The Shower Guy

My marriage of 42 years has been sexless for the past five or six years; even though I have a Godly wife, she is postmenopausal and has lost all interest in sex.  And even though we are both born again Christians, she doesn’t realize the truth of 1Corinthians 7:1-5 and it’s effects upon me.  But, praise […]

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Lust: A New Perspective

There was a post recently titled “Understanding Lust” that sparked quite a discussion. After reading the post and comments I took a closer look at the issue of lust. I started to write it as a comment, but it got too long so I am putting it in a new post. I am open to […]

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Mr and Mrs Bond At The Wedding

We have lots of wedding stories, and this is one of them. In 1991, one of my husband’s best friends had gotten married. The wedding took place in our town of Astoria and it had a reception at our local banquet hall. Of course, there was a lot of dancing and after my husband said […]

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Pushing Buttons

Since being married my husband and I have always shared chores around the house, and especially since we were renting , it had to be up to par with the inspections. Well, just recently my beloved bought himself a new video game. I never was one to get into these games but he loved it. […]

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I Had To Learn to Forgive

I’m sharing this because I hope someone will be blessed by this.  And, I hope it passes the MH guidelines. I was 17 and I just got off the school bus. Usually I drove, but my car was at the shop.  I usually gave a lift to my friend Tom since he lived around the […]

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Advice needed

Hello everyone I love this website I have been sharing some of the stories with my wife. She has always been against sex stories, but I think she is starting to enjoy reading some of the stories and getting turned on by them. We have been married for 6 years and I’m not happy about […]

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Single Masterbation Question

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, I have been single for a long time and there hasn’t been anyone until very recently who I would have a romantic interest in. I have been masturbating while thinking of fantasies of my future wife (the whole time not having someone physical in mind just what I painted as what […]

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Surprise dance

  I had had three calls already today from Steve, trouble at work, he was highly stressed and nothing was going right it seemed. Try not let it get to you babe, I will pray your day improves. I continued on doing some housework and sat down in the afternoon for a coffee break. While […]

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This is my first time ever writing something like this. Hope you enjoy and hopefully, I can get more practice and improve in the future! …………………… I am a pilot and so I am away from home at least a few days a week. My husband and I have to get creative sometimes to maintain […]

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Mourning Becomes Joy

David parked the car and started walking to the honeymoon suite. He wondered about his bride, waiting for his return. Nervous, apprehensive about the next few hours? Eager? On his first wedding night, he had no sooner closed the door when his topless bride grabbed him, pulled him over to the bed and unzipped his […]

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I was in the office the other day when I got an SMS from my wife. “Honey, how’s the office? What’s going on?” she had asked. “Nothing special sweetheart,” I replied her. “Just checking out a client’s file.” “Will you be home early?” “Sure. Before 5 pm, I’ll be home. There isn’t much for me […]

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Sex Game Suggestion

Here’s a fun sex game to try with your spouse. When I asked my wife about playing this with me, I referred to the game as MLB or Married Life Baseball (sports fans will realize this is a spinoff of professional baseball which is the MLB standing for Major League Baseball). The idea of the […]

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