Cumming in Canada

My husband and I went to Canada in 1984, when we were still newlyweds. Our friend recommended this lovely little hotel lodge in Alberta and she was going to meet us there. It was snowing, and everything the covered with snow it was just beautiful! It was a fun week. We landed at Edmonton International […]

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With No Leg To Stand On

Every marriage is unique. I think the dynamics of my marriage will be somewhat different to yours. My disability tends to influence every aspect of my life with my husband; not least our sexual moments. I suppose that might go without saying, but look, I’ve said it now, in case there was any doubt. And […]

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Meeting with Professor Part 2

This is a role play between husband and wife. For context be sure to read part one. “Denise, you are a lovely young woman. You are also my student and you know we can talk about anything in a human sexuality class, but…” “But Professor that is why I am here. In the reading, you […]

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Blowjob coupons

It was just a novelty store gag gift (no pun intended). A blowjob coupon book. Before my best friend’s anniversary, I bought her one to surprise her husband with. She had previously confided in me that she would go down on her husband as a appetizer for intercourse, but very rarely as the main course, […]

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Blessed Bliss

We love all gifts and blessings that God gives us but we have to admit, sex is our favorite God-given gift for married couples. We came back home one night after a formal party, and our little girl was exhausted, so we put her straight to bed. As we freshened, we listened to our favorite […]

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How I’m Going To Seduce My Future Wife

Hello Marriage Heat, my name is Michael. I’m 27, Christian and not yet married. I’m a longtime reader of MarriageHeat and I think this website plays an excellent role in creating fulfilling, healthy marriages. Being the inventive, imaginative sort, I have something to contribute. A few months ago, I wrote a comment answering a writing […]

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Meeting with Professor

Denise played basketball in high school and could always whip me on the court. While she hasn’t played on a team in over 35 years, we do occasionally shoot hoops with the boys and I am always glad to have her on my team. Recently for Valentine’s Day, I surprised her with a skimpy Lakers […]

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Mature Masturbation Delight

After an amazing day of walking the beach near our cottage in the small Pacific Northwest town, we enjoyed a leisurely, light dinner with our favorite wine. My amazingly beautiful and sophisticated wife of 67 has long, slim legs, small perky breasts, a trim waist, and a perfectly shaped stomach that curves just ‘right’ from her […]

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Fantasizing About Her!

I love my wife immensely and unconditionally.  Everything about her is sexy, and although our schedules sometimes conflict, I never tire of fantasizing about the next time I’ll be with her, and the wonderfully erotic, sexy, and intimate experiences that await us both. This is my first-ever “story” post, so I hope you all enjoy it. […]

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The Beach

My wife and I enjoy going to a very private beach where we get totally naked and enjoy some cheese and wine.  We usually take at least one vibrator along and then we masturbate together or just have a good fuck-session in the sun.   Here is a “letter” I wrote my wife to invite her […]

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Hands-off Ecstacy

My wife, Anne, of 45 plus years had left for a girl’s weekend retreat leaving me and our hound dog to work, relax, and enjoy the weekend at our own pace. After wrapping up some office paperwork, I picked up my iPad to peruse a favorite Christian marriage sexual intimacy website. Earlier in the week, […]

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Long Distance Masturbator

Hi y’all! I’m Taylor, and I am newly registered, but a long time reader of Marriage Heat I love getting on here and reading everyone’s amazing sex positive marriage (or single masturbation stories)! A bit about me, I am 31, married 5 years to a wonderful husband, mother of one and pregnant with #2. My […]

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Spontaneous Valentine Delights in a Candy Box

My wife and I just recently enjoyed a rather spontaneous, but very hot and sexy Valentine’s Day evening that I couldn’t resist sharing the adventure. We both had tried throughout the day to spark a special idea for this special day, but no light bulbs were coming on in the planning department. When late evening […]

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