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Stories that feature quick fun marriage heat encounters. These stories may include the surprise factor. Song 2:9 Song 2:10

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A fast one

Just look at him. He could hardly fix his tie because his nerves were all over the place. It was my fault. After getting out the shower, he was in a hurry to get to work because he was running late due to our early morning love making. It was a fight for him to […]

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Treat on the Table – Kitchen Quickie (L)

Kitchen Quicky Occasionally, Drew has work-related meetings in the evening. It makes for a long day for him. Usually I take Katie out for dinner (and Drew’s kids, if it’s during their time with us), since he usually eats at these meetings, as was the case recently. After dinner, Katie was in a mood to […]

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Working Late (L)

I had to work late one evening so my wife asked if she could come help. She suggested that with her help I might get done faster. Of course I agreed to this! I love being with my wife. This would give us the chance to spend time together but also get my work done. […]

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Make Me Cum

I’d been quite busy that night working on getting HornyGG’s novel ready. I was quite worked up to have sex by the time I’d finished! (Hey, that’s what happens when you spend your night editing marriage erotica!) Josh and I start getting ready for bed, but I’m not tired at all. I watch as he […]

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Night-time Quickies

This is my first every Marriage Heat story. Hope you all enjoy! My wife and I have been married for almost one year.  Very soon after being married, we discovered our love for night-time quickies.  Nothing is better than going for a romp under the covers after a long day apart (we are both in […]

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My Shot of Espresso

The dawn of a brand new day was breaking forth.  Glimmers of light shone through our bedroom windows and into my dreary eyes as I reluctantly shut off the alarm clock. I stretched out my back and my entire body desperately wanted a precious few more minutes in bed next to my wife.  I wasn’t […]

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Just A Quickie

I am lying in the tub after a long day and my mind wanders to a time when my husband and I were still dating and how we once made out on the balcony in a skyscraper in Chicago. With all the lights from the city shining into the balcony on that Chicago night it […]

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morning quickie

Morning Quickie -Hot in the Closet

Morning Quickie – A couple of days ago I was craving my wife’s body but could tell that time was not on my side for full blown sex. We were in the bathroom getting ready and enjoying each other’s company. She was only wearing a pair of panties while she moved into the closet to get […]

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short skirt

Short Skirt -Working Closely

Short Skirt – Running a restaurant is not the sexiest job in the world; at least it wasn’t until last night. It was late and there were a few customers lingering. One ordered ice cream, so I went into the freezer in the back. My husband was there, cleaning up, and I knew he was […]

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