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Jenna’s Journal

By Blondie No one, not even her husband, Adam, would guess “good girl” Jenna’s dirty little secret: She keeps a journal filled with her sexual fantasies. Jenna and Adam have been married awhile, and their sex life is and always has been safe. Jenna wants more, but she’s never thought of herself as “that” kind […]

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Marriage Heat – A Collection of Erotic Short Stories

By Marriage Heat Marriage Heat is a collection of over 200 pages written by real people about their real experiences in practicing hot marriage sex. Marriage Heat features the writings from of married couples in exclusive relationships. No threesomes. No swinging or soft swinging, no pornography, and no affairs. These Marriage Heat stories will […]

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Helping Hands

My cock pulses in the dim light, bouncing to the rhythm of my heart, pointed heavenward. I close my eyes. My wife’s hand runs up my leg, brushing gently past knee and thigh. I spread my legs for her. She takes my tight scrotum in hand and purrs. “Oh baby! You’re so swollen,” she says, […]

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Summer Day Surprise

I can’t believe this is actually happening. As I look down I see my bikini bottoms pulled to the side just enough to allow his thick penis to slide frantically in and out of my very wet vagina. He is thrusting almost uncontrollably with his full weight on me while tightly holding my wrists down […]

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Cabin Repair (3/3)

Read Cabin Repair 1,  Click Here. Read Cabin Repari 2,  Click Here. He watched her nude form retreat out the door to the kitchen and counted his blessings, even while wondering if a glass of juice could possibly rejuvenate him completely. Momentarily she returned. “Rested enough?” she asked. If only! He groaned inwardly just watching her come into the […]

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Cabin Repair (2/3)

Read Cabin Repair Part 1, Click Here Cabin Repair Part 2 “I’m hungry,” Stanley announced. “I’ve fixed the roof, and fixed—” “Oh no, lover, you haven’t done near enough work to fix me yet.” “Well, I’m going to need something to keep up my strength.” “So you shall,” Marie giggled. She wasn’t the cook that her […]

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