Adult Spring Break (New Orleans)

Let me start first saying my wife is “normally” very reserved. She dresses very conservatively and keeps to herself. What most would call a homebody. I, on the other hand, well, just say that  those same words will be spoken at my funeral. This is what made this trip entertaining, sexy, funny, and romantic.

Day 1: This was our first couples only vacation since our oldest was born nearly eight years ago. Wasn’t for lack of trying but location, work, babysitter trust issues, etc., all played a part. Now those items are behind us and we wanted some time and yes freedom to rekindle our marriage. My wife doesn’t travel much so any trip was a good trip to her. I suggested New Orleans for an adult spring break and she agreed.

The adventure began once we got into our taxi at the airport.  I  had patted her knee and my hand lingered longer than it should. I made a few slow circular rubs, each time moving my hands inches further up her inner thigh.  Soon, her skirt was slightly pass mid thigh. I made one large rotation, sliding my hands high and tickling her clit with my fingers then tracing down the crease of her pussy lips against her panties on my way back out. My wife took a deep inhale and exhaled which caught the attention of the cab driver. We both looked up and at that exact moment noticed the driver eyes which had diverted from the road to the rear view mirror. She  slapped my  hand away  and quickly adjusted her short pleated skirt.  The driver laughed and said, “Laissez le bon temps rouler.” Loose translation, “Let the good times roll.”

We soon arrived to our French inspired hotel located about a half a block from Bourbon Street.  The rooms were elegantly designed with marble and wood accents. Rich white linen draped the large king bed.  A pair of large rustic glass and wood french doors lead to a small balcony which offered a view of the famed Bourbon Street. There was a hotel directly across the busy street from us, also occupied with visitors.  I admired my wife’s joy of the scenery and her beauty. She leaned over the balcony taking it all in, watching pedestrians move through the streets below.  I was in a playful mode when I said,  “No panties allowed in NoLa”.   She gave me a look. That “you’re an idiot” look. I figured at least I tried.  

Minutes passed as she continued scanning mob of people filling  the streets and balconies. I was taking in the sounds of street jazz music when my wife said aloud,  “Laissez le bon temps rouler right?” as she grabbed my arm for support with her left hand.  She shifted her weight bringing both her long slender legs closer together, knees practically touching. She bent over just slightly and reached underneath the side of her blue pleated skirt. It rose slightly to her mid thigh as few tugs and some wiggling commenced. She lifted her legs one by one to step out of her black and pink Victoria Secrets’ thong.  “Here you go,” she said with a grin. 

I kept my composure (barely).  There was a loud crash as two guys walked into a trash can due to their inability to walk straight while trying to look up at her balcony scene. I had to step back in the room to accept a phone call, leaving wife to continue her people gazing. As I was returning to my perch, I notice tiny droplet of liquid dancing down my wife’s inner thigh just below the skirt’s hemline. She quickly brushed it off as if it was nothing, but I knew. This is the reason why she never goes without panties in public, I remembered.

I grabbed my wife by the hands and inside we went. I slammed the doors shut behind me. She knew why and was already two steps ahead of me.  She unsnapped her skirt and it fell to the floor in a heap. She laid back on the bed on her elbows,  drew up her legs and placed her feet shoulder width apart on the edge of the bed.  Her legs relaxed and fell open exposing a freshly shaven pussy, its clit erect peaking from its hood. Her moist lips spread like rose petals damp with morning dew. I undressed and walked near.  As I got close, the legs of a woman who’s six feet tall wrapped around my body, locked and pulled me closer. Entry was no issue as her body was open and ready.  As I thrust and she rocked with the motion keeping her eyes focused on mine.  She moved her legs from around me and raised them high, placing her ankles on my shoulders and grabbing my forearm. I grabbed her ankles, stretching her limbs to full length and parted her wide. Thrust again, rock again..  Then…BOOM!..

Geez, what the? Bright blinding light, crashing of falling bottles. The balcony doors! They were not secured.  A gust of wind had flung both doors completely open. My head dropped as I reluctantly, but quickly removed myself from her goodness. The distinct “pop” of my penis leaving her tight body echoed in my head. Droplets of her essence trickled onto her thigh and down to the sheets. Surprisingly, she did not bolt for the covers, she places her heels back on her edge of the bed, shook her head as if to say “jackass” and waited as I walked over to close the doors. This time being sure to place the floor lock in the down position.

Day 3:  We returned  to the room after walking in the hot NOLA sun.  Before I got into the room completely, she had taken off her sweat drenched clothing and headed to the shower.  I know she gets cold easily so I turned off the a/c and opened the windows  and balcony  doors to let the air circulate. I stood  on the balcony with my back to the entrance, my drink in my hand chatting it up with other visitors who stood on their balconies. Sometime later, I heard the shower water go off, minutes pass then I heard the bathroom door open and close. “Where are we going for dinner?”she asked. “Not sure, what are you in the mode for?” I responded without ever turning around. She mentioned some Creole restaurant a few blocks again and I nodded in agreed. I heard her say she was going take a nap before we ate,  but I was transfixed on the crowds below. After I had grown tired of observing I turned to walk into the room and join my wife. What I didn’t know she was laying on the bed facing me, nude, and fast asleep. Had this been the reason why the gentleman on the opposite balcony across the street from us kept pacing back and forth?

Day 4: Around 2am, we arrived back to our room from a night on Bourbon Street. Enough said right. I managed to shower first and she soon followed. I stood on the balcony taking in the night’s sites and sounds when she emerged from the bathroom in a long blue night shirt. I grabbed a chair for her and we both sat for a night cap. The music from the street drummers echoed off the hotel walls,  but not loud enough to drown out the couple next to us who were obviously working on their relationship communications. We both listened like naughty kids. From what we gathered the guy’s name was Nick and his wife’s instructions were colorful! I said to my wife, “This chick’s got nothing on you babe..wanna show her how it’s done?”  She laughed, finished off her wine and said, “Let do it.” Who is this woman?

By the time I finish my drink and got into the room, my wife was nude. Her hands are on the bed, her legs spread wide. I stroke my fingers from the back of neck to the small of her back. She reaches back and cuffs my balls. She takes long strokes of my penis before guiding it in her soaking wet pussy.  “Oh Baby, Oh Yes!” interrupts the sound of skin to skin contact. The bed rocks and the headboard taps the wall in a rhythmic sex song. “This is yours baby,”  she continues in a loud voice. We change positions and go reverse cowgirl. The bed squeaks from the stress of her powerful motions.  This goes on for some time before she hits her orgasmic spot. I feel her body tease the tip of my penis causing me to come as well. “Ok, I’m cumming,” echoed in the room. Her body goes into an uncontrollable shake, her legs tighten as she let’s out a final wail. We both collapse in a heap that will teach them I thought.

Day 5: Breakfast

The  breakfast area was packed with folks leaving for their flight so sit down space was limited. What guests do we meet today at breakfast? Nick and his wife. It was kind of awkward but, they are cool people. We offered two chairs to them and made introductions not having any idea who they were until we each started to discuss the view from our rooms. All parties involved kind of blushed but hey, “Laissez le bon temps rouler.”  We too had to bid farewell to the city of Nola. Next vacation, Dominican Republic… 

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hot story, thank you! Have fun in the Dominican Republic! <3 God bless you and keep you safe on your travels

  2. cowboybiker
    cowboybiker says:

    Whether you can see them or not, knowing that you have an audience is always fun…as long as they're not creepy. haha

  3. tgrcpl
    tgrcpl says:

    Thank you both.
    Marie, thanks to your hard work and dedication to the site. We just hit out 15th anniversary this year. Newbies compared to some of you folks.
    It's a relief to be able to talk about sex with others and share the fun and real things that happen. Life isn't scripted.
    My wife is a hard working, devoted mother of two. Alone time doesn't come often so when it comes we try to take advantage of it. We've had a few interesting experiences I'll work to share. God Bless.

  4. Art R.
    Art R. says:

    tgrcpl – we used to live in Louisiana and have been to NOLA several times. Nice story. Our anniversary is Friday, we'll have been married 38 years. Yay!!!

  5. tgrcpl
    tgrcpl says:

    Art R: Congratulations. Like I said compare to others we're newbies at this. We enjoyed NOLA. The people where friendly and vibe was great. We enjoyed Bourbon St but not too much 🙂

    Cowboy biker: There can definitely be an adrenaline rush to doing things you shouldn't. I always say to my wife "create a memory".

  6. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    I envy the time away just to be a couple. It is such a great time to reconnect and prioritize your relationship. We have a night away planned soon – we are part of the 15 year club too! What a great vacation for the two of you.

  7. tgrcpl
    tgrcpl says:

    Juicy.. Congrats on the 15 yr club. These little get aways have done wonders for us in our relationship. Prior to New Orleans, we hadn't been on a couples only trip in 8 or so years. Now we aim for 1-2 a year. It does amazing things for us. Hope your night away brings you both great satisfaction and memories.

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