Massage chair sex

Our vacation was going well. We were enjoying the sights and had already made love the first night we arrived. The hotel room we were staying in featured a high-end massage chair that we had been eyeing but hadn’t tried out yet. When we arrived at the hotel at the end of the second day we were both anxious to give it a spin, but my wife beat me to it. It is not just a chair with a vibrator in the back. Instead it massages your back and has airbags that inflate to give your arms and legs a massage as well.

She settled in and played with the features while I took a shower. Much to my dismay she was still in it when I got out. She had melted into it, and judging by the relaxed look on her face, was about to fall asleep.

“How is it” I asked.

“It feels heavenly. You know, we are on vacation, enjoying ourselves, we just had my favorite meal and now this. You know this thing massages your whole body? It just can’t get better than this.”

“Your whole body?”

“Mmm hhh” she responded as she drifted back into bliss.

I stood there looking at my scantily clad wife enveloped in this robot chair with an angelic face of pure relaxation. “It doesn’t massage your whole body” I thought to myself as an idea formulated in my head.

We had brought her favorite toy, just in case, and I found it in the suitcase and brought it out, turned it on, and placed in between her legs. That jolted her awake from her trance with a start.

“It doesn’t massage you everywhere” I teased.

Once she saw what my intentions were she gave me as much access to her womanhood as the chair allowed. I really didn’t expect much to come of this since I had gone down on her the night before and didn’t figure she’d be in the mood again so quick, but after a few minutes she started warming up. I’m not sure what it is, but it seems that when it comes to pleasuring her with the vibrator, I just haven’t figured out how to do it the way she enjoys most. She took it from me and worked on herself for a few seconds before she realized that this was going to be serious, so she slipped our of her bra and panties, and took her legs out of the chair and put them over the sides.

“Go get the oil” she asked me in a breathy voice.

I obliged, and oiled her pleasure place. As the chair continued to massage her she took the toy and went to town. My manipulations with our fleshy penis vibrator toy were pretty crude compared to hers. She’d place the whole length of shaft onto her pussy crack and move it up and down, then remove it and barely touch her clit with the vibrating tip. She’d alternate those movements with swirling it around her clit, then plunging it deep inside of her.

It didn’t take me long to realize that this wasn’t going to be foreplay but the main event, so I opened my robe and oiled my cock and stroked myself as I watched the woman I share my life with, the object of my fantasies, my best friend, partner in life, and my lover squirm and writhe in pleasure in that massage chair. At times I would get a glimpse of her swollen pink wetness and wished that I could taste her sweet love juices. As she plunged the toy deep into her womanhood I would stroke myself in unison imagining that I was immersed in her warm body. Every gasp that escaped her lips, every sign of pleasure that I detected on her face added to my building sensation of desire for her.

I moved closer and began to stroke her leg with my other hand. Her use of the toy became more vigorous. I wanted badly to culminate at the same time as her. I touched her foot as I stroked my cock, and thought of the times she had enjoyed feeling me lick and kiss her toes. A few times it was what brought her over the brink. Although I had squirted my hot love onto her breasts, belly, and pussy many times, I’d only fantasized about letting loose on her feet. I oiled her foot and rubbed my cock against it, then I looked at her and saw that she was watching me. She would alternate between looking at how I rubbed my cock and locking eyes with me. By the look on my face and the firm hotness of my cock on her foot she could tell I was excited, and that in turn fed her own state of arousal.

After a few minutes of this, her face and neck started to flush. A few soft whimpers escaped her lips and her hips made some erratic jerky movements against the toy. I knew she was almost there. She closed her eyes to focus on her mounting pleasure while I stroked myself faster in an effort to meet her. Her breathing became shallow. She turned her head to the side and pushed the toy hard into her pussy while screams of joy erupted from her lips. Then she dropped the vibrator onto the chair and lay gasping. I grasped my cock and increased my tempo. Every ounce of sensation in my body rushed to a small spot on the underside of my cock. I pressed the tip into her toes and let my throbbing cock squirt out all of the thick, hot semen that had been building up inside of me since our last loving. It dripped down her foot, onto my hand, and then onto the floor. She had finally felt the result of our loving in a place she hadn’t before. When I finally gained my composure again, the love of my life lay naked on that chair, smiling up at me. Who says that married sex is routine and mundane?

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  1. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    Seriously hot! I love how you didn't interrupt her pleasure and figured out a way to give yourself pleasure so that you coincided with hers. And the results were magnificent for the both of you! Married sex doesn't have to be routine and mundane at all and I love the creativity that people share here on MH. It is inspirational and gives some great ideas.

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