Adult Spring Break : Vegas

Prior to the birth of our first child (9 yrs ago),  Wife and I decided to go on our final childless couple adventure.

We took a rather large but surprisingly empty plane for the non-stop 4 hr cross country flight.  As we hit cruising altitude I leaned my back against the window and settled in. We had an entire row to ourselves so wife lifted the armrest and laid back on my chest, out stretching her long legs onto the seats after covering both of us with blankets provided by the flight attendant.

After the flight attendants settled in, I worked my hands under the blanket past the elastic waistband of my wife’s shorts. We both adjusted our positions giving me better access. I slide my hands into her panties and twirled the landing strip patch of hair before gently rubbing her clit. Her moisture levels increased and my finger flickered easily alone her now slippery lips. Her clit was erect and her breathing pattern changed. Soft, gentle strokes, dipping low into her lady pool whenever I needed my fingers moistened. Minutes passed when she gripped my forearm with force, arched her back and a deep soft sigh of relief rolled out of her mouth. She went limp and stayed that way the rest of the trip.

Our 15th-floor room at the Venetian overlooked the Vegas strip with a direct view of the famous Treasure Island pirate show. We had walked around outside earlier and knew that the hotel’s windows were all one sided (outsiders couldn’t see in the room). After a day of drinks and walking, we returned to our room to watch the show from our window. Wife was feeling vacation naughty and wanted to put on a show of her own. She opened all the curtains of the large window in the room and positioned my chair so I had a direct view of the Vegas street crowd gathered below awaiting the next Pirate show to begin.  The lights from the performance danced in our room and music echoed off the walls.  Standing between me and the window, she stripped to her bra and panties and began dancing seductively in rhythm with the song, the Pirate show and pedestrians as her backdrop. Wife placed her palms on the glass, bent over slightly and spread eagle. She undid her bra and tossed it to me. Next,  she slowly pulled down her panties all while saying “No touching.”  Turning to face me, she backed up until her back was flat against the glass window before squatting down and inserting two fingers into her pleasure box. “No touching.”  She the turned around, backed her glorious smooth brown body closer to me and reached for her toes. Her ass just inches from my face. She wiggled her hips while looking back and saying “No touching.”

She stood up and walked toward the window again, this time saying ” Now you can touch.”  I strip quickly and walk up behind her as she now had both palms on the window and was staring out at the crowd. A crowd that she could see but could not see her. I entered her as she back arched and she rose up on her tips of her toes.  A few moments later and again her back was pressed against the glass again.  Now with one leg lifted into my arms as we kissed and continued making love. She locked her arms around my neck and I now had lifted her lifted into my arms, each hand palming her firm ass. Wife’s legs vice-gripped around my waist as she molded our bodies together. Each thrust pressed her again the glass leaving an unmistakable imprint.  I kept thrusting until she bite hard on my lip and squeezed tight around my waist. The excitement of seeing the street lights, entertainers and people while they had no idea what was happening behind them made us both climax quick and hard. I became weak as my pressure was released and we both slide down to the floor. We eventually made it back to our bed and spooned until we both fell fast asleep.


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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Wonderful! I shared some sexy times in Las Vegas. Thank you for jogging the memories! God bless

  2. tgrcpl
    tgrcpl says:

    PacMan. It's definitely a safe and fun experience. Just be absolutely sure the window is one sided! 🙂

  3. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Great story tgrcpl, we go to Vegas regularly, the place always makes us super horny ! Hope to read more of your stories, God bless !

  4. tgrcpl
    tgrcpl says:

    Art. It's always nice to bring home the most of travel sex. Definitely didn't want that to stay in Vegas. Our New Orleans and Punta Cana trips will be posted soon.

    OneCouple, we are going back to Vegas in July for the first time since this trip. Hopefully it will be as interesting a trip as this one.

  5. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    tgrcpl, enjoy your trip to Vegas, hopefully you'll have a fantastic time together and lots of erotic sex. My wife normally dresses more sexy and revealing when we're over there, showing off her big breast and more cleavage, nothing turns me on more than that and I'll be walking around with a stiff cock most of the time, just wanting to take her back to the room and fuck her hard !

  6. tgrcpl
    tgrcpl says:

    One Couple. I have hope this trip will be just as exciting. I have high hopes after our experience in the DR last month.

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