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Business Trip – wrong room role play.

Another day on the road, we were in another Hotel. They didn’t have a room with a King or Queen bed so we had two separate rooms, although they were right next to each other. She came storming into my room, taking off the peignoir as she came in and slamming the door closed. The […]

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Naughty Boy and the Boss

My husband and I were enjoying a nice dinner with our friends. I was wearing a simple dress that only went down to about mid thigh. Every time I would look over at him I noticed I started to feel aroused. The way he smiled and squeezed my knee did not help me much either. […]

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We were on a business trip and checked into a nice Hotel. As we entered the room I dropped our bags to the floor. It was definitely one of the nicest rooms in the hotel. A nice sized suite with a balcony overlooking the strip from 33 floors above. I looked around at the amenities, […]

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I’ll Take the Job

It all started with a text to my wife. The text told her I left something special in her car outside of her workplace. She would be able to see it after work. She knows I love to leave her sexual surprises. The excitement and wonder left her pretty wet. She knew it would be […]

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Role playing Sex -Sleepy Sunday

Role playing Sex -Sleepy Sunday Sleepy sunny Sunday. I am sitting on a fence. My dress is tight. A few cars passed by. I know drivers were picking between my legs hoping for exactly what wasn’t there. Too hot for panties. Too hot for bra. Just my dress and me. Blue van pulled over. I […]

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The Erotic Photographer (L)

With my camera equipment over my shoulder, I stood outside the front door after ringing her doorbell. The door opened, and I was greeted with her dazzling smile. “You’re right on time,” she grinned inviting me in. My eyes devoured her exquisite beauty. She was wearing a low cut top with no bra that showed […]

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Allie and Andrew: The Audition

It had been a couple of weeks since Allie had tied her husband up and teased him with her riding crop. She had been nervous about his reaction and her view of herself. Thankfully the experience had revived the spark in their relationship and their mutual trust had never been stronger. Not to mention they […]

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Hot for Teacher (L)

The professor was lecturing to her class and totally oblivious to him sitting in the back of the room.  She was so smart, he thought to himself.  She was confident, poised, and energetic.  A woman with passion–he loved that.  He wondered what the male students in the class thought of her.  Did they fantasize about […]

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Cheer-leading Fantasy

As we were preparing for our 10th reunion, I was getting out some of my old stuff.  I had been on a diet recently and was so excited to find out I still fit in my cheerleader outfit!  I planned to surprise my husband when he got home, so I sent the kids to mom, […]

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