Breakfast in bed!!!

In continuation to “The day after” – we woke up quite tired while still in bed naked and my cock resting between my newly wedded wife’s ass. I held my wife’s breasts from behind and began to fondle them slowly and could not resist my wife’s moans which made my cock hard like a rock. She turned around, we kissed and I slowly started kissing her neck till her nipples were in my mouth. I held her breasts with my both hands and sucked them like a starved baby and she loved my tongue and lips all over her breasts and “BAM” the server ignored the “do not disturb” tag on the door and knocked the door. Trying not to curse him I got up, quickly wrapped a gown and went to the door to realize he had got breakfast for us.

I took the food back in the room, removed my gown and crawled on the bed and was checking the food while my wife was teasing me with her legs. I turned around with a bottle of marmalade in one hand to see my sexy wife on the bed. It was a semi-solid pineapple marmalade and within no time I opened the jar and inverted the bottle of marmalade on her tummy. She was surprised and before she could react I rubbed it all over her boobs. I held her by her waist, kissed her belly button and started licking and eating off the jam off her body. It slowly started dripping in her pussy. I slowly ran my fingers in her pussy and the feel of her clit with the jam all inside was enticing. Slowly kissing her thighs, I went down with my head comfortably adjusted between her legs. I gently opened her tight pussy and started licking her clit while she held my head and was running her fingers through my hair. And in no time all I could hear was a scream “OHHHH YEAAAH JESUS” with a huge gush of pleasure. I could know she had her orgasm as her moans got slow while her body shook with pleasure. I got sure about it when the taste of the marmalade got a sweet essence of my wife’s pussy juices.

That was the yummiest food I had in my life – until that day 😉

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  1. Soulmates
    Soulmates says:

    Hello the story was very enjoyable. But , please forgive me for saying this, putting marmalade inside a lady's parts is risky it might lead to yeast infection. Because it throws off the pH balance of the area..and yeasts love sugar as much as we do. That is why using sweetened and flavoured condoms is such a risk for yeast infection. Wishing you a very happy married life.

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    @Soulmates I could be wrong but I think flavored condoms were meant more for oral (hence the flavors), but I know what you mean.

    Btw, great story! The picture isn't bad either 🙂

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