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Ladies, what’s your favorite lingerie to wear to excite your man? A body stocking, sheer or mesh or neither? A camisole? A bustier with silk panty briefs or silk boy shorts? Something stringy like a typical nighty or perhaps something exotic like some leather strapped top that exposes your nipples? Do you prefer a sexy g string thong or panties with open crotch design for easy access? Demi cup or Open cup bras and panties? Maybe just a long sheer gown and a thong? Or perhaps a silk robe without panties? Maybe you prefer to be butt naked and don’t really care for lingerie. I just love it when my wife dresses in her silk black robe and models for me. It really gets me hot. What about you ladies? What’s your sexy bedroom outfit of choice?


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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    My husband loves white stockings on me, and of course, white bras & panties primarily with colored lacing and also those sexy underwear corsets, and those lingerie styled dresses 🙂

  2. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    I like it all! I like a lacy bra and a thong and I wear that a lot of days and it really makes me feel good about myself. But also like my lacy nighties that are see through. I would love to get a corset though!

  3. loveithot
    loveithot says:

    Mmmm, a furry tail buttplug, sounds like something for me to buy for my wifey. Thanks for the inspiration JanessaNaked

  4. bighead
    bighead says:

    My wife is wearing mostly see through nighties. Short may b covering her ass cups. Once we were on my trip. My wife was wearing awesome red nightie see through.n red stockings with black 6 inches heels(pls for pic Sharing do letme know)

    Its always great to see her such way. Shes really shy and loves if she is complimented.

    I gave her a surprise and called the reception. I asked two guys n a lady to come as there is spme emergency. My wife was blindfolded by me and she did not know as i opened the door silently.

    I ask these hotel staff to come in while i asked my wife to please remove the blind fold. Once she removed and she saw ppl she was very shy but i now asked one by one how my wife looks . I could feel hardon for the waiters. I asked my wife if u can turn around to let them hv perfect view.

    They all praised her and left the room. She really liked the surprise .:)

  5. JannesaNaked
    JannesaNaked says:

    My favorite is an open cup bra and my furry tail buttplug. Drives my husband mad. My tits dont fit the bra pregnant though and I refuse to buy a bigger bra just for my preggo boobs.

  6. Lovely Lolita
    Lovely Lolita says:

    I usually wear lingerie that I know will accentuate my best features. I have breasts that are well endowed, which my husband loves. My latest gown is a short black one with Lacey see through area so he can see my nipples clearly. I don't wear any panties for easier access, which he loves, too.

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