Unexpected Nude Week

We squeezed hands as the plane touched down in Belize City. Our spring vacation had finally arrived and after the hectic pace of the last few months, we were ready for this getaway to a warm tropical place and a chance to relax and get in a little diving in the clear Caribbean Sea. It was an early flight out of Miami but that meant we were now on the ground just a little after noon. The airport was fairly primitive and it took a bit of time to make our way through immigration and customs. This was further hampered by the apparent nonarrival of our luggage! Crap! Why does this always happen at the worst possible time? Never when you’re headed home….no…..only when it means all your dive gear is missing in action and you’re on a dive trip. At least we had our carry on bags….regulators, dive masks, computers, camera. After filling out the forms at the lost luggage window we finally made it out of the arrival gate and saw our name being held up on a clipboard.

“Are you the O’briens?,” asked a young woman in a pleasant Hispanic accent.”Sorry, we were delayed,” I replied. “It seems that our luggage has taken its own tour.” Frowning, the girl went back into the terminal to speak with one of the attendants. A short time later she returned. “I’ve told them we’ll be in touch by radio later tonight to see when your things might arrive. Aside from today’s pick up day we usually only come back to the mainland on Wednesday. We’ll have to see what we might be able to work out. For now, we need to head on to the dock to get to the boat.”

Our destination was Blackbird Cay. We found this resort through a dive magazine which reported outstanding reefs and beautiful tropical island feel. Located on an island that is part of the Turneffe Atoll, the resort is about an hour boat ride from the mainland in the Caribbean Sea. The pictures from the brochure showed individual grass roof palapa lined up facing the beach and ocean set back under tall palm trees. We tried to put the concern over lost bags in the back of our minds as our shuttle bus pulled up to the dock and we got our first look at the clear blue water. Clearly, we were in the tropics. The air was thick with humidity but had the pleasant smell of the ocean.

Because of our delay at the airport we were the last guests to arrive at the boat that would take us to our resort and hardly a minute passed before the crew was casting off lines and the boat started to move away from the dock. The young woman who met us at the airport was obviously our host and called us together in the back part of the boat to serve us some cold drinks and give us some introductory information about our upcoming week. “My name is Ana and I want to welcome you to Belize,” she began. “We’re looking forward to having a great week sharing some of the world’s best diving with you all. If you look around you’ll see that there are eight of you on this boat and we’ll meet 2 other couples who arrived midweek last week and are already on the island. Our resort has a maximum capacity of 28 guests but as I’m sure you’ve already calculated there will only be 12 of you for the entire week. Since it is such a light week for our staff we’ve cut back the number of workers that will be out there but please don’t worry that this will affect your stay. Every service that you expect will be provided and anything you might need we will be happy to try to accommodate. I’ll be coming around to each of you during our cruise out to get some additional information and give you your room assignments. Meanwhile, enjoy your drinks, there’s fruit up in the cabin and take advantage of the time to introduce yourselves around.”

Liz and I set our few bags under the benches at the back of the boat and carefully climbed around to the front of the 45-foot dive boat to sit out on the front bow. We were joined there a few minutes later by another couple who introduced themselves as Josh and Peg. They looked to be about our age, mid-forties and both appeared to enjoy the sun with dark tans which I commented on. “We live in southern Florida and are fortunate to be able to enjoy lots of time outdoors,” he replied. “I’ve got a surveying business so I’m out in the sun all day and Peg is an avid gardener.” We talked for a while, getting to know each other and learned that they, like us, have 3 older teenage kids who were spending the next week at various camps or with relatives. Josh had an engaging smile and laugh. It seemed he would be someone easy to spend the week with. Peg’s dark tan accentuated her bright blue eyes and sparkling teeth. She made several references to spending time at the gym getting ready for this trip but was concerned about being out of shape. I’ve always enjoyed a woman with proper curves and to my eye, Peg looked just fine.

I explained our luggage problem to our new friends. “I hope you don’t mind this shirt and shorts”, I said. “You’ll be seeing a lot of them this next week.” Liz leaned over and whispered in my ear. “At least you’ve got shorts that can be a swimsuit. What am I supposed to do?” She had on a nice, light travel dress that accented her shapely calves that were cut low enough in the front to make it obvious that she had a woman’s cleavage. After having had several kids she complained about being “saggy” but in my opinion, her breasts made her even more appealing.

“I’m sure we’ll figure something out,” I responded. “There’s bound to be something that’s been left by previous guests or that you can borrow. Hey, it can always be like that trip we took to St. Croix two years ago. You didn’t even need a suit there!” “In your dreams mister,” she smiled. “That was a private villa and we had a private pool. I’m not sure I could do that here in front of all these people.”

To celebrate our 25th anniversary a couple years before we had rented a private oceanfront villa in the US Virgin Islands. The landscaping around the pool and deck had provided the ultimate privacy and we took advantage of that to enjoy some natural tanning. Since then I’d mentioned going to a nude beach but she’d always just laugh and call me a dirty old man.

By this time we could see a flat line of a low island ahead. The mainland behind us was barely perceptible on the horizon. We were clearly “away from it all”. Josh and I climbed back to the rear portion of the boat to refill our drink cups. There, Ana informed us that we still had another 30 to 40 minutes before we’d be at our destination.

The other 2 couples on the boat were talking together and I moved over to introduce myself. The first was Brad and Carol who I learned were from Maryland. They looked to be roughly in their 30’s. He told me he was a firefighter while his wife worked at a children’s daycare center. The other folks were Jim and Shawna. I guessed them to be in their 50’s, just a little older than us. She was an attractive woman with shoulder length gray hair pulled back in a ponytail and a lovely smile. Her husband had apparently just left a business where he was an upper-level executive, he was given a comfortable enough severance to allow them to take a break for a while and this trip was the start of some serious travel. Jim looked like he had enjoyed some of the perks of a good life and probably carried around a few extra pounds.

When I had a chance to talk to Ana, our host, I asked her about our luggage situation. We were without our dive gear and all our clothing. “The dive equipment shouldn’t be a problem,” she advised. “We have plenty of gear on hand. When you’re as far away from the mainland as we are we have to be ready for any problems that our divers might encounter. The clothes are another issue. We have a little shop but we mainly carry t-shirts, suntan lotion, and a few toiletries. Some times guest have left clothing or forgotten swimsuits that were hanging up outside, so we’ll have to check what’s in the lost and found. We are a very casual place. There’s no need to dress up for dinner or any meal. In fact, most people wear their swim suit’s the whole week.” “Well,” I answered with a smile, “If we wear what we have for swimwear right now, you’d have to relax the dress code even more.” Ana replied, “Hey, that’s been known to happen too.”

Our boat had been following the coast of an island for the last half hour or so and as we came around a point we could see a small cut through the reef and tiny colorful cottages against the dark trees where we would be staying for the next week. I could make out a couple of people out on the beach in front of the huts. They must be the guests staying over from the previous week. One of them, a man from what I could see, was walking out of the water away from us and it appeared that his suit was either flesh-colored or nonexistent. The woman he joined on the beach handed him a towel that he wrapped around himself and as she stood up it was obvious she was topless. Liz and Peg moved back to join the rest of us in the back part of the boat as we nudged up to the dock.

“It looks like you might get your wish,” she whispered. “From what I saw up front some people on this island enjoy the privacy and the sunshine.” “That could be us,” I said with a wink. “Buddy, don’t even get your hopes up.”

In no time at all, we were standing on the dock and being introduced to Tom and Brenda now both wearing suits (though hers was very brief with a thong back and his one of those Speedo swim styles). They told us their friends Charlie and Jennifer were in their cottage napping but would join us later for drinks and dinner. Ana told us we had almost an hour and a half before we’d meet for drinks and to take a look around, cool off in the ocean and settle in.

As Liz and I walked to our cottage she commented on the beautiful water. “Damn. I wish I had my suit. I’ve been in this dress all day and I’d love to get in that water.” “I know what you mean,” I answered. “If I could rinse out this shirt and shorts I’d almost feel like a new person.” After looking around from the porch of our room I continued. “You know, we could always just swim in our underwear. That way we can wash out these clothes. I’m sure they would dry out quickly in this sun and heat. Our underwear is more than Tom and Brenda had on a little bit ago and that way we could at least feel a little cooler.”

Once her dress and my nylon shorts and quick dry shirt were hanging on our railing we wrapped towels around ourselves and after checking out the beach we headed down to the water’s edge. We scampered to the lounge chairs out in front of our cabin and after seeing that no one else was out on the beach dropped our towels and rushed into the water. Liz looked fantastic. Her lingerie was a pale yellow color which looked great in the late afternoon sunlight. As soon as it got wet it was virtually transparent. Of course, I didn’t point this out to her right away. The water felt great and was the perfect way to wash away the grime of a long travel day. We played a little bit of grab and grope under the water as we splashed and acted like kids.

Looking back at the beach toward our bungalow I saw that the couple we met earlier, Tom and Brenda had come back out and were laying out in the late sun. “Don’t look now,” Liz exclaimed, “but we’ve got company. I hope you can keep your eyes in your head because it looks like she’s topless.” It was pretty obvious she was no stranger to baring her breasts; there was no evidence of a tan line at all. Her husband had gotten up and waded out into the water toward us. “Hey guys,” he said. “I hope you’re not bothered by Brenda laying out topless. One of the reasons we came to this resort was because of the privacy but if its bothersome to you let me know. We don’t want to offend anyone.” Liz was quick to respond. “Hey, no problem from us. I just hope she’s not put off by my husband here. He might not be able to keep his eyes off of her.” Laughing, Tom waved his thanks and headed back to his chair.

“Baby,” I said. “You’re quite the progressive one here. But my eyes won’t be looking at anything but you especially when that underwear you have on right now is see through.” She gave a little yelp when she looked down and saw what I was talking about. “You’ll have to go get my towel and bring it here before I can walk out.” “Honey, that’s crazy. She’s almost naked up there and you’re concerned about showing too much? And hey, I’m the one who’s got to worry about showing too much. I’ve got these white nylon travel briefs on. I think I’ll be the one on display. “I stepped out of the water backward and looked down to see that my briefs were as transparent as my wife’s. “Well then, let’s go show off,” she said.

Holding hands for support we walked out of the water toward the lounge chairs where we had set our towel right next to where our new acquaintances were soaking up the late afternoon sun. Trying to be nonchalant we casually dried off while talking with Tom and Brenda. Liz shared our tale of woe regarding our lost luggage and lack of clean clothes. “We both packed pretty light for this trip and since we’ve been here for a few days most everything we’ve got is dirty. I was hoping to wash a few things out tonight. If I’ve got something you can use I’ll let you know”, offered Brenda.

Heading back to our cottage to rinse off the salt water and check our drying clothes I couldn’t keep my eyes of my wife’s curvaceous ass as she walked in front of me. By the time we got to our stairs I was pretty obviously aroused. “I suppose that’s because of Brenda’s naked boobs,” Liz joked, looking at my crotch.”Babe, its because of your fine ass and watching you stand out there in the open nearly naked. You know how I’ve fantasized about that. Now let me help you wash those things out.”

The bungalow we were staying in had a large, airy bathroom with a sliding glass door that opened to a small patio enclosed by dense plantings and shrubs. The effect was a private enclosure and in the corner near the building was an outdoor shower. I turned the water on to warm up a bit while Liz got the shampoo and soap from the indoor shower and grabbed a couple dry towel. My hands made up a nice lather and I started to use them across her back to wash off the salt and sand from our ocean dip. She let out a little sigh and raised her arms as I moved along the sides of her chest. Moving back I made quick work of the clasp of her bra turned bikini and slipped it off of her shoulders freeing her funbags. She’d been going to the tanning salon for a few weeks prior to our trip and it turned me on even more to know she’d been using the tanning bed in the nude. With even more soap on my hands I reached around to slide them around and between them, twirling my finger and thumb around a stiffening nipple. Kneeling down I slid the translucent yellow panties down her legs helping her step out of them. She turned around putting her pussy directly in front of my face and I couldn’t help myself from sending my tongue to her swelling clit. She had shaved her pubic hair into the thinnest little strip and it pointed right to her love button. Her hands wrapped around my head for balance as she raised her leg so that my tongue could lap into her wet slit. I love eating her pussy, feeling her press against my face to maximize her stimulation. I was thinking that she was incredibly turned on and felt sure that being nearly naked in front of virtual strangers just a short time before combined with the heat and humid air of being outside while getting eaten made her ready to explode in no time at all. I felt her orgasm beginning as her legs began to tense and she pressed harder against my face. At home she tends to suppress her vocalizations because of the kids in the house but here she must not have felt as inhibited.

“Oh God, yes, yes yes……..right there,” she breathed heavily. “Lick it….mmmm mmmm.”Her hands pulled my face even tighter against her pussy as my tongue dove as deep as I could get until her body finally relaxed. Pulling me up to stand with her she kissed me deeply, her tongue over mine to taste herself on me. In a quick motion, she leaned down and swept my briefs down my legs freeing my cock from its containment. I was as hard as steel. Liz turned around and bent over offering her pussy to me to enter from behind. It was so slippery wet, I was buried to the hilt in one thrust. Putting a hand on each hip I was banging her at a blistering rate in no time at all. I had been so turned on thinking of her almost naked in front of Tom and Brenda as well as being nearly nude myself. My nuts started to tighten, ready to explode and I pulled out as I shot my load across her back watching the streams of cum erupt as I pumped myself dry.

Laughing, we took turns soaping each other up and rinsing off. This was shaping up to be a great vacation with great sex. I turned off the water and we started drying off. I heard a woman’s whispered voice. “God that sounded so hot. He must really know how to work that tongue.” It sounded like Brenda, the topless woman on the beach. Liz’s eyes widened and a smile spread across her face at the comment. Giggling we quickly dashed back into the cottage trying not to laugh too loudly and give away that we heard our neighbors comment. Liz wrapped her towel around herself and went out onto the front porch to grab our now dry clothes. She looked so hot with her sundress on. Whenever she turned the dress would shift and almost let her big tits slip free. “I’m not sure this is going to work,” she said. “Baby, it’s the tropics and its starting to get dark outside. I think you look great and I bet no one will complain a bit.”

After I put on my shorts and shirt (going commando) I went back out to grab our underwear and wash them out so they could dry overnight. It looked like we’d be having to use them as our swimsuits for the time being. Hand in hand, we headed down the steps and to the main palapa for drinks and dinner our first night of this vacation to a private resort in Belize. I think we were both looking forward to the next full day and a chance to finally dive in the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

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    Ah, the tropical romance 🙂 My hubby & I are more the "Winter Wonderland" romantics, but we're had our fair share of tropical Summer vacations, including Miami & Hawaii! Needless to say we've had some erotic times! God bless

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    We are looking for a great getaway in January. Is there anyway you can share the details about the resort where you stayed?

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