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Dear Marriage Heat Friends,

Last month, when LP was active, several of us believed deeply that the mission that was being accomplished there was an important part of the “hot monogamy” movement. We felt that the interactive community it contained promoted a sex-positive culture and in just the short time, led to several important friendships that have already served to help promote intimacy in marriage – both on the micro level (couples benefiting) as well as on the macro level (hot monogamy in general).

Unfortunately, there were trolls whose presence caused some concern and it was not a safe, warm, welcoming environment.  It became hard to police and the decision was ultimately to remove the site.

However, in the aftermath of that closure, three of us created a similar platform entitled Marriage & Sex Positive: The Community (tied to our blog, that would seek to continue the wonderful mission LP created, but do so in a way with clear rules and expectations for behavior.

In the three weeks since we launched, we are so pleased to report that our membership has grown to around 35, including several of our dear friends from here at MarriageHeat.  So far, we have had no trouble with trolls and we are completely committed to keeping it that way.  Our expectations have been clear, both for conduct as well as participation.

Most importantly, we are working each day to develop our community into an amazing place for men and women of the Christian faith to develop friendships, discuss relevant issues, pray together, celebrate each other’s successes, comfort one another, be open and honest, and promote hot monogamy.

Here is some of what you’ll encounter at M&S+: The Community:

  • A multi-user administrative team, to help both build the site, watch for trolls,  as well as keep our radar up for developing issues.
  • You will be welcomed with open arms, and encouraged in your faith walk as well as your sex-positive mindset!
  • A Prayer Room which is a place to offer prayer requests and pray for others who are part of our tight-knit community.
  • “The Bridal Club”, a women’s-only group for both married and single women to interact candidly and safely about sexual issues.
  • A Storytellers group, to test out MH-like stories!
  • Community Expectations that everyone is expected to follow
  • Tips for Communicating with M&S+ Members – basically, how to be a productive member and not come across as a troll!
  • Bold, but appropriate, relevant discussions on issues involving sexuality in marriage.
  • Compelling Questions and Topics!
  • Interesting and Fun Polls!
  • A Singles Group that we hope to develop!
  • Etc!

At our blog, we also aim to be a central resource for you to find relevant information elsewhere in the Christian Hot Monogamy universe.  We will promote books, blogs, websites, safe stores, as well as resources for singles, divorcees, addicts, and other important issues facing us all.   We also want our community to be welcoming for all those in the sex-positive community, both here at MH and elsewhere.

Over time, we plan on more.  We want to be a great place for women to join, for singles to feel safe, for divorcees to feel embraced, for everyone to feel a part of this important mission and movement.

Still unsure and want to get a feel about what we’re all about?  Read this post on our blog entitled “Six Reasons You Should Join M&S+: The Community.”   It should give you a feel for the type of community we hope to build and the warm and welcoming atmosphere we hope to create!

If you are now convinced, it is important you understand the expectations we have at M&S+: The Community.  If you’re not prepared to meet these, we ask you NOT to join.  Here we go:

  • You are encouraged to remain Anonymous.  While this is optional and you may use your real name, we strongly encourage you to create a profile using a screenname or pseudonym for your own safety.  We understand prominent bloggers and others may choose otherwise, and that’s fine – just please use any “real” part of your name at your own discretion.
  • No Trolls.  It will be a troll-free environment, which means all rude, crude, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and be immediately dealt with via the banning of users and the removal of accounts. No harassing of members.  Please be considerate when initiating a conversation.
  • You be 18 or over.  Period.
  • No Ghosts.  Identify yourself as a male or female, and create a brief biography so we can get to know you.  Those caught lying about their gender will be removed immediately. Any accounts without a biography and who refuse to identify as M or F will be removed immediately.
  • Say something.  We discourage lurking, so we ask that you jump in and participate in any discussion.
  • Be Positive!   This is a supportive, encouraging, community and while discussion is encouraged, negativity is not welcome.  You can’t be sex-positive without being positive!  

So, do you still have questions?  That’s okay!  We encourage you to ask questions below in this thread, or simply join and ask the admin team.

So, how do I join?
That’s easy!  Use this link and use the e-mail option to join.  Again, we recommend you use a name that does not reveal our identity, unless you feel 100% confident in doing so. When you join, we encourage you to immediately fill out your biography, identify yourself as male or female, as that will be required.  You are encouraged to eventually to create a custom profile image rather than the color assigned to you by the Mighty Bell platform.  Be creative and feel free to use other members profile images as ideas for how to create yours.  And, then, jump in!  Introduce yourself and be part of our wonderful M&S+ Community!

In closing, we appreciate the MH administrators (one of whom has joined us!) for allowing us to post here, and we appreciate all of you for being part of the hot monogamy movement.

God Bless,

Marriage & Sex Positive Hosts & Admin Team


Marriage Heat Note: MH is thrilled to endorse this Marriage and Sex positive! 

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  1. Marie Lister
    Marie Lister says:

    Violinguy you may want to try resetting your password, too. I have asked the M&S+ admin team to respond to your comment, too.

  2. Marie Lister
    Marie Lister says:

    Violinguy I suggest a few things, if your username and password are being accepted, but the application is not opening, it in a different browser. For example, if you are using Chrome try Internet Explorer.

  3. Marriage & Sex Positive
    Marriage & Sex Positive says:

    Great thoughts LovingHusband – and we are encouraging people who are interacting there to still post here. We certainly will be, as hosts (TW, Twitterpated and Natural Guy) and I know our members will too. Interestingly, many of our members just observed the stories here and never commented, but feel more comfortable in a less "public" setting. Some are comfortable sharing stories with a more limited audience, where they can get realtime feedback, some prefer this venue. We think together, we can achieve great things for this movement, and we're so appreciative of everyone who is taking part at not just both sites, but also other Christian marriage / sex sites that are out there. Thank you again for your thoughtful comments.

  4. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    I want God's blessing for you in this venture. I perceive that you want to do His will.

    I want to add one personal thought.

    I live in my neighborhood in my city. There are many neighborhoods that comprise the city. I appreciate many of them – but don't live there. I live in my neighborhood and cultivate most of my relationships in a neighborly way there. Why? Frankly, I only have so much time for such things – and the convenience is that is where I live. It is simply not practical for me to have the same presence and impact on multiple neighborhoods in the way I do in the one in which I have chosen to put down roots.

    I want to apply this to my choice of how I function on the internet: My neighborhood has become Marriage Hear over the past few years. My "neighbors" (Gina, Harper, Horny Husband, Ben, etc) know that I "live" here at this address.

    Personally (and I'm only speaking for myself!), I don't have time to live on multiple sex positive neighborhoods in a qualitative way. My neighbors won't know where I am. It won't be easy to find me. And how will I find them? I profit from Gracie – who lives 2 houses away – but if she is now living a lot of her time in neighborhoods that I don't have the time and computer acumen to chase her words down – then I'm sad that I lost my neighbor. I'm happy that she is in the "Sex Positive Movement" – but in many ways I've lost the benefit of having her in my good ole neighborhood. When I visit her in two other neighborhoods – I'm not as in contact with the context of what each of those neighborhoods is talking about – I practically can't stay up with it all. When I try, I actually now be a less helpful neighbor back where I live.

    When I try, my neighbors say, "Hey Lovinghusband, where have you been? We miss you." I say, "Don't worry – I'm involved in "Sex Positive Missionary work in other neighborhoods". They say, "Praise the Lord. But, we want you to know that we miss you here too." I say, "I'm still here". My closest neighbors say, "your house is still here – but it seems to us that the input we used to get from you is now in the other neighborhoods. We understand – we cannot be omnipresent. We just want you to know that we miss you. God bless your missionary work."

    My point in all this for me: I know my time and my limitations. I hope God raises up many biblical Sex Positive websites. I just know for me that I can't be involved more than I am now.

    I hope we will be wise about how a community is not only started – but maintained with a continuity and trust that will last.

    That said – I want to state to you my Marriage Heat neighbors – that I have chosen to live in the Marriage Heat subdivision. This is my home! I live here. I'm not akways the greatest neighbor. I'm not always home – but you know that I can be reached here. I have not been called to be a missionary elsewhere. I like this neighborhood and want to keep cultivating it to be a great place.

    God bless the missionaries already being sent out from this neighborhood – as you endeavor to touch more lives. I want you to succeed but I'm not coming with you. I live here. If we all moved with you – the quality of the MY neighborhood would suffer. Lawns would not be mowed. Houses would suffer disrepair. So, I wish the missionaries well!

    As I close, I am grateful for my neighborhood. It is not heaven. Yet, I feel safe, encouraged, and challenged here until heaven.


  5. *Twitterpated Army Wife*
    *Twitterpated Army Wife* says:

    Hi everyone!! I have to say thank you to MH for helping us to promote M&S+!! It is greatly appreciated and we are so excited about the response! We truly enjoyed LP so much that it was important to us to carry it forward and create this new community of sex-positive Christians!

    I am happy to announce that there is a private group available for us lovely ladies, married and single! It is the Bridal Club and it's a way for us to share, ask questions, and be supportive to one another over more personal topics for women!

    Hope to see you all there! God Bless!

  6. Marriage & Sex Positive
    Marriage & Sex Positive says:

    A quick note to those using the link below our signature here – if you request an invite, be looking for an invite back in your inbox from TW, Twitterpated Army Wife, or Natural Guy. We have about 6 or 7 people who need to accept their invite still! Thank you.

  7. Marie Lister
    Marie Lister says:

    Yes, I find this interactive community to be an awesome resource for me and my husband. I have only known about MH since this spring and it has helped us in our intimacy a lot. The M&S+ Community is a wonderful way to share and help each other in our thoughts, activities, and overcoming life's challenges by sharing our own experiences.

    I truly thank the MH admins for launching the LP site so that "we" could have that experience and then TW, TAW, and NG for working together to launch the M&S+ Community. I am very active in the community. I love that groups have been formed to focus on various areas and topics.

    Just last night, a group called "Silver Bullets" was created focusing on us over 50 folks, but anyone is welcome to join. I know that for me personally, my spouse and I are working through some medical and physical challenges in recent years. I know by sharing our experiences, we can help each other enjoy our hot monogamy even more.

    Please consider joining this community, I know it will be a benefit to your intimacy and who wouldn't want that.

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