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Stories that illustrate turning up the heat. Song 1:13; Song 7:3: Song 7:4; Song 6:5

At the Movies

We love watching movies. And who doesn’t love going to see a movie in the theater? So we decided on a movie and went. I loved the way my wife looked that night. Short khaki shorts to show off her sexy legs. She wore sandals so that made it even better. I loved visually ogling […]

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Dance night

It’s not always easy being famous. Sure there are perks, but downsides as well. But tonight was something special… See, I had such a successful concert the previous night, and I was joining my husband as a special guest tonight! It was a such a huge success and we both were satisfied. But there was […]

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Lovely night

Hello friends my name is Alex and my better half name is Vicki. It was a quiet night. She was in balcony looking at the stars and quiet breeze was passing den. She was looking like an angel in that night pink dress. Her hair were just quietly dancing. I went into the balcony and […]

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Want You

While deciding what to wear, looking forward to spending the evening alone with you, I feel a dizziness overcome me, and feel goose bumps rising on my arm as your hand touches mine. Then moving past me to take a shower, smiling you say ‘I love you’, and as I undress a shiver runs through […]

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We’ve been married for a number of years and generally have a prettyspicy sex life. I had just joined an expensive new gym and leisure complex where we live and decided to treat my wife to a nice relaxing session before we went out for a meal. This is all true by the way. I […]

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Rekindle Love – He Really Loves Me

Rekindle Love – It had only been a year into our marriage and it seemed as there was no hope. Being a mom was great, working was great too, but by the end of the night I was often tired and worn out from the previous hours of the day.  For months my schedule was […]

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She Put Her Finger In Her Mouth

“Honey I’m home, come out come out where ever you are.” I yelled up the stairs to our bedroom.  “Hmmm well if she isn’t here, maybe that explains the setup on the couch.” After about 5 minutes I heard something coming from the bathroom. ‘”Wonder what that was,” I thought, “Maybe she is home and just […]

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A Lovely Evening!!

I have married the ultimate woman. We thoroughly enjoy expressing our love to each other more everyday and are thrilled about being married.  It is our goal to be completely honest with each other and do all that we can to show our love for each other in every thought, touch, hug and kiss – and […]

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Following the Bath

I arrived home from work to find the house in perfect condition.  Everything was clean, neat, orderly, and quiet.  It left me with the feeling of being in a castle or secluded retreat.  My wife knows I enjoy the house being kept in this manner.  Upon my entry into our bedroom I discovered she was behind the closed door […]

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A Fruitful Massage

We had talked about ‘the shower’ several times since we had got married. It felt a bit naughty, coming home when you might not have been expecting me. But I flattered myself that you might have been thinking of me as you stood in the shower.  I wandered in to our room, and settled down […]

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