I just got dressed!

When I was in the Air Force, I worked rotating shifts. When I was on swing shift, or graveyard shift, my wife would sit on the edge of the bed while I put on my BDU’s and Boots. Most of the time she would just talk with me, then walk me to the door to say goodbye and I’d be off. But not always.

Frequently, if the kids were in school, or asleep, she’d wait for me to get completely dressed, then launch her offensive, to which I always capitulated. Every time I’d say, “I just got dressed,” and she’d say, “So what!”

So down would go my pants, and I’d either get an amazing blow job, or more frequently all she wanted was to have me inside of her. It’s was just a quickie, but I’d leave with her still on the bed with her legs still spread. Now she loved to masturbate, so no doubt soon after I was sent out the door with a smile, she was giving herself multiple orgasms.

Throughout my shift, every time I’d use the latrine, I still could smell her juices on me, and back would come that smile again.

I miss her, and love her.

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  1. Adam Rose
    Adam Rose says:

    Thank you for your service.
    I hear from a lot of women that a man in uniform is a really big turn on.

  2. PacMan
    PacMan says:

    There’s actually a lot of science on wearing the sexual aroma of your wife’s pussy. I love that! And I absolutely love when my wife masturbates too!

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