Midnight Lover

It had been a while since we had made love. It was just after the holidays and it had been crazy. First there was the general busy-ness of Christmas, then we went out of town to visit family. Then my wife’s parents came to stay with us. Plus the cold doesn’t help. And somewhere in […]

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Welcome Home (L)

The following is based on a true story, dirty talk and all. – Trent and Amy “Ding!” The microwave chimed that it was finished and Katie quickly removed the hot coconut oil in the condiment bottle from inside, bobbling it back and forth in her hands so as not to burn herself. Rich would be […]

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Her Pleasure is My Satisfaction

You lay peacefully sleeping next to me. I’m reminded how much I love you just by waking up next to you in the middle of night. Gone are the days I would wake, quickly masterbate and go back to sleep. Now I have something much more pleasing to wake to. I roll over slightly to […]

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The Little Blue Pill

As with all the stories we submit to MH, this one has been written by Mr Postman, but read and thoroughly approved by Mrs Postman. For nearly 24 years after getting married in July 1990, we had a full and active sex life. We weren’t swinging from the chandeliers and we didn’t experiment that much, […]

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