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Toecurlin’ Fun

I’m new to this site but have to say I love reading all the hot stories, the hot pregnant stories take me back. My wife and I are in our late 40’s now but when we were in our mid 20’s, and she was pregnant with our first child we had sex almost daily. Sometimes […]

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Modern Day Song of Songs (L)

Come away with me, my lover; your cherished garden is lush and heavy with fruit. I need you to need me; to desire my body.  Lay me on our marriage bed; my legs spread open with my wetness glistening.  Lap up my nakedness with your lust filled eyes.  Make every part of me as your […]

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What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

  Just thought this might be a really interesting and fun topic. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done with your spouse?  Or even by yourself i.e. masturbating. Ever pick up your husband from work totally naked? Ever strip naked in the car and start masturbating while your hubby was driving? Ever have sex in […]

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My First Time

  We were both anxious since we knew that after everything was over we would be making love to each other for the first time. Our wedding was perfect; it was like a fairytale come true. The night had fallen, and our limo took us to the hotel that we were staying at. We checked […]

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Booty Hump

Finally in bed after a late evening. It was a busy week, and there had been little time. I cuddle into her silky curved body; she wiggles back into me, I feel her butt brushing my crotch.  I have been watching her all evening, as she moved around the house, her hips and ass wiggled as […]

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Hit the Lights..

She’s going out of town… And I definitely need her before she leaves for a few days. Those nights will be long and most likely dull, and I most definitely want to enjoy her while I can. I’m craving her silken pussy, almost obsessing with it. I’m hard, almost uncomfortably hard and I just can’t […]

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Lately, I have  had a hard time being able to stay horny; I have always been a very reactive  sexual person! Serving and showing my love has always been one of joy  and very pleasurable. It seems though that my hormones and need for sex has started to drop off and not been as back to […]

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Hot sex with my wife

I love making love to my loving wife. I can remember one night in particular. It was late, we put the kids to bed and got ready for bed ourselves. As we climbed into bed, I noticed the single light above the sink in the kitchen was left on. We debated about who should go […]

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Mutual Show…

“I’m gonna take a shower,” she told me as I lay stretched on the bed. An invitation? I was hoping… I could certainly use a little interlude, a shower quickie would certainly do! “But, please don’t shower ambush me tonight- I have to…” I was acutely disappointed at losing my chance of enjoying her; I […]

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Turn-on (L)

Wow, I love looking at my wife…. The woman turns me on so much. There isn’t a time of day or occasion when I am not looking at her, admiring her pretty face, silky hair, and her curvy, sexy body. I constantly want her, and I’ve told her. She’s well aware of how much she turns […]

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Making Love To The Soul

It was a full moon, and we tied the knot right under the sparkling moonlight. Afterwards, we retired to the room devoted to the newly married, intentionally dimly lit, flowered. And the purposeful dark coloured bed sheets made my already pink cheeks from the artificial blush turn a darker shade, a natural one this time. […]

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