Meeting with Professor Part 2

This is a role play between husband and wife. For context be sure to read part one.

“Denise, you are a lovely young woman. You are also my student and you know we can talk about anything in a human sexuality class, but…” “But Professor that is why I am here. In the reading, you gave us I learned that nearly every study participant reported that they had not talked to parents about masturbation. I know mine never did. When I was growing up, I was taught nothing about masturbation. Girls do talk in the dorm, but it is all silly word of mouth stuff. I don’t think that any of them really knows what they are talking about and God forbid that a serious discussion take place. It is so awkward. I also learned from the reading that many females learned about masturbation from romantic partners who opened their eyes to certain techniques and spots of the genitalia that are great for masturbation.”

“All of that is true Denise and I can see that you have been doing your reading assignments.” At this point, the good professor is beginning to wish that he had kept his seat; as the desk would have concealed the growing erection that had now reached full staff. “Professor I have no interest in the childish dorm room chatter. Isn’t that a good thing? I want to learn from someone who really knows. I want to learn from you.”

With those words, Denise reaches out for the first time and cups the bulge in the professor’s trousers. The professor offers no resistance but stands as if frozen for a moment as Denise slowly lowers his zipper, reaches in, and retrieves his manhood.  With her free hand, she takes the professor’s right hand and places it under the one holding his engorged cock. Then she whispers, “Show me.”

All rational thought completely vanished from the professor’s mind. It had only been seven minutes since the student had walked into his office and now she is on her knees as he strokes his cock just inches from her beautiful face. As his intensity picks up Denise reaches down pulling her jersey up and over her head. She then lowers the straps on her bra revealing her delicate breast, so perfect and molded to her form. Then their eyes lock and there’s a mutual vulnerability that both recognize in the other. The professor can hold the gaze for only a moment before he feels the growing weight in his man vein. Denise sensing the inevitable thrust her shoulders back and her chest forward and begins to gently stroke her breast in preparation for the arrival. Suddenly with a violent bucking, threads of pleasure land on Denise’s silky smooth globes; and the professor could not stop the noise that rose from his core as he grunted breathless with the final pulses of his seed.

Again, their eyes lock and Denise smiles in anticipation of all she would learn in lesson number two.


To be continued

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