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One Hot and Steamy Night

One Hot and Steamy Night It was Friday evening and it had been several weeks since the last time we had made love. The children were away for the evening, we began preparing dinner in the kitchen but there was more heating between us going on. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. You looked […]

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Welcome Home 2 (L)

Welcome Home 2: Breakfast in Bed This is the continuation of our original Welcome Home story. We suggest reading the other story first as there’s more backstory on the characters, as well as plenty of hot sex. This one is pretty much just good old fashioned fucking. Ok, maybe not exactly “old fashioned.” We hope […]

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Ben and GG: Heated Passion, Devoted Love!

The early morning sun shown brightly through the curtain of the large bay window in our bedroom.  I lay on my side, my husband Ben lay behind me his massive hard on pressing against my gown covered ass. I moan softly as I feel his warm breath on my neck as he softly kissed me, […]

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I Am Glad I am Married – Nude All Day (L)

Nude All Day I am glad I am married. I am glad my husband allows me to explore my sexuality. I think about sex a lot. If I was not a Christian, I might be lost into some pretty worldly and destructive actions. Marriage Heat is great. I love reading the stories and getting ideas […]

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Spring Break Lessons on Marriage

My name is A and I am a sophomore at a State University. I am proud to say that I am a good girl with a clear commitment to my convictions. Life has allowed me to learn from the mistakes of people that I care about and that has really molded my views on the […]

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Unbreakable Love (L)

My husband, J and I have been married for one year and 4 months. We serve our Father in heaven and enjoy the beautiful gifts he has given to us. We just came upon this site recently, and it has really spiced up our sex life. J and I have an understanding that if things […]

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Night Fantasy and a Fantastic Night

I pulled a late shift at the hospital. It was busy to the last hour and a half when it got very quiet. In the quiet of the night, my thoughts drifted to Todd and my mind drifted to getting home and engaging in some really hot sex as I licked my lips. All kinds […]

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Are you a loud cummer?

Hi MH fans, I really enjoy reading the stories on MH. They really get my pussy wet and horny. And, of course, I can’t help but play with myself while I’m reading and having a wonderful orgasm or two or three or….;-)  This leads me to my curious question: I’ll just come right out and […]

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Quick Sex Session

Tonight I am so not in the mood. I am lying here really feeling like a bad wife, I mean, I should provide him what he wants. That is what marriage is about. We give, and we take. There have been nights when I am really in the mood, but tonight is not one of […]

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat (Part 1)

Lather, Rinse, Repeat My wife works overseas and every three months one of us travels to be together. This December it was my turn to travel. We spent a leisurely week at her apartment doing all the normal things that we used to take for granted before she started working so far away. Now those […]

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First Time Reading Marriage Heat

My husband and I share most of the same important values, but come from fairly different backgrounds. He was raised as a Baptist pastor’s kid, while I grew up with a mom who was almost a hippy, and I am a dance teacher! By the time he courted and married me seven years ago, he […]

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Welcome Home (L)

The following is based on a true story, dirty talk and all. – Trent and Amy “Ding!” The microwave chimed that it was finished and Katie quickly removed the hot coconut oil in the condiment bottle from inside, bobbling it back and forth in her hands so as not to burn herself. Rich would be […]

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