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Masturbation and Romans 14

I started to comment on a recent post by “BabyRx21” entitled: “Marriage, Masturbation and Purity Question.”  But the more I thought about it and the more I wrote, the longer it got.  So I’m posting my thoughts on that issue here.  I wanted to address the mention of Romans 14:23 and the issue of sinning […]

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Married Part 2 (L)

Stopping another night on the road before we got to a motel, Lisa and I talked in our car about some guys she previously met. “Boys just take it too fast and all they are interested in is getting into a girl’s panties.” Kissing me she added “I’m glad I waited.” I suggested that we […]

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After Church (L)

I work at a church as a youth pastor. I was at my office one day preparing for the youth service later that night when my wife texted me. She told me she needed to pick something up from the church and asked me to meet her on the other side of the building. As […]

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Does The Female Orgasm Serve A Purpose?

The myth that the female orgasm serves no reproductive or biological purpose may have been debunked. Until now, the female orgasm was seen as something developed from an evolutionary process. Women have orgasm to create attachments and to be a motivator for women to have sex and reproduce. This is of course true. But now, […]

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Just Two Bears in the Woods

To some we’re known as Mr. and Mrs. Bear and I think it’s because my husband gives the best bear hugs in the world. He is so big and tall that when he hugs me, I feel like I am in my own shelter. His chest is so broad that I can comfortably lay there […]

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No Panties in Public for the First Time

Such a simple gesture that was so effective at turning me on!  My wife June does naughty but nice so well.  One of my favourite sex memories is of a night out with my wife to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary. She is great, we are best friends….and she is hot, blonde, fit, and perfect for me. My […]

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