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Stories about couples who welcome playful spanking as a way to lead up to more marriage heat.

Serving Him (L)

I watch TV alone. Lord X has been gone for the day with business meetings. It was a lonely day. I’d tucked the kids into bed and now I sat on the couch watching some slightly frightening romantic paranormal drama that kept making me roll my eyes. I have a serious craving for chocolate and […]

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The Dancer (L)

“Tonight you dance for me, Silver,” Lord X whispers in my ear as we’re eating dinner at my family’s house. I know I’m turning red, but I give him a tiny smile. “Yes, milord,” I mouth at him discreetly. Although my family hasn’t the faintest clue of our bedroom life, I sometimes wonder if they […]

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Combat Boots

Alone in our room I formulate a plan. I want to make tonight special. Really special. We haven’t had a special sex night in a while. I mean we have had sex, but it just felt, like I was going through the motions. I’m going to fix that though. I know it hurts us both […]

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Feeling Better? (L)

It had been a rough week.  I had started and to top it off, had contracted some sort of stomach virus. I was one moody, whiney sick woman.  To be blunt,  I was the personification of the term ” bitch”. Ben–bless his heart–took everything in stride, including my grumpy sometimes crying demeanor.  He cleaned the […]

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The Bunk Bed

A family reunion for the week at my husband’s parents is fun, but we were delegated to sleeping in bunk beds the entire stay. The same squeaky bunk bed my husband spent his teenage years sleeping in. I emphasize again the bunk beds are squeaky. The house was full of family from out of town […]

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