Marriage Sex at features the married kind of sex between a man and a woman. This blog is the musings of the staff concerning hot monogamy and other ideas about marriage romance.

Always A First.

I'd like to indirectly "introduce" myself as SHVN.  Also, I'd like to tell you MH-readers a bit more…

Sexual frustrations

With this writing, I would love to focus on some sexual problems in Christian marriages.  I am not an…

Wife low libido

I have been married to my wife for over two years now.  When we dated she was spontaneous and adventurous,…

How To Introduce This site to Others in Africa?

Hello MH Family, I am a single male living in tropical Africa with a great desire for such marriage…

Where is the Line?

I love reading this site each day, gets my creative juices flowing! I have a high libido, and that is…

Fun with Cunnilingus

Yesterday morning, my lovely, petite Filipina wife told me she wanted to make sure I remembered that…
Relationship Advice

Bad Times in Marriage?

Hi, horny friends, I have another topic/question for everyone here again. What do you do during the down…

Seeking to Meet Needs

I got to thinking about something recently and wanted to share my thought with everyone. In 1 Corinthians…
Marriage Heat Journey

Marriage Heat Journey - A Voice for Hot Married Sex

Marriage Heat Journey Between fifteen and twenty thousand visitors a day come to…

My Own Personal Warning - A Sexual Nightmare

Hello MH family. So I wanted to say something about this for a while.  I remember back a couple of months…

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Marriage Heat Endorsement

Marriage Heat Endorsement - What I Love about Marriage Heat

Marriage Heat Endorsement In no particular order, here are the top 11 reasons that I love Marriage Heat... The…