Wedding Night Surprises

My name is John; my wife is Susan. This is the story of how we entered into this strange new world of sex as virgins on our wedding night a long time ago… which was full of surprises.

We had been dating for three years and engaged to be married for another full year. As virgins who were saving ourselves for that wedding night, we had not gone much beyond kissing and cuddling and holding hands. However, in the three weeks leading up to the wedding night, we did cautiously start ‘exploring’ one another’s bodies.

This exploration started one evening when Susan greeted me at the door of her apartment in a figure-hugging T-shirt. She was obviously not wearing a bra and was showing a little bit of cleavage. Her nipples were hard. This kind of display was previously unheard of for her and I was a little taken aback.

She noticed that and quickly explained. “I thought I should introduce you to my body. It will soon be all yours. I hope that’s ok with you.”

I didn’t know what to say or where to look, so I mumbled, “Sure, thanks, good idea,” with a sheepish smile. Surprisingly my timid bride-to-be quickly lost her initial discomfort – this behavior was totally out of character for her – and she carried on as normal, setting the table for dinner. After dinner, we watched a movie. While we were both super-aware of the ‘situation’ with her outfit and we both tried to act as if nothing was different, she did not attempt to hide her display!

She had firm, average-sized breasts in those days and there was an enticing bounce whenever she moved around, which she often seemed to be trying to do right in front of me. (She told me later she was dying inside from worry and embarrassment – worry that I might disapprove and embarrassment because this was so foreign to her nature. But she believed it was important that we begin to get to know each other’s bodies, so she was displaying her breasts for me and me alone.)

When it was time to leave, and I rather obviously looked down at her stunning breasts, she said quietly, “You can touch them if you like.” So I did – my first time deliberately handling a woman’s breast. I was so very cautious and polite, so self-conscious and keen not to offend that it was all too brief.

But my erection was apparently quite obvious to her! She smilingly pointed down and said, “And that will soon be all mine. Now go home and do what you obviously need to do.” She pushed me out the door with a quick kiss on the cheek.

I couldn’t wait until I got home and stopped in a dark parking lot to quickly deal with my arousal.

After that, I could barely keep my hands off her breasts whenever we were alone. Initially, it was only through her clothes.

With firm breasts, she could reasonably go braless without it showing much, and she now did this a lot. We became comfortable with feeling around. A few days later she lifted the bottom edge of her blouse and said “Rather put your hand in here?”

I was delighted to have my first skin-on-skin experience of those amazing mounds of flesh. But I wasn’t to see them until the wedding night.

Of course, I often had an obvious erection through this time, which I always had to “deal with” on my own later. She liked to refer to it obliquely (“Don’t you need to go and see to something quickly?” “Perhaps you should do what you have to do before you explode.”) There was also huge anticipation for our marriage (“Don’t worry, you won’t always be doing it alone.”)

Susan admitted years later how she only masturbated twice in those few weeks, feeling rather ashamed and awkward about doing it. She was quite comfortable in urging me to “see to yourself.” It was as if that was something boys do but not young ladies.

A week before our wedding she again surprised me, suddenly saying in the middle of an ordinary conversation, “You’ve been getting to know my breasts. Shouldn’t I be getting to know your penis?”

“What do you mean? You’re not suggesting . . . ?” My mind was racing with the possibilities….

“No, no, I don’t mean…. I just want to feel it. Through your clothes. Like you first felt me.”

Bemused and a little confused, I mumbled, “Mmm, sure…”

So she gently felt it’s now-erect outline, squeezed a bit, then just sort of patted the end. It was a thrilling experience, but of course, neither of us could feel much, it was more about the mere idea that she was trying to feel my penis.

‘Ok,’ I thought, ‘you invited me to put my hand under your clothes….’ The next day I wore loose-fitting shorts and no underwear. I pulled on the front and said “Here’s your chance. Have a real feel.”

She did. Another milestone, having a woman hold my erect penis. She did this several times over those last few days, and I sometimes had to stop her before she made me go over the edge.

She soon complained that she had no idea how my penis felt when it was soft, as it was always erect when she felt. So then I would from time to time say, “Quick, it’s soft now.” But of course, by the time she had it in her hand, it was almost hard again.

That’s as far as we went before the wedding. Now I’ll let Susan take over to tell about our first experience naked together.


So, John and I knew what our secret parts felt like, though we hadn’t seen anything with our eyes. I was so very nervous through all those early explorations but I was convinced they would make our first attempt at sex a bit easier. That was what I was anxious and even frightened about. I hadn’t even been naked in front of anyone since my early teens, and that was with my mother and sister. How could I possibly be comfortably naked in front of John, this man I loved so deeply and admired so much?

A few days before our wedding night, I confided my anxiety to our pastor’s wife, Maggie. She was a very wise women in her 50s. I told her frankly of our explorations, expecting disapproval, but I just got an understanding smile.

She suggested that we continue the explorations, being aware that our bodies are no longer just our own; they belong to one another. In marriage, we give every part of ourselves as a gift to the other. John would soon own me completely, and I him! So, she said, forget about sex for the moment; just get to know your new property well. Examine it thoroughly. When you are completely familiar with your new property, you’ll find sex becomes easy and natural – and fun!

She convinced me that sex is absolutely for the enjoyment of both partners, that God intends us each to reach heights of ecstasy with one another. She eventually had me looking forward to it! But the key, she said, is to learn how to give enjoyment to your spouse – to become expert at giving him more and more. She assured me I’d find he wants to return the favor. As I left, she gave me some final instructions for the wedding night, together with a small bottle of oil.

After our wedding and a short drive, we were finally alone at a resort, just in time for an early dinner. My “going-away” outfit was a rather modest skirt and top. But I removed my bra in the car, so I was somewhat self-conscious arriving at the resort. It seems my untethered breasts were rather obvious, going by some of the looks we got.

After dinner, we returned to our suite and the awkwardness between us was palpable. How to proceed now? John suggested he would give me some privacy while I change into my night clothes. But remembering Maggie’s chat, I took a deep breath and said “No. I’d like to undress in front of you. I want you to watch me closely, to enjoy and admire this body because it’s now all yours.”

He was rather surprised. “Ooo-kay, I can do that if you’re sure it’s what you want.”

“It is,” I said firmly. “Sit in that chair there and say nothing.”

With a bemused smile, he went and sat down.

Naturally, this was no professional striptease! But I think I managed to appear at least nonchalant, even if I didn’t feel it. I did it slowly and carefully, as if trying to demonstrate every part of my body to him as it was exposed. Shoes first. Then stockings, slowly down my legs, one at a time, my foot up on a chair. The skirt was quick.

Then I languidly unbuttoned my top while looking out a window, as if I was thinking about other things. I was partially turned towards him so he could see me gradually exposing my breasts (I still had no bra on). As the top came off, I turned to face John with a smile, giving him his first view of my breasts. He was transfixed, a ghost of a smile on his lips. I was so thrilled to see the affect my nakedness was having as he drank in the sight.

My panties came down while I faced him. Now completely naked I slowly and deliberately folded my clothes, one item at a time, and walked to the dresser with each one to put it neatly away. I wanted to give John a long display of my body. Though I hoped I looked calm and relaxed, my heart was pounding the whole time. I had to fight the impulse to put a hand over my pubic area. In the end, I think I managed to act like I was quite used to parading around in the altogether.

Finally, I came back and faced him, hands on hips and legs a little apart. “Here you are, this is the body I’m giving you. Take a good long look.” He did with a look of wonder again on his face, so I slowly turned a full 360 for him.

After about another minute of his gazing, I thought he’d had enough so I asked him to stand up. “Now it’s your turn. I want to take off your clothes myself, so I can examine the body that I’m getting.”

With a goofy grin, he shrugged and stood in front of me, his eyes looking straight into mine making me long all the more for this man….

Suddenly I was overcome by a fit of giggles! I collapsed into his arms, both of us laughing like this was the funniest thing ever! It was quite funny, come to think of it, and here I was making it solemn. So unlike me.

We kissed. Then I pushed us apart, still laughing. “No seriously, I do want to undress you. It was my chat with Maggie that made me think of this. She said we must take the longest time to simply get to know our bodies. So are you OK with that? Can I undress you now?” I was getting a bit nervous; maybe he didn’t like this approach.

“My darling, beautiful wife! Of course, you can. I’m as awkward about all this as you are. Any suggestion is welcome. Besides, up to now, I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more! I’m so glad you’ve taken the initiative here. I didn’t want to do anything that might make you uncomfortable – so carry on, do what you want, tell me what you want!”

Undressing a man is something I’d never come close to doing, so it was awkward and there were more giggles at times. But I did examine every part of him as it was exposed.

Finally, he stood in just his boxers, his penis trying it’s best to get out! I paused, stood back, smilingly admiring him as he gazed longingly at me. ‘Ok,’ I thought, ‘I must examine that penis, too.’ This thought brought another spontaneous giggle.

“What now?” he asked.

“Oh nothing, just that I’m enjoying myself!”

“Well, yes. Me, too! Especially the way your boobs bounce when you giggle!”

“Oh shoosh, be serious!” I laughed and bounced some more.

I had never seen a man’s penis in the flesh, though I had an idea of what to expect. So I got down on my knees on the thick carpet…. And perhaps John should tell you this part.


Up to now I had enjoyed every second, but kept wondering, ‘What comes next? And especially, how is it going to go when we get to the act of intercourse.’

My penis was an erect rod for most of this time, so I wondered how well it would last when called upon to do the deed. On the other hand, how long would I be kept waiting? I had masturbated that morning to give me a slightly better chance of lasting when we did have sex. I had no idea what Susan had in mind, but I was willing to play along with anything.

So there I was, standing in my boxers with the most obvious erection anyone has ever seen. The easy way we were laughing together while thoroughly enjoying ourselves had dispelled all the tension and awkwardness. We were now in this together for the fun of it.

Susan got slowly to her knees, her eyes on the prize. Putting her hands on the sides of my boxers, she looked up at me saying, “It’s mine now. I want to see it, to examine it and get to know it.”

“Go for it,” I said.

As she gently drew the boxers down over my rigid penis, it was as if it made a sudden spring for freedom, making her start a little and give a small laugh. Then that broad smile of delight that I know so well filled her fascinated face.

‘Good start,’ I thought.

She spent a long moment just staring. She was close; it was like she was eye-to-eye with my most private part. Slowly her hand came up. She just touched with her fingers first, very softly. I barely felt it.

Then she carefully felt up and down the shaft, took hold of it ever so gently and moved it side to side, up and down, examining. She examined every part: my scrotum, my thighs, everything. Eventually, she looked up at me and asked with an earnest expression “May I kiss it?” She wasn’t joking now.

“My dear, anything you like! It’s yours now, remember?”

“You’re right. I need to remember that.” She was all serious now.

After what seemed like the longest pause looking at the tip of my erection, she leaned forward like she would kiss the tip but then she surprised me yet again. In one flowing movement with no hesitation, she parted her lips and slid about half my length into her mouth. She closed her eyes and began sucking gently, then feeling around with her tongue, all the while holding the base in one hand and gripping my buttocks with the other.

I gasped with the most amazing and intense pleasure. I couldn’t believe this. It wasn’t long before I said: “You better stop that now or it could get messy!”

She stopped, stood up, went to the bed and lay on her back. I thought, ‘This is it! Now for our first time.’ But, no! There were still more surprises.

“In my bag, you’ll find a small bottle of oil that Maggie gave me. It’s massage oil, and apparently completely non-irritant so that you can use it anywhere. I want you to get some of that oil onto every square inch of exposed flesh that you can find! Take your time. Every square inch. Get to know this body. It’s yours now.”

This was unexpected, but I looked forward to putting my hands all over her. “On your face then, we’ll start with your back.” I would never have guessed how much I would enjoy massaging oil into every part of Susan’s body. Such an amazing experience. It’s something we often do for each other now. Every square inch.

I did take my time. Every finger, every toe. Her buttocks had very prolonged and loving attention. When I got to her inner thighs, I moved her legs apart, exposing her pubic area. Then I turned her over. Her breasts had even more prolonged and loving attention than I gave her buttocks. I moved her legs apart a bit more as I worked my way down.

She hesitated and resisted a little at first, but then she relaxed and said, “Yes, that’s right. Examine that area between my legs especially carefully. I want you to be very well acquainted!”

So I did. Her vaginal opening was a beautiful, discrete, pink place that I longed to invade soon with my penis. I did worry about how my big organ would fit – and I said so.

“Oh, Maggie said not to worry about that. It always fits, but you have to take it slowly at first, as the passage stretches open.” She seemed to think of something but hesitated. Eventually, she said, “Why not put a finger in. Maybe get to know it inside a bit?”

Mmm. Why not indeed? I carefully pushed my middle finger part way in and felt around.

Susan gasped, then moaned a little. She liked it. “Yes, there!” she suddenly said as I rubbed the wall in the front. “More there!”

I continued for about a minute, carefully rubbing in the same area in response to her moans until she said, “Ok, you can stop now before I lose control.”

I continued the outer examination, getting to know the beautiful soft folds. Of course, I had read about female anatomy, so knew a little about what I was seeing.

“Will you show me your clitoris? Is this it here?” I asked, carefully feeling a firm button front and central.

“Oh yes!!” she moaned. My mind was racing, remembering her “kiss.” Should I too?

“May I kiss it?” I finally asked. She lifted her head to look me in the eye. She looked puzzled.

“Do you want to?” she asked.

“Yes, I think I do. Didn’t you want to put my penis in your mouth?”

“Yes, I did. It just seemed such a natural thing to do, like a deep kiss for this lovely thing that will be my friend for life! I was going just to kiss the tip, but couldn’t stop myself.”

“Well, then,” I said as I moved forward, “you must understand how I also want to kiss your clitoris deeply. I just can’t stop myself!” Using my hands to part the folds and expose the button I had identified, I placed my partly open lips over it. I wasn’t sure how to proceed then, so I sucked on it softly, rewarded by deep moans. Then I used my tongue to lick here, there and everywhere, getting more and more vigorous. The moaning got rapidly louder and more urgent as her hips began to wriggle beneath me. Before I knew it, there was stifled screaming and intense wriggling. I knew she was going over the edge; it was an orgasm, can you believe it! So I kept up the licking and sucking as much as I could with her wriggling so much . . . until she finally settled down and pulled me up to kiss her on the mouth.

“Oh, I love you so much. That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt!” We lay in each other’s arms as she recovered and her breathing slowly returned to normal.

“That was an orgasm, I assume?” I asked.

“What else?” she responded with a laugh. “Nothing can be better or more intense than that feeling! So my first orgasm as a married woman comes from oral sex. Who would’ve thought?”

We were both laughing and smiling as we talked about it in the afterglow. It was such a satisfied feeling, knowing I’d managed to do that. It was almost like I’d had the orgasm.

Suddenly serious, Susan asked, “What about you now? Should we try the real thing?”

“I’m game if you are – though I’m not sure how long I’ll last!”

So I cautiously got on top of her and she helped to guide my penis into the entrance of her vagina. I resisted the urge to push, and rather ‘nudged’ forward repeatedly but gently. Slowly, slowly I worked my way inwards.

“How’s it feel?” I asked.

“Nice, but a bit sore.”

I kept on with the forward nudging, feeling myself going in slowly, but she was grimacing a bit now and then. I also had to resist the growing desire to push hard as I felt I would come very soon – so I pulled out.

“Why’d you do that?” she demanded.

“I don’t want to hurt you. It’s already a bit sore, and I can feel that when I come, I’ll want to push hard.”

For a while she tried to insist that I must just get on and do it, while I tried to insist we can try again tomorrow, let’s take it slowly, I don’t want to hurt you, etc.

Suddenly she got a sly look. “Tell you what we’ll do. Sit on the edge of the bed.”

“Why? What are you up to?”

“You’ll see, just do it.” So I did, knowing with part of my mind what she was planning but not daring to believe it.

Sure enough, she knelt on the floor between my legs, took my penis in her hand, and slipped it into her mouth again without a moment’s hesitation. I immediately pulled it out, protesting, “No! What happens when I come? It can be quite a mess that comes out, you know!”

“Of course I know, silly. I’m not stupid! It’s my problem, not yours. You leave it to me. Don’t even think about it, just relax and enjoy! That’s an order!” Laughing, but serious.

“You sure?”

“Yes, I am so very sure. Don’t worry! I’ll be fine; we’ll be fine. I know exactly what to expect, and I’ll deal with it. Relax and enjoy.”

I’ll let you hear the rest of this from her point of view.


That truly was the most unbelievably amazing feeling, that orgasm. Much much better than anything I’d ever experienced on my own. So when the idea came to me that I could do the same for John using my mouth, nothing would stop me doing it.

Of course, I knew about how my mouth would be filled with semen when he came. I didn’t have any clear plan of what I’d do with it. All I knew is I was going to go through with this. I did grab a shirt out of John’s bag behind me just in case. If it was really bad, I could spit it into that.

My “new acquaintance,” John’s penis, filled my mouth and gave me such a sense of delight, much like the delight I feel when we share an impassioned kiss after being apart. At that moment I knew that oral sex was a natural pleasure and that we would enjoy it often. Of course, I didn’t know anything then of technique. That would develop slowly over many sessions with my “new acquaintance.” But on this first time, it didn’t matter what I did. I could see John was so delighted looking down at his naked wife with her mouth enclosing his penis; I could actually “feel” his delight right there between my legs, a tingling and satisfied feeling in my pleasure center! That made me smile.

I tried to use my mouth as I thought I should, moving in and out a bit, licking with my tongue. He reached down and stroked his shaft as well, and so I began moving in time with him. It didn’t take long, but by the time he hoarsely whispered: “I’m coming. Are you ok with this?” I had made up my mind to simply swallow whatever came. How bad could that be? I smiled and nodded that I’m ok, and he exploded with a long groan of pleasure – which again I could feel right there between my legs! That feeling distracted me from what arrived in my mouth so that it was just something happening. ‘Don’t overthink it, just swallow it.’

The semen arrived in spurts. It felt like I was drinking from a baby’s bottle, gulp, gulp, and it went down easily. I barely noticed the taste, which was more unusual than unpleasant. (Over the next few months I came to enjoy that taste, and enjoy the feeling, too. So much so that I eventually told him that I would do this for him anytime and anywhere. I just love doing it. At times I long to do it, when I haven’t for awhile.)

I kept drinking and softly suckling my baby’s bottle for some time until it was completely soft in my mouth, at which point John drew me up to him for a prolonged kiss. I sat on his lap, our arms around each another, and neither of us said anything for several minutes.

John finally lifted my chin and looked into my eyes and asked: “Would you let me carefully wash your beautiful body in the bath?”

So we washed one another carefully, exploring in ever more detail, and while we did get aroused again we merely went to bed naked and exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Tomorrow there will be another wedding night, and plenty more.


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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Welcome! That was such a special story, and I certainly know what you mean by this orgasm being better than having one of your own! I can relate! Intercourse orgasms for me are better, and since the first time on my wedding night, I never went back! God bless you both!

  2. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Dear John and Susan,

    One of the most tender and sexy stories I've ever read on MH! You recreated those memories in expert fashion.

    The highest compliment I can give you is this: I just woke up – and last last thing I did last night was fill my wife's pussy full. Yet, your story has made me feel so horny – like I've just come back from a long trip away from my wife. I can't wait to jump in with her again.

    That is what you call a good review!

    Each of your experiences were so fulfilling – just as God designed. Over the top! Overflowing! Euphoria!

    Thank you for sharing – and so well done. Both of you had immediate and unrestrained freedom and willingness with the other. The desire to reciprocate was so strong in both of you. The initial levels of verbal and non-verbal communication was high.

    You had a good perspective going in. It sounds like you had excellent pre-marital training from your pastor.

    All this and more. Thank you again for sharing this. God is indeed so Good! LH

  3. Britbloke
    Britbloke says:

    Loved this story from you both, and how Susan took control! What a great way to begin the years of married sex. Nice pastoring too 😀

  4. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    John and Susan, Loved this story! Not sure if what I am about to say is acceptable in comments, but this story definitely heated my pussy! Thanks for posting! God bless you both and stay horny.

  5. MarriedWithToys
    MarriedWithToys says:

    Wow. That was an impressive story. It honestly shocks me to hear churches promote sex in a heatlhy, mutual way. Glad you two had the experience you did. Sounds like it paid off!

  6. HeSaid-SheSaid
    HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    What an endearing story! I think you painted a wonderful picture of what a wedding night could and should look like.

    I just looked at your bio, 60/40 huh? Something tells me that you have some special wisdom to share here on this site, just like was shared with you by your pastor.

  7. HeSaid-SheSaid
    HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    HornyGG, if you are unsure your comment is acceptable, you could simply say "…this story definitely aroused me", which pretty much conveys the same message. Know what I mean? ☺️

  8. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    HeSaid-SheSaid, What fun is that? Lol. Sex is a beautiful blessing given to us by God. Unfortunately, even " married sex" and freedom to express our love of sex seems to offend. I just wish people, Christians especially, would just free themselves from the fear of " SEX".
    I am not knocking what the admins are trying to do here.They do a fantastic job.
    I just remember the thing that truly caught my eye about MH ( other than the stories of course). Was how Christian couples could freely express themselves in the stories and the comments without feeling shameful.
    As many here know. In the past I have posted some pretty steamy comments. I didn't do it just to be naughty, I did it because it was my honest opinion about how I felt about the story and how it made me feel. While I understand why, it just makes me sad to see that part of MH die.
    God bless and Stay Horny my Friend!

  9. HV450
    HV450 says:

    Lovely story. My DW was keen to be examined between her legs too. Girls just seem to know what a wonderful gift from God they are.
    You had a wonderful beginning.
    We wish now that we had seen our first night as not just being about the consummation of our wedding vows and not thinking about our pleasure. We took it for granted that our first time together would automatically be a wonderful experience and we missed out on the fun you guys had.
    I will tell something of our honeymoon experience as virgins in a few day's time.

  10. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    Beautifully told and the advice you were given was just as it should be – take your time to get comfortable and let it come naturally.

  11. PacMan
    PacMan says:

    Wow! Epic 5-Star story! Loved it so much! The engaged innocent explorations to the overcoming of awkwardness to the massages and the oral sex. Smoking! Majorly aroused over here. I really do love the “coming of age” stories. My wife and I did some exploring during our engagement, and we were virgins on our wedding night. And KUDOS… you guys really pulled us into the story like it happened last weekend! Amazing.

  12. PacMan
    PacMan says:

    And HornyGG, I don’t think anything you said crosses the moderation lines. I don’t mean to put words into the admins mouths, but I think they are trying to clean up morenof the rough edges of the commenting community, not actually sensor PG-13 language. I, for one, have no problem with a commenter saying that they have a hard on, or their pussy is on fire… or even I had to take care of things with some solo time. My understanding of the guidelines was it was trimming out more of the vulgar and graphic language (using F-bombs in a more vulgar way… or saying “I just jiz*** so much c** from my raging c***.” Sorry about the example. Yes the * are mine). Anyway, I hope we all don’t become hyper sensitive. I think the guidelines will help trim the “clearly over the lines” dialogue. I’m guessing for 95%+ of the comments, no changes are needed. (Just my perspective as a long-time commenter, I’m not an admin.)

  13. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Amen ! Could not have said that any better hornyGG, please say hi to Ben for me, been praying for your family, God bless !

  14. Trieste2
    Trieste2 says:

    Susan was a little surprised that John wanted to kiss her firm clitoris, but she would quickly have understood how he felt about this lovely little thing that will be his friend for life.
    A lot of readers will no doubt identify with the feelings they both had at that time.

  15. amor
    amor says:

    Thank you for the wonderful story. You were so blessed to have good counseling going into your marriage. I'm so glad you've felt led to share your experiences. God bless you.

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