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Stories that set a romantic mood. Song 1:10; Song 2:12 Song 4:7; Song 4:9 Song 5:10: Song 7:1

Just to Rekindle love

This time it was pure love, pure sensual hardcore sex. We both were feeling so dull after marriage. Though we had sex regularly, we missed sometimes. We travelled some places, visited friends, watched movie together, enjoyed chocolate nights. But after marriage, something misses. That’s when you have to bring the variety in your plays, and […]

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Yummy Dinner

Summer was a busy time for us. I spent my time catching up for med school in the fall, while Ryan worked nearly everyday. Rarely seeing each other sex was at an all time low. Ryan was too busy to care and was too tired to do anything about it when he returned home. I […]

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Ordinary Night – Great Marriage Sex

I love ordinary nights at home. My husband and I have three children, all of whom are involved in various activities, we both work full time demanding jobs, and he finds time to farm on the side. Nights at home are few and far between. On this particular evening, my husband got up from the […]

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My Birthday Surprise (L) (Part 4)

  My amazing wife looked right into my eyes and demanded simply, “Come eat me now!”  Without hesitation, I dove between her legs, lapping up the juices she had spilled as she fingered and fucked herself to multiple orgasms.  It tasted so sweet.  She grabbed my head and pushed me into her, begging me not […]

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Teaching kids about sex

Katie Brown’s recent post has me thinking about how we as parents can raise our kids with a healthy understanding of sexuality. My son is in early elementary school.  Several times over the last couple years I’ve observed him laying on his stomach pulsing his hips ever so slightly.  My husband has told me that […]

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Morning Walk In (L)

It was a warm sunny Saturday morning. Jessica and I were visiting her parents for the weekend along with our 3 wonderful kids. I love her parents and I know they like me. We have gotten really close over the years. Jessica and I woke up early. “I love you, good morning, baby” I said […]

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Life After The Honeymoon (L)

My wife and I recently got married and had our beautiful honeymoon in India. We were so happy traveling and knowing each other’s happiness intrinsically by being together and physically by awesome sex. When we came back home our bags were filled with souvenirs for families and friends. The first few days we rested and […]

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Wonderful Sex Because of this Site

We’ve been married forty years this year. Our sex life has always been interesting and active, but has been a little less active as of late. I was browsing the web looking for a bit of inspiration when I came upon this Christian website. I read some of the stories with great interest and delight. […]

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Romantic Night (L)

Sex with my wife has always been great. I love to touch my wife everywhere. I love her body; she has long brown hair and beautiful eyes.  I love the look of her breasts and the fact she has breastfeed 3 kids within 4 years. She has sexy legs. Her ass… almost every time I […]

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