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Stories that illustrate turning up the heat. Song 1:13; Song 7:3: Song 7:4; Song 6:5

After Church (L)

I work at a church as a youth pastor. I was at my office one day preparing for the youth service later that night when my wife texted me. She told me she needed to pick something up from the church and asked me to meet her on the other side of the building. As […]

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Thy Tasty and Delightful Dessert

So, one night at dinner, we indulged in fine food and soothing wine and ushered in a lovely night. We looked at each other in the eye in the dim candlelight and talked about little things that could add spice to our lives. The wine had gotten us tipsy, and you told me you had […]

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The Scarf – part two

Read Part one of The Scarf, click here …As you stop at the table, you pick up the towel that I had previously used.  You turn to look at me as I approach.  You use the towel to dry off your arms and back.  You are watching me the entire time you are using the towel.  […]

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Sexy Foreplay – The Scarf (part 1)

Sexy Foreplay – The Scarf (part 1) It was Sunday, the last day of our long weekend.  The day had been nice.  Our only ventures out of our room had been for a short walk and brunch.  It was now mid-afternoon.  The sun was warm and bright.  You suggested a dip in the pool.  As […]

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At the Movies

We love watching movies. And who doesn’t love going to see a movie in the theater? So we decided on a movie and went. I loved the way my wife looked that night. Short khaki shorts to show off her sexy legs. She wore sandals so that made it even better. I loved visually ogling […]

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Dance night

It’s not always easy being famous. Sure there are perks, but downsides as well. But tonight was something special… See, I had such a successful concert the previous night, and I was joining my husband as a special guest tonight! It was a such a huge success and we both were satisfied. But there was […]

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Lovely night

Hello friends my name is Alex and my better half name is Vicki. It was a quiet night. She was in balcony looking at the stars and quiet breeze was passing den. She was looking like an angel in that night pink dress. Her hair were just quietly dancing. I went into the balcony and […]

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Want You

While deciding what to wear, looking forward to spending the evening alone with you, I feel a dizziness overcome me, and feel goose bumps rising on my arm as your hand touches mine. Then moving past me to take a shower, smiling you say ‘I love you’, and as I undress a shiver runs through […]

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We’ve been married for a number of years and generally have a prettyspicy sex life. I had just joined an expensive new gym and leisure complex where we live and decided to treat my wife to a nice relaxing session before we went out for a meal. This is all true by the way. I […]

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