Marriage Sex is all about promoting the fantastic design of Marriage sex by our Creator.

Hebrews 13:4a  makes a bold statement.   “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure.”

How does marriage sex stay pure? What is pure? Pure means, “not mixed with anything else” or “clean and not harmful in any way” Webster.  Pure gold is valuable. Pure water is refreshing.  Marriage Sex is pure in a powerful way!  

Marriage sex starts in the imagination. What do you want for your sexual imagination? Do you want your imagination sexually healthy? Train your imagination in the way of marriage sex. Singles often come to to learn how to crave one man, one woman sexuality. A masturbating man or woman learns how to train their mind to the pure sex that God has created. Read this post about masturbation.

The sex stories at MH are not like the typical sex stories. These stories have clear boundaries inspired by the Song of Songs in the Bible. Song of Songs in the Bible is erotic literature fill your mind with the married sex sensuality.

We read such in Song of Songs beautiful sex stories,
“Let my beloved come to his garden, and eat its choicest fruits.” Song of Song 4:16
The husband goes to his wife, his garden and they make creative love. He said,

I came to my garden, my sister, my bride,
I gathered my myrrh with my spice,
I ate my honeycomb with my honey,
 I drank my wine with my milk.

The husband is using the sexual language of the day. Just imagine the pure loving marriage sex drink he partook.
These sex stories categories bring you literature inspired by the Song of Songs in the Bible. If you are married, may these stories inspire you to more hot monogamy. If you are Single, make your sexual imagination drink of the marriage sex nectar.
Remember these are stories to inspire you, seek the real life with your spouse. Bring moderation to the reading of these stories and give God thanks for His gift of marriage sex.
Some of you may want to submit stories, your stories change the world!

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