It was Great!

As a child, I grew up with parents who believed in God, but weren’t very strict as far as morals and Godly behavior was concerned. So, I never really understood the sacredness of waiting until you’re married to have sex. Well, as I got older, things began to change for me.

When I got to high school, I followed a non traditional route. I started to hang out with an excellent group of friends. They showed me what Christ’s love was all about, and most of all the importance of devotion and living a Godly lifestyle. It was kind of’ funny ’cause all of a sudden, those W.W.J.D key chains made sense to me. Whenever I’m in a tight situation, I just think, “What would Jesus do?”. Anyway, along came the college years.

I went to a school that was notoriously known for partying. The ironic thing was that I wasn’t a partyer. The good thing was that my roommate didn’t party either, so we hung out together Friday nights. Well, college was going on great, but the pressure to do things that were “unchaste”, was ever mounting. I didn’t think that I was going to’ make it out, but God gave me the strength.

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It was Great!
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  1. Tigerandpussycat says:

    Great post. The beauty and love of honeymooners is always encouraging. God asks us to wait until marriage because it is best. Blessings to you and your husband

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