A Fur Rug and a Roaring Fire

Who hasn’t wanted to make love by candlelight, lying on a white rug in front of a roaring fire? It was one of those things that we dreamed about while we were waiting for our wedding night. There was never any doubt after we got engaged that we would save ourselves for such a special […]

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Road Trip Sex (Pt 1) (L)

Road Trip Sex Just the two of us driving cross country I realize we will be spending a lot of time alone together in a car.  My heart melting over with love for my hot, gentle man that I married. I begin to think of ways in which I can make the travel time very […]

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Heat of the moment (Part1)

“I won’t be able to come home early today baby. It may take more 2 hours for me to reach. Is it ok baby?” A silent tear rolled down her cheek as she heard the same reason today. A flash of today’s preparations passed through her thoughts making her chest constrict in agony. He did […]

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The Quiet Game (with an Oral Twist)

E laid her head on her husband’s chest.  The TV was on the Saturday night primetime game of the week.  The game was not particularly interesting and neither of their favorite teams were involved.   The couple was visiting E’s family for the weekend at their lake house and by 10 p.m. everyone except the young couple […]

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