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Lately, I have  had a hard time being able to stay horny; I have always been a very reactive  sexual person! Serving and showing my love has always been one of joy  and very pleasurable. It seems though that my hormones and need for sex has started to drop off and not been as back to […]

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Hot sex with my wife

I love making love to my loving wife. I can remember one night in particular. It was late, we put the kids to bed and got ready for bed ourselves. As we climbed into bed, I noticed the single light above the sink in the kitchen was left on. We debated about who should go […]

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Mutual Show…

“I’m gonna take a shower,” she told me as I lay stretched on the bed. An invitation? I was hoping… I could certainly use a little interlude, a shower quickie would certainly do! “But, please don’t shower ambush me tonight- I have to…” I was acutely disappointed at losing my chance of enjoying her; I […]

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Turn-on (L)

Wow, I love looking at my wife…. The woman turns me on so much. There isn’t a time of day or occasion when I am not looking at her, admiring her pretty face, silky hair, and her curvy, sexy body. I constantly want her, and I’ve told her. She’s well aware of how much she turns […]

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Making Love To The Soul

It was a full moon, and we tied the knot right under the sparkling moonlight. Afterwards, we retired to the room devoted to the newly married, intentionally dimly lit, flowered. And the purposeful dark coloured bed sheets made my already pink cheeks from the artificial blush turn a darker shade, a natural one this time. […]

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Sex Tease at the Party…

My handsome hubby and I went to his friend’s marriage ceremony. It was a dinner party, so we were at our best. My hubby wore a formal black dinner jacket. I wore something sexy for the night. I wore a black body hugging short dress. It was showing my cleavage nicely, so underneath I wore […]

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My Beautiful Wife

Yesterday was a good day. It was Friday, and I was glad because it had been a challenging week at work. Earlier in the week I invited my wife and kids to join me for lunch on Friday. All week it had been an encouragement to know we were getting together. As I came to […]

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Postpartum Sex Blues: Help!

I was horny as it gets while pregnant, just read my “pregnancy brain” story. Now I’m officially a mom, and my sex drive, well, it’s not. My husband, bless him, is basically dying of blue balls, and I have zero sympathy that I can muster. If he gets hard, and he does (objectively it’s a […]

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Sleeping Naked – A Survey

At some point fairly early in our marriage, my wife and I ditched the PJ’s when it came time for bed.  I’m not really sure when or what prompted it.  We’ve been doing it for so long now I can’t remember!  But we began sleeping naked and we continue to do so.  It’s gotten to […]

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One Hot and Steamy Night

One Hot and Steamy Night It was Friday evening and it had been several weeks since the last time we had made love. The children were away for the evening, we began preparing dinner in the kitchen but there was more heating between us going on. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. You looked […]

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Welcome Home 2 (L)

Welcome Home 2: Breakfast in Bed This is the continuation of our original Welcome Home story. We suggest reading the other story first as there’s more backstory on the characters, as well as plenty of hot sex. This one is pretty much just good old fashioned fucking. Ok, maybe not exactly “old fashioned.” We hope […]

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