Cooking Show (L)

My husband loves sweets. It has been somewhat of a source of tension in our relationship as I like to eat healthy and stay fit. I have always felt bad because I never bake for him even though I know he loves it. This month has been very hectic and busy for us, and my […]

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Hotel Hot Tub Sex

I remember a very nice time when we stepped outside of our comfort zone and had sex at the hotel hot tub. We were travelling and it always seems to help both of us get a little daring with our sex and to enjoy a new experience. This was one time that we found ourselves […]

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Wet Anniversary

Writing about our lovemaking and fantasies has given our intimacy more meaning and excitement. Throughout the 15 years of being together we have learned to explore individual sexual desires from romantic to exotic. My wife has always been open to my request and has blown my mind (no pun intended) with spontaneous exotic initiatives and […]

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First Time Dancing

We had been married for nearly a year when we decided to take a Winter vacation to Finland in late 1984. It sure was beautiful, and it was so cold, we could walk on the water! That was fun, and we had delightful time having romantic dinners, and breakfast at the hotel. But one night […]

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A New Chapter

Az was working away again. The time we are apart feels like forever and when he is home the time goes so quickly that I start to miss him before he even goes again. It had been near a month since seeing him. He only had a weekend free so we decided to meet up […]

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