Wife Masturbates

Adventurous Wife Surprises Husband

All day long my mind had wandered as I anticipated the evening planned by my wife.  That morning I knew she was feeling frisky. I had just emerged from the shower when she handed me a pair of silky blue bikini underwear.  “Here, put these on”.  After arriving at the office she called to tell me that she had made reservations at a local seafood restaurant.

The day dragged on until 5:30 that evening when I heard a knock on the door to my office.  “Come in”. I said.  My wife stepped through the door in a flowing turquoise dress and white high heels.  Glancing down, I noticed her red painted toe-nails through her sheer white pantyhose.  As she closed the door and leaned close I caught a whiff of her Obsession perfume.  “Know what I want?” she whispered teasingly.  I could feel my love shaft engorging with blood as she lightly caressed the bulge growing beneath my suit pants.  “Let me guess.” I responded with a whisper.  “Oh,” she said glancing at her watch, “the reservations are for six o’clock, we better go.

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Adventurous Wife Surprises Husband
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