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A Little Morning Head (L)

February 22nd I woke up early on Sunday morning, and I knew I wanted to suck my husband off.  So, I reached over to his pants and felt around for his package.  To my pleasure, it was already a little hard but could use some help.  I started rubbing over his flannel pajama pants. Then […]

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Nothing Beats a Good Ole “69”

It started with me sending my husband this text “You’ve been on my mind all day.  Hope you ended up feeling better.” HIM: “I’m OK, just tired.”  ME:”Too tired for sex tonight?” HIM: “I hope not.”  ME: “Good because I have been thinking about having your cock in my mouth all day”. HIM:”Geez! I’m sure […]

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Quick Oral Pleasure

My wife has always been the go-getter type, constantly active and ready to embrace new opportunities. This trait has served her well as a reporter; in the bedroom, however, she’s the complete opposite. Gentle as a lamb, she frequently lets me exercise my dominant side. Me being in between jobs, we often travel together to wherever she […]

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Blow job Quickie

I’ve always been a little hesitant when it comes to blow jobs.  I have a very sensitive “gag reflex” and I’m always worried about that.  But I did finally learn how to pleasure my husband’s cock with my mouth.  However, I never could let him cum in my mouth.  Again with the gag reflex issue.  […]

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morning oral

I love my wife so very much,id do anything in the world for her. She takes care of our 3 amazing kids while I’m gone,she cooks,clean. Basically the whole package I couldn’t ask for anything better. I help her of course when I’m in town…. It was a sunny Saturday morning,around 8:30. Surprisingly I woke […]

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Road Head

About a month ago now my husband and I found ourselves driving home in the middle of the night.  Just the two of us, no kids in the car and it was pitch black outside.  One of my fantasies that had yet to come to fruition was to give my husband road head. My husband […]

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Giving Oral

I thought I would describe how I give head… *lol*+blush* … based on how my husband likes it…. so here goes.. no laughing! To start, I like to caress his cock through his jeans… making him hard before I undo his jeans.. I find it both visually stimulating, as well as how it feels under […]

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The Carport

“Let’s not go inside just yet,” Sharon said, placing her hand on Dave’s lap. Sharon leaned over and kissed Dave. It was a lingering kiss with her breast pressing against his arm. Dave felt an erection growing. Sharon’s hand slipping between his legs and gently squeezing his crotch helped too. After the kiss, Sharon sat […]

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Wake up surprise (L)

My wife and I put our son asleep and went to the bedroom. My wife got out her laptop to finish up some work. I was watching a little tv. I started dozing off and I finally just passed out. A few weeks ago I told my wife if I’m ever at home with you […]

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A Mid-Morning Surprise…

…a deep pleasure filled moan escaped his lips and his eyes fluttered open slowly as he realized his wife had taken the swollen head of his cock into her warm mouth and was stroking the shaft with her silky hand… ************* The morning came early…well it was 7:30…technically this was sleeping in. Two little girls […]

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After Dinner Delight

This story happened 20 years ago. I remember my husband was working late and I knew he was going to be hungry when he got back, so I ordered some noodles (for him) and pasta (for me) for dinner. I put on a sparkly dress to surprise him. He finally came home, and when I […]

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