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“Baby, I want your huge cock pounding my tight little pussy right now,” she moaned over the phone. “Don’t you worry I’ll fill you up so good babe, oh angel, are you hearing this?” I’m thrusting into my hand so hard, my thick cock sliding in and out of my hand closed around it as […]

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Desires of the Flesh

When it comes to the desires of the flesh, no one has more desire for my wife’s flesh than I. Last night was one that I had looked forward to for a week and one that she wouldn’t soon forget. Her work took her away from me on occasion, sometimes for a day or two […]

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Short but sweet!

Getting home from work on this particular night I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary. I didn’t tell my wife when I’d be home, and I had half expected to be working late. I set my shoulder bag on the kitchen table and head towards the bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. As […]

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Sunday Morning Big Shot

It was a Sunday morning.  The kids were awake, downstairs watching tv, eating breakfast, and most importantly being quiet and cooperative with one another! We felt free to take our time waking up and my husband reached out and began to caress my naked body.  All over my back, arms and butt, those first morning […]

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The Day After

Part 1 – My First Night The next morning I woke up a bit tired but with a smile on a face and my sexy 22-year-old hot wife naked next to me with her bare ass staring at my face. The look of her body made my cock become as hard as a rock and I […]

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Fun in the Tent

My wife and I were doing some tent camping. We had gone to bed and I thought she had fallen asleep. About an hour later I woke up to find her laying there awake.  I thought she was tired. I ran my hand over her boob to see what she was up to and found […]

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Adult Spring Break: Punta Cana

Last month as part of our anniversary and birthday milestones, my wife and I decided to spend a few days at an all inclusive adult-only resort in Punta Cana. It was our first trip outside of the US and it was one for the books. I documented the progression of this mild mannered, home-body mom of […]

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A Talk With God

Hello MH community. This is Trucker 53 doing his best to post like a pro.   My first go was really short and to the point. I hope it had at least one reader even if it was me.  I’m hoping this go will be quite a bit better otherwise I’ll have to borrow my […]

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Battery-Operated Boyfriend

My wife and I both have a fairly high sex drive but my work schedule doesn’t always cooperate and though spontaneity (as they say) is the spice of life, if you’re not together at the time there are other solutions to sudden sexual impulses…hence the “boyfriend.” I was barely out of my teens when we […]

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sexy Newlyweds

Mr And Mrs Bond Step Back In Time

One of my sisters was celebrating her 10th anniversary in New York with her husband in 1995. This was a themed party where people could wear outfits from the 20s to the 90s. I wore a white 20’s style flapper dress with a hairband and my husband, likewise dressed formally and looked very handsome. Yes, […]

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Adult Spring Break : Vegas

Prior to the birth of our first child (9 yrs ago),  Wife and I decided to go on our final childless couple adventure. We took a rather large but surprisingly empty plane for the non-stop 4 hr cross country flight.  As we hit cruising altitude I leaned my back against the window and settled in. We […]

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Love In A Peterbilt

Hi MH family. I’m relatively new to technology, much less so to posting so bare with me, please. I’m a trucker and spend a week at a time on the road. I was slated to leave out on a Sunday, so my wife drove me to the yard so I could get ready to leave […]

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blow jobs

My First Night

It was a tedious day we had after all of the wedding customs. Finally while driving back home we were discussing about how tired we were and looking forward for a nice night of sleep as a married couple. Once we reached the hotel, which was an elegant king size suite, I laid down on […]

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