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Stories the celebrate the wife’s passion to please her husband. “I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers. Thus I have become in his eyes like one bringing contentment.” Song 8:10

My Bride

The spiral staircase kept winding upward to the third floor of her childhood bedroom. I was mesmerized by the sight of the backside of my new bride’s colorful sheer dress in front of me. The beautiful tulip fabric patterned with spring colors covered her buttocks as they rocked back and forth just before my eyes. […]

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High On Sex

Wow, I think with a satiated smile, lying on the bed panting next to my husband. My heart is fluttering, pulse throbbing in my ears, and everything tingling with the aftermath of his passion. I’m quite literally high on sex with him. Let me rewind. He started us by teasing and flirting with me all […]

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The Hotel part 3

The Hotel – Part 3 We returned to the hotel as quickly as I could drive. Karen was leaning against my shoulder, kissing my neck and caressing my hardening maleness through my pants. She kept moaning something about being on fire as she kissed my neck and began unbuttoning my shirt. She slid her hand […]

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The Hotel part 2

The Hotel: part 2 We arrived at the hotel, very excited and wound up from our car ride and checked in. It wasn’t the world’s best place but the room was clean and surprisingly spacious. It had a king size bed a large Jacuzzi tub shower/tub, a separate sitting eating area with a sofa, wing […]

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A Night to Remember – Very Hot Wife (L)

Very Hot wife – The Perfect Night I had such an exciting evening that I just had to share it with someone and I thought you might enjoy hearing about it. It was a Friday night and she had to work late and came home at around 7:00.  When she walked in I could see […]

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The Quiet Game (with an Oral Twist)

E laid her head on her husband’s chest.  The TV was on the Saturday night primetime game of the week.  The game was not particularly interesting and neither of their favorite teams were involved.   The couple was visiting E’s family for the weekend at their lake house and by 10 p.m. everyone except the young couple […]

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My Princess GG (Part 1) – Hot Wife

“I  was going to post a story that my dear wife Gina (GG) wrote prior to her decision to stop writing short stories. She was all set to trash it, but I asked her not to. I  asked her to go ahead and post it, but she refused. After thinking about it, I decided to […]

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Your Client is Here (L)

After reading stories on MH I felt so horny and in the mood. My little pussy was throbbing. I decided to have some fun and put on my pink thong and push up bra from Victoria Secrets. I snapped a picture of myself and sent to my hubby at work. It wasn’t long after I […]

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A little pleasure hunt for my beautiful wife (2) (L)

My wife June had already enjoyed a night of adult private play with the assistance of a pleasure hunt and private sex story I’d written for her while I was away for work.  I wasn’t surprised when she wanted another one.  She’s naughty like that now, though it has taken some encouragement from me helping her […]

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