Interesting Places Sex

Hot marriages and interesting places sex often go together. Sex outside the bedroom adds shades of creativity and interest.

Stories that bring the heat outside the bedroom, but still with the intention of not exposing yourselves publically. Accidental displays do happen. Be careful of local customs. Song 3:4: Song 7:12

Sex in the Kitchen, sex in the laundry room. Sex in the car. Let your imagination run wild.

Interesting places Sex can occur while discreetly masturbating on a commercial flight.

In this category, there are stories that will inspire you and even shock you.

What is your fantasy? Do you want to have sex on the very bed you grew up on with your spouse?

Interesting Places Sex Stories

Mile High Club

We had a deal. I took her back to our tropical honeymoon location for our 10th anniversary. On the…

Love of Nature

It was a beautiful Summer morning for a hike in the woods. My wife & I are not your so called serious…

Marriage Heat at Work? Yes!

Hi MH friends, This is more of a question than a story. Pre-Question Notice: I do not want to encourage…

Pre-Wedding Pastoral Pleasure

The wedding was to start in 45 minutes. I was officiating. And yet here I was, dragged in a private room…

Clutch Shooting

Here's a story I finally finished up the other day.  Hope you enjoy!   It's definitely a guys fantasy…

An Argument Worth Having

Some of the best sex occurs after a fight. My husband and I were able to witness the union of his best…


This site has been so encouraging to me that I finally decided to share our first story here. My husband…

A Tryst in the Loo

It never ceases to amaze me the things you can learn from a lover. A lover that binds you with their…

Cumming in the Ocean

It was a real crappy day workwise but I was done early afternoon, laid down on the bed and closed my…

Like the Animals

My husband and I have been married for almost twenty years now, and have come (no pun intended) a long…

Cat On a Hot Tits Roof

"I don’t know, K.  This could be really embarrassing.” “Really? What are you talking about?" “You…

Wilderness Sexy Time

  My wife and I enjoy backpacking trips together. Being alone out in the wild is something of…