The Ride

Watch for the head bob, I said to myself, watch for the head bob. Even wearing sunglasses, I had to shield my eyes looking east into the bright morning sun backdropped by the cloudless blue sky.  I stepped closer to the asphalt so I could see around the other people doing the same thing. We […]

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Sex and Church…a Question

So, I want to start a conversation. I love this site. It’s fantastic.  The contributors on here have blown my mind with both their authentic faith and their authentic humanity. But here’s my problem.  I am in a leadership role at a church in which there are a zillion married couples.  And these married couples […]

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My husband is out of town.  He’s on a mission trip with the Sr. High kids from our church. I’m having some trouble with him being gone.  It gets lonely in our bed at night.  It especially gets lonely after we’ve had a week like we had last week. I can’t explain what comes over […]

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A long time waiting

My wife and I hadn’t been out by ourselves in a long time!!! We just got caught up in the day to day life and realized that we hadn’t had anytime to ourselves. I’m the police chief of a small town and on call pretty much 24/7 and she is a stay at home mom of our […]

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