Love of Masturbation – Part 1

What can we say other than, as a married couple, we now love to masturbate. No one is probably shocked at that admission from a husband. But some would probably be curious how a 40 yr old wife, who had never masturbated herself to orgasm once in her life, recently managed to have so many […]

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Virgin Honeymoon Part 3 (L)

Tuesday morning. Annie and I were virgins on our wedding night and she was still too sore from her deflowering to be able to have intercourse. We had technically consummated our marriage, but that was all. And now our relationship had suddenly become a bit tense. Arriving back, hot and sweaty from our run, we […]

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Jacking and Jilling – The Joys of Mutual Masturbation

I often read the results of questionnaires about sexual desires and fantasies. One thing that I notice: The fantasy of all fantasies and the desire of all desires, for many people, is to watch their spouse masturbating. Most readers might think only the men desire this, but it surprises me how many women say they would […]

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Virgin Honeymoon: Part 2.

We were both virgins when we married and we had dreamed of spending our honeymoon making love. Doing ‘normal missionary intercourse’ whenever we felt like it. But our wedding night haste meant that now Annie was too sore to have sex. Back in our suite, we both took off our clothes. We had agreed long […]

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Fantasy in Love (Part Fact, Part Fantasy) 1 of 3 (L)

Part 1 THE MESSAGE ON HER PHONE It was a shock when she received his message. All it said was, “I’m back. See you after five. Wear nothing but a loose, short dress. No panties. No bra. No shoes. I want you. I want every inch of you.” If she had known that her dress was […]

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Virgin Honeymoon: How we got it wrong, Part 1.

This is a story about virgins on their honeymoon. It is what actually happened because, on our wedding night, we were tired and too focused on what we believed we should be doing. When we married we were both very naïve, innocent, and inexperienced. We seemed to think that sex was something that would just […]

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Anniversary Fun Part 1: My Black Dress

  My name is Susan. My husband is John. This is a three-part account of a time we had so much fun on a romantic “wedding anniversary holiday” in Europe. It was a time of liberation for me, coming from a very demure and conservative background in terms of how I dress, learning to be romantically […]

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Doctor’s Appointment Taboo Pleasure

I was a virgin when I married my husband Steve. No one but him had even touched me sexually, besides a few kisses from early boyfriends. So I don’t like the thought of another man seeing my private places or touching me, even if it’s obviously not sexual. That’s why I had always felt scared […]

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Sweaty And Wet

In 1979, several months after my wedding, I attended a concert with my sister. My new husband and I were babysitting at the time, so I was initially a bit reluctant to go.  But Paul, my husband, insisted. “Go and have a good time. I’ll take care of the baby,” he said.  “You deserve a […]

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Shopping “Hard” (L)

My wife, kids and I spent the day together, finally making it home at about 9 pm. After getting everything unloaded and getting the kids to bed, we realized that we needed some stuff from the store. We didn’t want to wait until the next day and fight the Christmas Eve rush, so my wife […]

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Pickles and Ice Cream

We were going to have a baby! I thought excitedly as I gripped the hard shaft of my husband’s penis in one hand, sucking eagerly, while I still firmly clutched the positive home pregnancy test in my other hand. Just moments before, I had run out of the bathroom and tackled him on the bed […]

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New Year’s Massage and Aneros Play

My husband and I have been reading MH for a few months now and decided New Year’s Day was a really good time to join the community and share some of our encounters, too. Today’s seems like the perfect way to start. Last night, our girls and I spent the evening at a game night […]

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Wedding Night Surprises

My name is John; my wife is Susan. This is the story of how we entered into this strange new world of sex as virgins on our wedding night a long time ago… which was full of surprises. We had been dating for three years and engaged to be married for another full year. As […]

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Bathtub Quickie

Hubby had just arrived home after being on the road for several weeks. It was early in the morning and thus, our daughter was awake. Of course, that meant our lovemaking would have to wait until bedtime…..or did it?? Hubby went to take an oatmeal bath to help with his winter dry skin and I […]

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Boss Wife – fiction

{This is just a fantasy.} Do you ever have one of those days where your boss busts your chops? Yeah, me too! Now just imagine if your boss was your wife! I have been married to my beautiful wife for about 5 years. We both work at an IT firm. She is the Vice-president and […]

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Under the Bridge

It was date night.  We had some dinner and then went to see Mad Max at the movie theater. It was very late and, other than one couple several rows in front of us, we had the theater to ourselves. We sat down and reclined our seats, enjoying some popcorn and soda. The lights dimmed […]

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