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My Erotic Top 5 (Number 5)

My wife and I have plenty of variety in our sex life together – and are very grateful to God for our strong marriage and great sex! Yet, there are some moments that stand out from all the rest. Different couples will have different favorite moments. What are those moments? They are probably the moments […]

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Oral Sex – Make Me Shoot (L)

“What would you do right now if you were here?” I asked in a text to him. “I would walk up behind you and grab your ass, squeeze it nice and rough. Reach my hand in your pants and rub my fingers up and down your slit. Play with your pussy. Kiss you all over. […]

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Breakfast In Bed – Part One

“Baby, you stay in bed. I will get Randy off to school!” my dear husband Ben said to me as I reached and turned the alarm clock off. “Well thank you, baby! Are you sure?” I said, then yawned and stretched sleepily. “Absolutely!  You stay and go back to sleep,” he said with a smile, […]

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Drinking From Her Garden

It was a busy Saturday night – getting all things ready for a full and blessed Sunday with our church family. My wife came up behind me at the kitchen sink and grabbed my butt, reached under and cupped my balls, then reached around and felt my shaft – causing an instant boner. She walked […]

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Not That Kind of Facial…

My husband and I were house sitting for a friend of ours who happened to have a huge master bathroom and bathtub. On the morning of our first day housesitting we’d woken up and had sex in bed. The orgasms I’d experienced during our lovemaking definitely made the score uneven so when night came around […]

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A Lasting Love

Saturday night Ben and I made love. As we lay together nude holding one another,  I couldn’t help but think of how lucky I am to have him in my life for all these years.  Each time we make love, it seems that I fall deeper in love with him (if that is possible). I […]

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Honeymoon Sex: Mirror, Mirror…

“Whew!” I say, lying naked next to Allen on the kingsize bed we’re sharing during our honeymoon on the beach . I rest my hand on my breast and feel my heart pounding in my chest from our honeymoon sex. “That was great,” Allen says breathlessly. “Being married is so much fun,” I laugh. “And […]

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Feeling Better? (L)

It had been a rough week.  I had started and to top it off, had contracted some sort of stomach virus. I was one moody, whiney sick woman.  To be blunt,  I was the personification of the term ” bitch”. Ben–bless his heart–took everything in stride, including my grumpy sometimes crying demeanor.  He cleaned the […]

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Making Up For Lost Time

The morning started out kind of gray, but quickly cleared. John was still feeling a little frustrated from last night. They had decided to lay naked in the bed, and he had gotten pretty horny. Allyson was looking so hot, with her legs spread further by the minute. He’d made comments that her pussy was […]

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No Better Way To Start The Day

Tigress is the best word I can put to my wife.  She is an amazing woman who has always been passionate about the things she is involved in….including sex.  Her passion has exploded and has truly manifested itself in terms of oral sex.  We both love giving and receiving. On a typical morning, we will […]

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