A New Wife For A Great Husband

This is my first post at Marriage Heat. A marriage heat member recommended that I check it out. This member is a pastor’s wife. I am curious about what her screen name is, lol. Better I do not know!  She was presenting material from the Kevin Leman book, Sheet Music. She noticed that I had a sort of passive aggressive attitude about marriage sex. My body language gave it away as I would cross my arms while she was presenting the materials. I was not happy our women’s study had ventured into these waters.

The pastor’s wife asked this question. Are you both content with your marriage sexual relationship?

I knew my husband was horny a lot and would likely answer, “no.”

I, on the other hand, was shaking my head, “yes.”  She could see my defensive intensity.

Hey, I kept him “satisfied” once a week.  I was content. We just passed our 14th year of marriage. I am 34. We had our two children right away. They are in middle school. Life was normal and expected. He is a great man. Great provider. Yeah, he is not perfect. Sometimes he watches porn, but I know he feels bad about it and tries to keep that a rare occurance. He loves me and our children. He loves God!

Near the end of the study, our pastor’s wife asked each of us to think about our own sexuality and our marriage sexuality. She recommended that we check out Marriage Heat. She gave us a survey highlighting a few things, like the MH stand on Masturbation. She also gave us a few other websites to check out. She said some of us may find the sites encouraging. Some may come back wondering how she could have even recommended the site for viewing.

My first reaction was JUDGEMENT! I said to myself, “Our pastor’s wife is going worldly.” I read about 6 or 7 stories. I clicked out of MH and started dinner. I was annoyed and horny for my husband at the same time.

After the kids were in bed, I felt hot for hubby. We  make love on Saturday or Sunday. This was Wednesday. He was already into his night routine. He took his shower. He climbed into bed. I was already there naked. The cave woman in me was alive. I actually grabbed his manhood. He was in a state of shock. This was Wednesday. I started talking a little sexy talk to him while I sat up and fondled his dick.

Then I lowered my mouth to his dick. I had rarely done this in our marriage. He was fixated into a state of erotic shock. He was even giggling like a teenage boy, lol. I felt like Mrs Robinson. I consumed his dick in my mouth, and I gently cupped his balls in my hand.

My own pussy was wet, so wet. My husband’s volcano was ready to explode. I was ready to take the lava in my mouth. I felt the cum shoot in my mouth and I was so turned on. I swallowed his cum. Something I never did before.  After his tremmers settled, I wanted and needed a tsunami to wash over me.

I lay down on my stomach. He came to my pussy from the back door. My clit fell between into his masterful fingers. My pussy’s sap and my husband’s fingers created the earth quake in me. Wow. Pause. Then another one. My husband made the earth move.

We talked some. Kissed some. His cum taste in my mouth. He fell asleep in my arms. I gently pushed him to his side of the bed. I was sleepy, but I did not want to go to sleep. I wanted my contentment to inspire me to make some changes. I put my hands on the top of my head and started praying. I moved my hands slowly down my face, my neck, my breasts. I paused at my nipples, caressing, feeling the connection between my nipples and my pussy. I continued to pray, while my hands found their way to my pussy. I heard my husband snore. I heard my soul cry out to God. I want to be everything for you God. You made me to be a woman. You made me to be an erotic soul mate for my dear man. Lord, help me be that woman.

My eyes started to tear up. It was as if the Holy Spirit was lifting shame from me. It was as if the Lord was speaking directly to my heart, mind and soul. The spirit was saying, “Let yourself go into the joy of your womanhood. Let go of the messages about sex that have held you back. Touch yourself. You are not perverted. Touch your pregnancy scars. They are beautiful. You are an image bearer! You are touching something that resembles God. God made you to be free in your marriage.”

I dozed off into a peaceful sleep.

The alarm rang. Husband off. Kids off to school.

What happened to me last night? It was like I had an affair. I cheated on Mrs. Normal. She caught me in bed having sex on Wednesday night. She accused me of liking it way too much. She pointed out that I actually swallowed. Something I had never done. Mrs Normal argued:

“You know, hubby is now going to expect more.”

“Your slut-like performance was over the top. He is going to want you to try all kinds of things now.”

You know your husband is a horny man. You had him well trained for his normal weekend romp. Now you have him dreaming that you will ditch your panties and pull up your skirt and let your screw you outside the bedroom not on the weekend.”

“You know, the pastor’s wife should not have shown you Marriage Heat, you should write an email to her letting her know how offended you are. Tell her that the site is porn. Masturbation is wrong. Who is this Mrs Juicy girl, or this Mrs Gracie? That’s not their real names?”

Mrs Normal was scolding and judging me. I got a text.

“Wow. Baby, what came over you last night?”

“Did you like it?”

“Well, Yeah. Hey, want to go out tonight? I called my mother and asked if she would watch the kids.”


“I’ll be home at five to pick you up.  My mom is coming at 4:30.”

Mrs Normal began talking.

“I suppose you are going to go out with him and ditch your panties. You know, he is going to want that. HE IS A HORNY MAN! He is going to be lusting for you when he finds that out. You have never gone out with no panties. What if someone sees that?”

I called my sister to come do my hair. She is a hair dresser and she was off. We laughed and talked. She asked me why I was so happy. She said that if she did not know I was a Christian, she would suspect I was having an affair.

My mother-in-law came at 4:30. She brought dinner with her. My husband has a great mother.

Hubby came home fifteen minutes later. He showered and we left at 5:15. As we were exiting the hallway, I pulled up my dress to show my husband my bare ass.

Mrs Normal was very disappointed. I was enjoying my new affair.


Author Note:  The night was amazing. MH has been changing our marriage. Mrs Normal still shows up. But I am being freed by God. Shame is being lifted.






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  1. Lovingcouple920
    Lovingcouple920 says:

    Welcome and thank you for sharing, it was a beautiful story. I was always more reserved as well and it took some time to open up but once I did, it felt really good to be a little naughty! I remember the first time I swallowed and how shocked my husband was, I hope you enjoyed it. I hope your husband appreciated you being playful by going out without panties. I enjoy when my husband gives me a dare to complete, it spices things up. Take care!

  2. FemmeGirl
    FemmeGirl says:

    This was a hot story. Your story has made my day. I am going to share MH to my sisters on Christmas eve. I know they will love this site. One of them needs to get liberated. We have Mrs Normal talking in our heads.

  3. AlwaysHorny
    AlwaysHorny says:

    Welcome, welcome, welcome 🙂 This blessed my heart to read. The breaking off of guilt and shame and giving yourself over to your sexuality and womanhood that was created in you by Father God to embrace vulnerability and transparency with him and your man. That's is what Hot Monogamy is allllllllll about and you killed that chatterbox in your mind. I look forward to reading more of your adventures and encounters 🙂 Completely hot & sexy story. Fanning myself right lol hahaha

  4. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:


    Perhaps one of the finest and most articulate of testimonies ever on MH!

    Why? It was not apart from your life and intimacy with God! That was so transparently obvious in a way that is sometimes not so obvious in other testimonies. You masterfully showed us the dialogue going on inside of you. You acted – not simply to please yourself – you were so conscious of God's creative design in you.

    Also, the very genesis of all of this in your women's study was illuminating. Your real internal questions about the pastor's wife. You were really in the midst of tremendous introspection – and we could feel it in your story. You were open with trustworthy people but still cautious in a good way.

    Your view of yourself and your husband was marked with honest introspection. Not too pessimistic or too optimistic.

    I just loved traveling in your consciousness as I read this.

    Lastly, this was amazingly hot! Wow! Did you ever decide to jump into the water! Even as Miss Normal still pointed the finger – you knew this was a freedom God has granted you.

    Here is a huge point – you didn't wait until you had "perfect" knowledge of all things – waiting years and years to finally move beyond just Saturday night – No, you had enough faith and had enough information to act.

    What you did was so amazing – and the description was so descriptive and hot! Your husband woke up saying "what in the >*^#!* just happened? Was that a dream – the best one ever?"

    Then less than 24 hours later he is following you down the hall as you flashed your ass to him! He had to wonder what comet just hit the earth?

    I could go on and on! Just know that your testimony of trust in God – and a desire to be a good disciple of Christ – was not lost in the sexy ending. NO! You made clear that your life in Christ is the foundation of your life!

    I look forward to reading many more of your stories of how things are going!

    PS – don't be surprised if you have to pull your husband off of the ceiling! You made him soar!

    God bless you both and Merry Christmas! LH

  5. Gracie
    Gracie says:


    It's that Mrs.Gracie, lol. What a wonderful testimony, I was so much like you. I feared letting go and allowing myself to give into my sexual desires. I thought by doing so I would be considered a slut in the bedroom, good Christian girls don't do that kind of stuff. After finding MH and reading stories, while at first in awe, I was amazed and inspired by how liberated other Christian women were. My marriage along with my confidence in the bedroom has improved immensely since finding MH. I never fully understood what God's intentions were for sex, I thought procreation, now I understand he also created it to be enjoyed between a husband and wife. It's a wonderful thing! Welcome to MH, AllySue, and thanks for sharing your testimony with us. I think your pastor's wife is doing a great job!

  6. AllySue
    AllySue says:

    Mrs Gracie, you rock! Thanks for all the amazing comments. My story got published! Thanks LH. Loving Couple, thanks too! I have been progressing in my sexual journey! God has used HM to change my life!!!! I have more stories coming. Mrs Normal still shows up, lol.

  7. HornyHubby
    HornyHubby says:

    Welcome to Marriage Heat! I'm always thrilled to hear of someone breaking free of sexual and spiritual bondage. Maybe because I've been there myself, I can appreciate the process someone has been through and I celebrate with you. I can tell you it is a journey that has a beginning, but I truly believe it does not have an end. For we continue to learn and grow and the more we get comfortable in this new freedom the more we are willing to experience more freedom. So it's a lifelong journey and I'm excited for you to be on that journey.

    If you haven't already, read my post on masturbation. I tried to develop a Biblical case FOR masturbation. I've grown up hearing a lot of people speak against it, but never really made much of a case for it. So I looked at it for myself and I found the Bible doesn't condemn it. I think it will help you move along your journey to freedom and it will help silence "Mrs Normal" as you call it. (I love that by the way! So accurate.) I will include a link to that post here. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have in the comments on that post. Or feel free to let me know if you like it or if it helps, etc. Anyway, here it is:


  8. petrafied
    petrafied says:

    Very nice. This is almost exactly us. She wouldn't ever visit this site to read it though. Blessings to you!

  9. Upcomingauthor
    Upcomingauthor says:

    Amen to this!! I've read sheet music several times. One of my favorite books about sex. You are an ecouragment and blessing to all women who need this and all men to encourage and love their wives to this. Welcome to the MH family!

  10. billybcgn25
    billybcgn25 says:

    This brings a tear or two to my eyes. I'm so happy for you, Allie. If only all women (including my wife) understood the beauty of hot monogamy! Perhaps then fewer men would be "prone to wander." And the same the other way too…

    Grace and peace,

  11. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    Breaking free and enjoying our sexuality to the fullest extent that God wants us to is a beautiful testimony. I hope that you continue down your road to discovery and that you and your husband have a fantastic time doing so.

  12. Dave
    Dave says:

    Very hot, I remember the first time my wife swallowed my cum. It turned me on so much that I rip off her panties and ate her pussy out till she came multiple times.

  13. Rcthom55
    Rcthom55 says:


    Thanks for sharing your hot awakening story. Sadly Mrs. Normal lives now lives here, although it wasn't always that way.

    Like your husband, it would rock my world if she lowered her head to my cock and swallowed my cum.

    Keep pleasing and serving your husband as God intended and keep Mrs. Normal from returning

  14. PacMan
    PacMan says:

    One of the best posts of all-time. I felt the whole emotional and physical journey you were on. You let us into your head (and bed) and I hope you'll keep sharing about your awakening journey.

  15. AllySue
    AllySue says:

    Thank you all for your encouragement. Wow. I have more stories. This community is amazing! I needed this commujntiy. The world needs this community!

  16. AllySue
    AllySue says:

    Kelly Ann. He was shocked I swallowed his cum. He has talked about it twice since. He loved it and yes I now do it. I will be sure to include in futures stories

  17. joydaddy
    joydaddy says:

    Wow, great writings. I will have to make sure my wife reads this to see how she can relate to your experience. I would say MH has transformed her thoughts and offerings to our sex life in similar ways (just over a longer period more gradual progression). She took my cum in her mouth recently (which she had only done once before while we were in the shower where she could easily spit it out), and I started to hand her a nearby cup. She just smiled and said, "No need, I swallowed it." What a turn on and blessing as your story shows so vividly.

  18. paul
    paul says:

    Beautiful story! Here's the thing, if you aren't the source of his sexual desire and fantasies someone else will be. If you aren't willing to rock his world with sex, someone else is. If you don't give him a reason to want to come home to you, someone else will. Way to allow God to transform your attitude and thoughts about sexual joy in marriage. I am positive he is enjoying the benefits and I know you are too.

  19. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I couldn't agree more, Paul. That's why I love being sexy for my hubby, putting on makeup, lingerie, etc.Husband's should do the same. We should all be "magnets" for our spouses, so they are excited to come home to us, and be with us. What you said is precisely what those lines in Corinthians are getting at – we don't excite our spouses, someone else will.

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