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Handling the Repair

It was Saturday morning and my wife Trish asked me once again to please see if I could check her car. She said something had gotten caught under it when she drove and I needed to check it out. I said, “Sure, honey, let me see what I can do,” as I headed to our […]

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Pregnant Sex is Awesome!

Matthew and I always have had a really good sex life. We would have sex up to 5 times each week. When I became pregnant with our first child, Matthew became increasingly horny. So did I. One night, I was standing at the kitchen counter, making myself a bowl of oatmeal. Matthew came over and […]

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Anniversary Memories

Here we are celebrating 33 years of God-centered marriage!  We didn’t necessarily have the money or inclincation to spend a lot of money but yet over the years we have found ways to celebrate our relationship and do things that keep it fresh.  This year I challenged my wife to remember some of our great […]

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Morning Delight

It was the middle of summer and my husband and I had just celebrated our 5th anniversary together. My daughter, Reagan who was 5 was at a day camp and my baby son Ryder was spending the night at my sister’s house. Dominic and I had kept up with the kids and our sex life […]

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Sexy wake up

Time To Get Up!!!

My dear husband had just come home from a long business trip. He told me the flight was crowded and the road home was stop and go and he was exhausted physically and mentally. He put his suitcases down and approached me and wrapped me in his arms pulling me so close. He pressed his […]

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hot latina wife

Hot Latina Wife

I missed my  big blue eyed husband, and couldn’t wait till he came back from his business trip. Being a hot Latina wife for him, my body yearned for his big hands to be all over me, his mouth on my goodies and his manhood where ever he pleased. I got a call that he […]

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hot Christmas Party

Hot Christmas Party Surprise (L)

After the surprise I pulled on Drew at his work’s hot Christmas party last year I knew I needed to up the ante this year. Last year’s surprise was pretty good; I wanted this year to be better. I started looking for just the right dress early this fall. Last year, I wore something sexy […]

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Hot welcome home

I had just come home from my business trip and my wife greeted me at the door with a very warm hug. Oh honey i am soo glad you are home, I missed you sooo much. I told Amy i missed her too but it was a long trip and i need to unwind a […]

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Benefit of Mr. Grey (L)

Like most couples we all have our own bedtime routines, ours was usually sort the children then arrange all the stuff for the next day before trying to enjoy some time together before the stress of the oncoming day. Of late my wife had taken to reading e books on her ipad whilst I chilled […]

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Halftime Entertainment – Sexy Halftime

Halftime Entertainment – Sexy Halftime Southeastern college football is a big deal around our house, so our fall Saturdays are always full with us going to games or watching with family and friends. This particular Saturday, however, our favorite teams were off and the kids were away, so my wife and I went out for a […]

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sexy breakfast

Sexy Breakfast

Sexy Breakfast We believe sex can be romantic, playful, joyful anything we want as long as it’s just us and neither one is pressured to do what they don’t want. Love does not seek its own way. It was a Sunday morning and I awoke early, the kids were still in bed and I was […]

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