Sex in a box game

How do you add some spice to your sex life? How do you try new things in bed? As I was pondering this question I got an idea for a new game to play with my wife. I wrote down activities on note cars that we had already tried in bed, but that I’d like to try again. I folded them, and stapled them shut. Some of them said:

Make love outside in the back yard.

Masturbate together.

I also made cards detailing things we haven’t done, but that I’d like to try:

I eat your pussy, but when you are about to cum you tell me to stop, count to 10 then I start again. Repeat 3 times before cumming.

I rub my cock between your tits and cum on your neck.

These were labeled on the outside as “New things we haven’t done before.” I put them all in a box.

One night when we were getting frisky, and were getting ready for some loving I asked Lisa if she wanted to play a game. She saw the twinkle in my eye and agreed so I brought out the box. She chose one of the “New things” cards. As it turned out, I got so into doing something else that we never executed the card that night.

The next time I brought out the box again. Since the card she chose the first time was an activity centered on me she asked if they were all like that. I assured her they weren’t and the card she chose verified that. The activity was titled “Lisa’s Delight.” It specified that she was in charge and I was to do whatever she wanted. She liked the idea and started by asking me to kiss her, rub her legs, kiss her feet. That got her excited and she told me “go down on me.” Giving her oral pleasure is really a turn on for me, so I was more than ready to obey. I really enjoy the taste and scent of her pleasure place. I figured she’d cum while I licked her clit, but just as she was about there she commanded me to stop and told me she wanted me inside.

She was so wet from my licking and her own juices that I slid in up to the hilt in one thrust. At this point she turned her attention to me and did everything she knows how to do to get me excited. When she felt me squirting inside of her she grabbed me and forced me all the way inside. I was still panting and hadn’t fully recuperated from the pleasure I’d just experienced when she assumed the dominant role again. “Eat your cum out of my pussy” she commanded me. I got between her legs and she pressed my face into her while I feasted on the compilation of our love juices.

Once again I figured I’d finish her off that way, but she had other ideas. “Give me the vibrator and kiss me.” She ramped up the speed on the vibrator while I kissed her and caressed her. Her last command was for me to kiss her neck, at that point she literally screamed out of pleasure and collapsed on the bed. I held her and told her I loved her and that she is the perfect woman for me. It looks like she enjoys our new game.

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  1. asm
    asm says:

    Yes. Look for "Satisfying our carnal desires." The first time I tried it I figured that if I wanted to her to take it in her mouth I better be OK with tasting it myself. Now I find it to be a very erotic experience. Sometimes I ask her to take it in her mouth when she's giving me a blowjob, then kiss me and let me swallow it.

  2. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    I enjoyed this asm! Fun to read all of your new ideas. You guys are both really hot! God bless you. LH

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