Farmer Sex -Wet and Wild Down on the Farm

Sam Mason watched as his pretty, young wife, Jena, placed the final bale from the load of alfalfa on the rattling elevator. Admiring the cleavage she unknowing displayed as she bent to the task, Sam thanked God for her spunky personality and amazing desirability. He took the advancing bale from the elevator and stacked it neatly in the upper level of the barn with the rest of the crop, grateful that the season was over. Jena unplugged the cord, glad to put an end the constant chatter of the machine’s noisy chain.

Stepping into the lower level of the barn placed her directly at the foot of the wooden ladder Sam was descending from the haymow. Watching the muscles in his thighs and butt ripple as climbed down brought a gleam to her eyes. Not aware of her close proximity, Sam stepped from the last rung and pivoted, surprised to find himself in her waiting arms. Pulling his lips to hers, Jena kissed and was quickly kissed in return. Savoring the maleness of his sweaty body, she pulled him even tighter against her. In seconds, she began to feel him swell with desire, his penis, trapped in the leg of his jeans, forming a growing bulge down his inner thigh.

Jena placed her hand over him, softly stroking his length. Having gone braless, she was enjoying the contact her nipples made through her thin top with his rough work shirt. Sam slowly moved his lips from hers, working his way down her front. Eventually, agonizingly, he approached the swell of her breasts. Nuzzling her, he soon located an erect nipple and gently took it between his teeth. As a moan of pleasure swelled from within her, he slightly increased the pressure, sending tingles throughout her body.

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Farmer Sex -Wet and Wild Down on the Farm
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  1. Gina G. says:

    I absolutely loved this story! If Ben would have been here, he would have gotten molested for sure. But he isn’t so my fingers worked their magic. Thanks for sharing! God Bless!

  2. nidan2 says:

    Pretty well destroys the illusions about dowdy, sexless farm wives. :-) As a fellow country dweller, I can testify that working hard together as a couple is great foreplay. Who would think that mucking stalls or stacking hay could be so sexy?!!

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