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Helping Hands

We are 10 weeks pregnant, or the end of 2 months, with our first child. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve just been more horny than I usually am and Garrett and I are loving it. We have sex pretty much every night. This is a story about one of those nights. It was […]

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Pregnant sex show for my husband

I’d like to share with you all an experience that still makes my pussy juices flow, it was an experience when I was 4 months pregnant and feeling hot and horny all the time. My husband had been working late and was relaxing on the bed, I was about to give him the sexual experience […]

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After Bible Study Sex

9:23 pm blinks on the display of our bedroom clock. A firm shove on the front door squeaks the moisture swollen wood past the door frame. It’s fall again and the weather is wetter now in our climate. In another few seconds, the sounds of your shoes walking across the wood floors, the clink-clink of […]

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Hot Pregnancy Dream

This was before I had a belly really “showing” and I wrote it down in my journal, but never actually texted or told my Hon this hot pregnancy dream. As I got it ready to submit, I’m wishing I had! I may just tell him tonight. I dreamt about you, Hon. You came home and […]

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The Naked Ruth

We were at my in-laws house in Hawaii this summer & it was getting late but the party dragged on. Being in my first trimester, I had a good excuse to retire early so I said goodnight & went to bed. I was tired but unable to sleep with all the noise & talking so I […]

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Pregnancy Sex Drive: Feeling Heated All the Time

Pregnancy Sex Drive -My Pregnancy sex drive is intense in a good way. What an amazing week of new found freedoms with my lover.  It started with some body sensitivity.  There’s bad sensitivity (like TOO intense, or a paper cut) and then there’s good sensitivity (like Ooooo Ohhhh Ahhhh).  This was very very good sensitivity. […]

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sexy pregnancy

Sexy Pregnancy – Mark and Amy (Part 1)

Sexy Pregnancy -Amy had found out that she was pregnant just over three months prior. Ever since, she’d found herself undeniably attracted to her husband. Unfortunately, her first trimester was taken up with mood swings, heart burn, excessive tiredness and morning sickness- which occurred basically twenty-four hours a day. This made sexual encounters brief, uncomfortable […]

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Conception at Last

I’d been on the road for several weeks.  But it would all be worth it. This was my last route sales trip.  I was being promoted to management, and when I returned home, in just a few days, my wife and I would try to complete our family by having children. We’d been somewhat jealous […]

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Wife Breast Feeding

Wife Breast Feeding – After our first baby girl was born, for the first three weeks we didn’t have sex. So I used to pleasure myself. I liked seeing my wife nursing my baby. That made me give her lot of respect as a mother, more than looking at her with sexual tension I started […]

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