Absence Makes The Body Grow Fonder

John and I have been together for nearly 15 years and married for 10. We met online and from the start our chemistry was quite apparent, even from so far away. Years passed and after endless flights back and forth, we realized that we wanted to be together. He asked me to marry him on […]

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panties Kickoff

Marriage Heat Panties Kickoff – A Sexy Challenge for Married Sex

Marriage Heat Panties Kickoff Marriage Heat declares September Panties Kickoff Month. The British invented the modern knicker which in America is called the pantie. Before the 18th century, women went without panties. The British may have invented panties, but the Americans came up with American football. The Panties Kickoff will send a notice to husbands […]

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Mountain Spa, DIY Style

It was late June and our kids were away at camp for the week, so my wife and I decided to take off for a romantic getaway while they were gone. Her aunt and uncle have a cabin in the mountains and it was available for the weekend, so we packed up a few things, […]

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A Much Needed Moment

We had been invited on a week away with a few couples we’ve been friends with for quite some time. We accepted their invitation reluctantly because a week with just ourselves would’ve been nice but we’ve declined them all a few too many times. We arrived at the cabin early. We split up after breakfast […]

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Long Distance Video Chat Sex Part 6 (L)

It was just as I thought. A very long week. This week’s e-mail was more about business than anything else. I was a tad disappointed but understood since we didn’t do much household business last week. We just did business. I woke up all week with a massive erection. I figured my mind was full […]

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