Stories Around the Campfire

The light from the burning campfire was reflecting on the dark waters of the bay, mixing and dancing with the reflected lights of the town two miles away.  Mike laid the last log of the evening on the embers and gently poked the flames back to life; he stood up and joined his wife on the blanket.  For a moment they stared into the flames, not saying anything but pressing their seated bodies close together.  “Tell me a story.”  Kathy asked her husband softly.

“See that planet up there?”  He pointed his free arm out over the bay and upwards.  “That’s Jupiter.  Do you know Galileo discovered the Jovian moons early in the 1600’s.  Lots of people think he invented the telescope but in reality that was done by the Dutch.  Galileo did however build the first telescopes accurate enough for precise astronomical observations.”

One advantage of living with a science professor is that he could always find something to talk about.  “Almost as soon as the telescope was trained on Jupiter Galileo discovered four moons orbiting the planet.  With an eye on their continued patronage, he proposed to name them after the Medici family.”

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Stories Around the Campfire
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