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Absence Makes The Body Grow Fonder

John and I have been together for nearly 15 years and married for 10. We met online and from the start our chemistry was quite apparent, even from so far away. Years passed and after endless flights back and forth, we realized that we wanted to be together. He asked me to marry him on […]

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HOT IN TEXAS : Day Two (L)

It was almost 9am when I awakened from a peaceful nights sleep, still nude. The sun shown brightly through the curtains of that hotel room. I was all alone as Ben had already left for work. I slipped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. As I headed back to bed, I stopped and […]

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Walmart Parking Lot Oral

Hey there ladies! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted but I’ve got to share my most recent story. On Friday, my sisters and I decided to have a girls day out and go shopping. My guy was off at work and I was wanting to have sex with him really bad. While my […]

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I love kids. I really do. I just finished a stint as our church’s children’s music leader and loved every minute. They have so much energy. I love hearing them sing and getting to act silly with them to keep them engaged. It really does keep you young – though being only still in my […]

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Preview: A Taste of Heaven

( Hey, ya’ll!  GG here and yes I’m horny! Thought I would share a smidgen of what I hope will be my next Novella. It is called  ”A Taste of Heaven”  It is a fictional story, written in the usual GG way! I hope you like it!)  CHAPTER ONE Craig pulled into the parking spot […]

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Apple Pie

Flashback to this past Thanksgiving…. It was the night before Thanksgiving, and I had pies to bake. As usual the girls wanted to help, which meant we made two of the 6 pies we needed before their bedtime. Kids in bed, I was almost finished, I had the last two in the oven and was […]

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Does The Female Orgasm Serve A Purpose?

The myth that the female orgasm serves no reproductive or biological purpose may have been debunked. Until now, the female orgasm was seen as something developed from an evolutionary process. Women have orgasm to create attachments and to be a motivator for women to have sex and reproduce. This is of course true. But now, […]

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The Ride

Watch for the head bob, I said to myself, watch for the head bob. Even wearing sunglasses, I had to shield my eyes looking east into the bright morning sun backdropped by the cloudless blue sky.  I stepped closer to the asphalt so I could see around the other people doing the same thing. We […]

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Climaxing Trouble

Okay ya’ll as a woman, I’m having trouble reaching my climax while my man and I are being intimate. Every now and then my man will give hints about how much he’d love me so much more if I can climax during our love making. The thing is, I feel like I’m letting him down […]

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First Big Fight – and big make up

It was valentines day and my wife had a meeting at work. She told me she would be home around 9:30ish. When I got to work I got asked to work late and help with a client. Knowing I would still beat my darling home I agreed, and didn’t text her as I would be […]

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The Dance

I have been seeing another woman and my wife doesn’t know. Got your attention didn’t I? Actually, it is not that salacious. I am seeing this “other” woman because of a major character flaw on my part: I can’t dance. My wife, Trish, has danced all her life. She was a dancer in high school […]

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