Vibrating Panties in Public

My wife (I call her Joy on here) and I have been married for over a decade, and it is only recently that she began coming out of her shell to the point where we have begun exploring some more… risky… was to please each other. One thing we have discovered is a OhMiBod Clubvibe 2.Oh panty vibrator. Remote controlled, with multiple vibration settings including one that is triggered by sounds.

For date night after we got it she wore it in a pair of her usual panties under a pair of black slacks as we were going somewhere relatively nice at the big outdoor mall nearby. We told her sister, who was watching our child, goodbye and got in the car. I turned the vibrator on to the sound setting and we turned on some music. She gave a little jolt and said, “It works!” I just sniggered and we both laughed and smiled. We drove off to the mall. The vibrations were mostly light, not enough to do more than be a good tease. We wanted to draw it out.

We arrived and were seated. Sitting on the hard chair pressed the vibrator against her clit more and the restaurant was fairly noisy so she was receiving frequent jolts. We acted normal and chatted as we always do, both secretly knowing what else was going on by her pussy, which made us both excited. I’d ask every once in a while how it and she were doing. She’d smile, take a sip of wine, think, and give me a number on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being barely aroused and 10 being orgasm. By dessert she was at a 6.

We paid and walked out to go walk around the mall shops, holding hands, discussing our meal and anything else. I had the remote in my pocket and began randomly hitting the button to change the setting. While walking the pressure on her clit wasn’t as strong, but some of the vibrations were much stronger to compensate. We walked and every once in a while would stop outside a shop to look at something and she’d squeeze her legs together, increasing the pressure of the vibrations on her clit. After a while I asked her again where she was and she looked into my eyes and said, “Eight. Definitely an eight.” I gave her an “mmmmm” and we kissed and hugged. I had been sporting a half-erection for a long time, fighting very hard to not get fully hard in public, which would be obvious in my kahki pants.

We continued walking and I moved the setting higher still. She squeezed my hand and we smiled at each other. We ducked into a book store and walked around. There were few people and plenty of places blocked by racks of books. She whispered in my ear after a few minutes, “If you don’t turn it down you’re gonna make me cum.” I said, “Oh, really? And where are you now?” She squeezed my hand and said, “Nine.” I just smiled and kissed her and we continued browsing.

A few minutes later we were near the back corner of the store when she squatted down and grabbed a book off the lower shelf but she didn’t stand up. She stayed there, squatted, legs together, head bowed. Then she began quivering, tiny, almost imperceptible spasms. Then she let out a very silent moan and her body gave a few larger spasms. She was cumming. Having an orgasm right there in the book store. I couldn’t help myself and felt the blood flow rapidly into my cock and it sprang fully erect as I watched my amazing, beautiful wife cumming in public. After a few seconds she waved her hand rapidly at me and whispered, “Turn it off!” I reluctantly complied.

She stayed down for a moment, taking deep breaths, before she stood up and kissed me hard. She grabbed my dick over my pants with one hand. I whispered, “God, that was hot.” She replied, “You have no idea how much I want to fuck you right now. I’m soaking wet.” We kissed hard again. I made her stop so I wouldn’t cum in my pants. She just smiled and said, “It would only be fair.” I said, “Yeah, but it would be very obvious if I did.” She pouted and let me go. We stayed back for a while until my erection subsided enough I could walk where we were visible again.

We walked – much more quickly this time – back to our car. No stopping. No passing “Go.” No collecting $200. We were parked near the back of the lot where there were few lights. I opened the passenger door for her to get it. She stopped first, looked around, then unzipped her pants, reached inside, down her panties, and pulled her hand back out now holding the vibrator. I could see her wetness reflecting off of it in the moonlight. She then sat down with her legs still outside the car, grabbed my hips and pulled me forward.

One more quick look around and she unzipped my khakis, reached in, undid the button on my boxers, reached in, and pulled me rapidly hardening cock out into the open air. Before I could utter a word she leaned forward and hungrily took my cock into her warm, wet mouth. I moaned. Her tongue danced around my frenulum. Her head bobbed in rhythm with her hand up and down my shaft. I was in heaven. The excitement of the evening, watching her cum in public, the riskiness, the openness of where we now were all combined with her masterful efforts with her mouth and tongue pushed me over the edge. I said, “I’m gonna cum!” She moaned, never stopping her bobbing, licking, and sucking.

I exploded. Huge, powerful pulses shot up my shaft and filled her mouth once, twice, thrice… I lost count of the contractions that propelled my cum into her eager mouth. I lost track of time. There was only her mouth and my cock and love and pleasure. My dick finally stopped twitching and she pulled away carefully, sucking all the way off the tip, making me shudder. She looked up at me with her mouth open, moved her tongue around to show my an extremely full load of white cum shining in the light, then closed her lips and swallowed and smiled up at me. She said, “Wow! That was a lot of cum!” I just laughed as she tucked my relaxing cock back into my boxers and pants and zipped me back up. I walked around and climbed into my side of the car and she leaned over and we kissed hard. Her tongue shoved into my mouth, giving me a taste of my own cum still on her. I reached over and squeezed her breast. After a few moments she pulled away and said, “We should leave before security catches us and thinks we’re up to something.” I just smiled as said, “Aren’t we?”

We drove home, recollecting about the evening. After we finally got rid of her sister (she likes to stay and talk), we couldn’t wait to get into our bedroom to fuck – and boy did we. She had already drained me of most of what I could offer in the parking lot, but I pumped what cum I could manage into her pussy as she came hard around my pulsing cock before we drifted off to a very satisfied sleep.

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  1. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    Very well written. The story is now a new fantasy of mine. Not sure about getting a blow job in a parking lot with the door open, but making my wife cum with a remote in a public place and then having her pleasure me and then taking my full load of cum in her mouth, topped off with a little cum swap at the end, it sounds like a perfect night.

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