Uniform and All

Ryan somehow looked even sexier in his white baseball pants. Since he would always change into his uniform at the fields, I barely ever saw him in it. I had told him that I loved how sexy he looked in his uniform before, but I was sure he had forgotten. It was a normal night. […]

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A Night Of Passion

It was Valentine’s Day. I decided to treat her to a night out to dinner, dancing and then a romantic shoulder rub. She was wearing a dress that she knew drove me wild. It was tan in color and hugged her beautiful figure in ways that would drive a guy like myself wild with desire. […]

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The Erotic Photographer (L)

With my camera equipment over my shoulder, I stood outside the front door after ringing her doorbell. The door opened, and I was greeted with her dazzling smile. “You’re right on time,” she grinned inviting me in. My eyes devoured her exquisite beauty. She was wearing a low cut top with no bra that showed […]

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Our Anniversary

In 2004, my husband & I had been married for 20 years. We were quite young when we were married (I was 23, he was 25) and we always love remembering the times when we were young, in addition to creating new memories together. Our daughters had organized such a big party for us! They […]

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beach erotica

Beach Erotica (L)

This is my first attempt at writing anything to be seen by anyone else, but it is a story that I want to share with others. My husband and I were on a vacation to the Caribbean. We had just celebrated our 20th anniversary and used that as an excuse to get away from the […]

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The First Time (Part 1)

For a “best sex stories” category, James and I have decided to tell the story of our first time. Part 1 will be from my perspective and Part 2 will be his. But first some quick background on “us.” As most of you know I was the victim of sexual abuse, I was 15 when […]

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