Birthday Wish

My wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday, so I sent her a close version of this. It didn’t go exactly as I wrote it, but this was even better.


I come home from work to an empty house. The kids are gone, and I guess you are as well as all appears to be quiet. I greet the dogs as usual and then head down the hall back to our room. As I approach, you appear from inside the room wearing a sheer, tight, black see through camisole exposing your perfect breasts and tight red panties outlining your smooth, bare honey pot and perfect slit.  Your nipples are hard and pussy swollen with the excitement of waiting for me. You greet me in the doorway with a long kiss as you caress my ass. You whisper in my ear, “Happy Birthday, why don’t you take a shower and after I have a surprise for you.”


I instantly become very excited and follow your suggestion. As I’m in the shower, I look through the smoked glass to see your outline on the bed. I can’t tell what you are doing but anticipate getting out as quickly as possible to find out what you have in store for me. As I’m soaping down, you say to me, “Spend some extra time cleaning your manhood. It turns me on to watch you.” As I stroke my erection clean I hear you say, “Oh that feels good.” I begin to focus more on you and realize that your hands are clearly between your legs. I quickly rinse off, turn off the water and jump out.


You are lying on the bed with your legs spread wide open, and I can now see clearly that you have soaked through your panties as you are intently rubbing both breasts and pinching your nipples. You say to me, “Sit at the end of the bed and watch me.” As I do, you slide your hands down removing your soaked panties. You toss them to me as I sit at your feet. I can’t help but bring them close to my face for a smell of your irresistible sent. You pull your right hand back to your awaiting perky breast and your left hand to your wet, swollen honey pot. As you pinch your nipple with intensity, you slide one finger into your dripping love tunnel. You let out a moan as you thrust deep inside yourself.


I can’t believe how hot you are as you continue to pleasure yourself and how lucky I am to have such an incredible wife. You continue to pound yourself with one hand and remove a vibrator from under the pillow with your other. You turn it on and swirl it around your clit that is about to explode. You let out a slow moan that turns me on even more. You pull your fingers out and say, ”Ohhh, I’m close,” followed by another louder, “Oh… I want you inside me as soon as I cum.” You press the vibe harder against your throbbing clit and gently stroke your honey coated lips again moaning with delight. “Oh… Oh… OH……..” as you climax with pure beauty. You arch your back off the bed while moaning with great passion. The look on your face is intense, eyes fixed on mine, mouth open as you moan in close intervals.


Soon you say, “Fuck me hard, fuck me deep.” I quickly place myself between your thighs, lift up your already spread legs and slid my hard cock slowly deep inside your still quivering hole. You immediately say, “Harder,” so I thrust hard in and out as you moan with ecstasy and continue to say “harder, harder.” You begin rubbing your clit again “Oh…, Oh…, I’m going to cum again.” As you come close, you grab your legs, pulling them towards yourself allowing me to plunge even deeper and providing just the right angle to hit your sweet spot. You tilt your head up to watch my manhood disappear into your beautiful honey hole moaning loud, deep and consistent. “Oh God, Oh yah…, yah, yah, UH…., UH……….” as you cum again.

I stop deep inside you and watch in awe as your beautiful body shivers from another wave of orgasmic pleasure. You tell me, “I want you to cum in my mouth” as you sit up and push me down to my back. You quickly take me into your mouth and suck all of your sweet love juice off. You suck hard and deep with a rare intensity, taking all of me in. I moan with intensity as I’m already close. You pull off and say, “I want to swallow your cum, give in to me baby.” That’s all it took for me. As you take back in my manhood, I begin thrusting up as you come down. As I shoot my load deep inside your mouth, you suck harder. You “mmm…..” as you continue sucking it out of me. Once you have it all, you lay down next me until falling asleep in each other’s arms.

As if that wasn’t the best present ever she decided that my usual bed time birthday massage and blowjob were still in order. Best Birthday ever! What an awesome wife!

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  1. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    HFMW25 – you must have stolen this wish from my mind. Wow. I am sending this story to my wife and asking her to give me this for Christmas. Actually, to give US this for Christmas.

  2. hfmw25
    hfmw25 says:

    Happy Husband – I hope that Christmas is special for both of you. My wife has had a hard time being open with self pleasure so I was very surprised she took it as far as she did. It was an awesome experience that was very special for both of us. She continues to remind me in so many ways how God has blessed me with her. We have been married for a long time now and it has been a test of patience on both our parts to get where we are today. I would encourage ever married couple to experiment with sexuality but take it slow and understand each others comfort level. I did let her know that as much as this would be a great present I would not be disappointed if she was not there yet.

  3. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    I think that allowing your spouse to watch you masturbate to orgasm is about as intimate and revealing an act on the part of the masturbator as there can be. While intercourse is about connecting and becoming one, to allow your partner to watch you self-pleasure you have to be totally trusting and unashamed. Does anyone feel the same way, or am I making too much of it?

  4. hfmw25
    hfmw25 says:

    Happy Husband – I totally agree. I feel connected to her with every act we engage in. Being able to have intercourse, oral or self pleasure with my one and only draws me closer and makes me feel totally excepted by her. It has been hard for my wife and only on rare occasions that she has been able to feel comfortable enough to do it. Knowing how she has felt in the past also made it difficult for me to do it thinking that she may find me weird or something.
    Its important to point out that if your partner is not able to do it that it is not always a lack of trust with there spouse. My wife has struggled with this for many years and continues due to her upbringing. She was taught that anything “kinky”, out the normal or beyond just making babies is wrong. It’s been a huge struggle that I have had to take slow and let her try new things on her terms and introduce new things slowly. It has been hard sometimes but she is more than worth the wait!

  5. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    No disagreement from me. I think the entire point is that sexual activity is meant to be unique, special and reserved for marriage because of the fact that it so intimate and exposing. If the experience were not so, why would the sin of adultery be specifically identified by God and also recognized as a legal grounds for divorce even in secular society? I was just making the additional point that the addition of the act of allowing your spouse to witness your act of masturbation to orgasm was, for me, deeply emotional, exposing and resulted in a surprising level of bonding, all of which was incredibly positive. I am hoping that when my wife allows herself to do this she will have the same feeling and experience, but I know that it must come from her real will, not out of duty.

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