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Honeymoon Sex Stories. These erotic stories about honeymoon sex will encourage married couples toward more hot monogamy.

Beach Honeymoon – I Love My Husband

Beach Honeymoon – Ok so I don’t know how to start this but here it goes. My new husband, Jake Lewis and I just married. It was the most nerve racking day of my life and also the best day. After we had left the wedding, we headed for the hotel that we would spend […]

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Our First Time Together

I met my husband years ago. He was my childhood friend. But when we grew up, we never met again.Then I met him last year, when I was visiting his parents (my parents and his are old friends). I had had an accident when I fell down from the stairs. That’s why I came to […]

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Seventh Night but First Time

It had been six days since our marriage and at last we were off to enjoy the most memorable week of our lives. As far as our first night is concerned, let me tell you that it never came as by the time all the ceremonies ended, it was over 3 am and we had […]

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Watching Her Sleep (L)

We had just spent the last few hours making love, getting to know each other’s bodies, and just generally wearing ourselves out. We aren’t 20-somethings anymore! I awoke after a couple of hours of sleep, propped my head up on my arm and just watched Holly sleep. She slept on her back with her left […]

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Honeymoon Part 1

My husband Michael is possibly the sweetest, most considerate man on earth (most of the time). But, unfortunately, this trait isn’t always admired by everyone, which led to him being taken advantage of and bullied for much of his adolescent and teenage years. Actually, this is what brought us together, which is why he was […]

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Deflowered Virgins

My wife and I were virgins when we married. We knew each other for 8 years and dated for 6 years. We are both Christians but she came from a more religious background than I did. She told me up front that she was saving herself for marriage.  I was also saving myself  and decided […]

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My life long dream come true!

Hi, I’m Lizze and my story begins like this, Chris (my soulmate)and I met at dancing party. From the moment our eyes met we knew we were right for each other. Things sort of took off from there and he asked me out. Chris and my thoughts, beliefs and views were similar. Chris’ parents had died […]

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Our first intense love in honeymoon trip – Part 2

Continued 2 (   I woke up after my first sex with my wife. We were still nude and I could see my wife on my chest sleeping with her breasts pressed to my chest. It hadn’t been too long, maybe three hours, since we had first made love on our honeymoon and we slept […]

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Our Swedish Honeymoon – Part 3

I was wide awake during one of our honeymoon mornings while it was still dark (7:00 am). I was wearing my pretty white, thin nightgown, that I talk about in some of my other stories. My husband was fast asleep, wearing only his boxers. His head rested on my chest, with one arm around my […]

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