Soaking in the Sun

Our trip to the Dominican Republic had already been filled with so much fun, new adventures, and memories, but we had one more day to enjoy paradise. On our last full day of vacation, we decided to take it easy and spend as much time relaxing in the sun on the beach. In the morning, […]

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Beach play

My wife and I recently took a Caribbean trip over the Christmas holiday and we found many ways to enjoy ourselves! On the third day of our trip, we decided to take a five-minute boat ride across the water to a private island owned by the resort. We heard that it was much quieter so […]

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Riding the Bull

Our first day in the Dominican Republic was so hot and sexy, that it would be hard to top, but that wouldn’t stop us from trying.  After the night before, we slept in and got a late start to the day. We headed down to the beach around noon and stopped by the bar for […]

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More Land Sex

Wow, we just had six amazing nights of hot sex! And this was about to be out 7th consecutive night. He was as ready as I was, though he wanted that special massage that I’m so good at (his words) first. I was more than happy to fulfill his request. We gently unclothed each other […]

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On-screen fun, part 1

I wrote my first MH story just a couple of weeks ago and shared it with Mr. Spurgeon. It was nerve-wracking but also very freeing, and it gave us some great memories to reminisce about (that eventually led to making some new ones…). I asked Mr. S if he would write something. It took a […]

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Life After ED

When I published “ED Comes To Visit Again” last year I did not think I would post again. However, I have enjoyed reading so many other happy couples sharing their experiences on the site, with Lucy’s blessing I decided to write a follow-up. You never really defeat the demon that is ED, you just learn […]

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Masturbation Poll – Spouses

Just a quick poll.  Vote by your comments.  I have a feeling the numbers will be high! How many wives get aroused or enjoy watching your husband masturbate to completion? How many husbands get aroused or enjoy watching your wife masturbate to completion? If you do enjoy, have you ever asked your spouse to do […]

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Back On Land

Those three nights in Finland (and the two before on the cruise) were ORGASMIC to say the least. We had just docked in Stockholm now, and walked back to our hotel with our arms around each other. We were looking forward to having some hot, passionate land sex again. Night came quickly, and so my […]

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Mother’s Day Tribute to my wife

To the Mother of my children   Happy Mother’s Day!   You are the one I chose To spend my life with and to raise my children; I chose you because for of your body that makes you sexy For your smile that makes you pretty But most of all For your personality that makes […]

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Love Me Harder

After the birth of my third child, my doctor gave me the O.K. to have sex again. Thank goodness I didn’t tear which is surprising because of how big he was. “He’s precious; we did great, Jessa,” Jake whispers into my ear as we look at our newborn sleep peacefully. “Yes, we did. He’s so […]

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Honey-Do-List: Part 3

Part 3!! – the finale of Honey-do-list I woke up shivering. I felt goosebumps along my naked legs. My hair was wet and stuck to the side of my face. I coughed and turned over in a daze. I slowly regained my memory and orientation. I was in my hotel room still. I had fallen […]

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Arrival and Update

  Theodore Lowell Luis Decker arrived on March 25th at 2:34 am. He weighed 9lbs 13ounces at birth and was 23 inches in length. He was perfectly healthy when he arrived and thanks to my doctor, who gave me the OK, he was brought here early! I just couldn’t wait to meet him! I’ll be posting more […]

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We’ve Still Got It!

We still have a healthy, regular, hot and erotic sex life, and praise God that we’re still able to do so, among certain other things, despite our age. God is great! One day, in particular, still a wonderful ordinary day. My husband was working, our granddaughter was at school. Once I took her, I started with […]

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Hard to wait…

I decided a long time ago to wait until I got married before I would have sex. It’s turning out that that is easier said than done. I’m 18 and I just started dating. I just got my first boyfriend, he is 21 and not a virgin. I just had my first kiss, it was […]

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How often do you and your spouse get it on?

I’m curious how my relationship with my wife compares to yours. I met my wife online, on a dating site, while we were both in different countries. With respect to her, I’m only sharing the intimacy aspect of our relationship. We are both young and healthy, I’m in my 30’s and she’s in her 20’s […]

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