Part 2

On the morning of our second day I got up and let you sleep. You looked so peaceful lying there. The fresh ocean air was so relaxing. I went and took a shower. We had an outside one that was open to the wonderful view. It was like being out in nature. I decided to […]

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Life After The Honeymoon (L)

My wife and I recently got married and had our beautiful honeymoon in India. We were so happy traveling and knowing each other’s happiness intrinsically by being together and physically by awesome sex. When we came back home our bags were filled with souvenirs for families and friends. The first few days we rested and […]

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My Birthday Surprise (Part 1)

This week marks my 35th birthday and, unfortunately, it has been years since I have received a birthday gift that I can actually remember.  It’s funny how as we age we can remember the cool toys we received as kids however, when we become adults, birthdays simply become another day and the gifts our spouses […]

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