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Benefit of Mr. Grey (L)

Like most couples we all have our own bedtime routines, ours was usually sort the children then arrange all the stuff for the next day before trying to enjoy some time together before the stress of the oncoming day. Of late my wife had taken to reading e books on her ipad whilst I chilled […]

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Halftime Entertainment – Sexy Halftime

Halftime Entertainment – Sexy Halftime Southeastern college football is a big deal around our house, so our fall Saturdays are always full with us going to games or watching with family and friends. This particular Saturday, however, our favorite teams were off and the kids were away, so my wife and I went out for a […]

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sexy breakfast

Sexy Breakfast

Sexy Breakfast We believe sex can be romantic, playful, joyful anything we want as long as it’s just us and neither one is pressured to do what they don’t want. Love does not seek its own way. It was a Sunday morning and I awoke early, the kids were still in bed and I was […]

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Best Friends Made Love

Best Friends Made Love I once had the most complicated marriage in the world. My husband and I were married for 3 years and had  never shared the same bed. I had married my best friend because I had needed a financially strong father for my son. One night we got stuck in a rainstorm […]

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winter sex

First Snowfall

“My, the first snowfall of the year is peaceful,” I was thinking to myself that afternoon. That thought crossed my mind as I watched the first snow of the year fall gently on top of me. On my back, in my driveway, as I was trying to shovel away the first snowfall of the year. […]

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The Sweet Wife in a Hot Marriage (L)

Hot marriage – As I cooked my husband’s favorite dinner I thought of the surprise he would receive later that night. It was already dark out and the kids were in bed. My husband was working late and I wanted to show him my appreciation after a rough patch we had been going through. Being […]

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shower fun

I’m a offshore driller so I get pretty dirty. Jess got pregnant at a early age so I got a job to provide that pays very well. But anyways I came home one day to silence,I put my keys on the table and said “baby I’m home” “in our bedroom sweetheart,can you come here please.”my […]

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The bubble bath

I knew immediately as I read Maggie’s text what kind of day it had been: “Bubbles.” For my wife, Maggie, there are few things that relieve a stressful day more than a bubble bath. And it was obvious from the one-word text, one was going to be needed this night. The bathtub filled with bubbles […]

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Breakfast in Bed

During our first week in Sweden, the day after our Sabbath worship, I was relaxing in bed watching television and it was early in the morning. My granddaughter was awake too, so she hopped into bed with me. We cuddled up as we watched tv, and smelled something delicious. “Anyone for breakfast?” Said my husband […]

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My Princess GG! Part 2

We got out of bed and dressed just as Randy’s bus pulled up out front.  “Told you we had plenty of time baby!” I said with a laugh. She looked at me, smiled and shook her head. I walked into the kitchen to check on the steaks thawing in the sink. I then walked out […]

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