Life Update – Lost and Found

[Editor’s Note: This story contains references to sexual encounters before marriage, though not in detail and not in a positive sense.  If this offends you or causes you to stumble, please don’t read it.] Hey all! It’s been around six months since I wrote last and A LOT has changed!!! If you have read my […]

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Cozy Sunday morning

Anna wakes early on a Sunday morning. The house is quiet and plenty of time remains before they must rise and get the family ready for church. She doesn’t stir, hoping to let Carl get a few more minutes of rest. But soon he stretches and smiles sleepily at her. She reaches out and lets […]

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New Posting Procedures

Contributors, As you probably noticed, we have removed access to the backstage area of MARRIAGEHEAT WordPress site. We did this to prevent personal information from being accessed by ill-intentioned individuals and to discourage their comments. But we know it presents a challenge to those of you who are used to writing and editing directly in […]

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It Gets Better When You Wait

My wife and I have been married for over 14 years. Our sex life has had its ups and downs, but it has always been fun. Lately, we have begun to learn that waiting to have sex for a few days makes us both extremely horny for action. We waited for 5 days recently and […]

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Lady Rock ‘n’ Roller

In 1985, I used to put on musical performances with a few of my girlfriends. On one song, I’d play guitar as well as sing. Afterward one such show, my husband and I were backstage. He kissed me and told me how amazing I was. He said the way I played my guitar excited him. […]

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Solo (But Together) Session

It is HARD (pun intended), for Christian married men that work away from home and away from their loving wives for long periods of time – and I am one of those! Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a complaining or negative person. On the contrary, God has blessed us with a fantastic life, a […]

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Fun in the Sun – Part I

It was our 10th anniversary and I wanted it to be special. We had booked 10 days in the Caribbean free from kids at an all-inclusive resort. In Barbados, there were a lot of great places to choose from but eventually, we settled on a spot with infinity pools in each room, and ours even […]

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Mature and Still Hot (L)

Mary Katherine and I have been married for 31 years. She is 60, and I’m 62. Our two grown daughters are independent and out of our house–leaving us all the privacy we could want. As early retirees, we have ample time to explore intimacy – and push our boundaries. MK was raised to be a […]

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How God Saved My Marriage

[Note: This story is about one couple’s journey into a God-honoring marriage. It is meant to encourage those who have struggled or are struggling with sin in their relationship, not to glorify it. If it will offend or cause you to stumble, please do not read it.] We all have baggage, right? We all have […]

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M.Aster: Soapy & Sexy, pt. 2 (L)

Part One of this story can be found here. Per your request here is part two, which will also serve as the explanation of the origin of my name. You see, a lot of this story takes place in my wife’s mind, as noted with *asterisks* . In fact, even I wasn’t aware this was […]

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Advice Needed: Mature Sex

I am wondering if there are seniors here who can help me with an issue I am experiencing. My wife and I are in our early 60s and retired. We should be enjoying life at this stage. Some of our activities are enjoyable and I’m pretty satisfied with most aspects of our life together. But […]

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Morning Shower – Fantasy

Hello there sexy MH Fam! It’s Dean here. Before i start i want to say thank you to everyone who either viewed and/or commented on my previous post titled ‘Living Nude’. If you haven’t checked it out, please do if you want to look into my positive nude lifestyle and how much i enjoy being […]

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While hurrying to complete my evening CNA job, I was greeted with the news that I had to cover the overnight shift. It was so frustrating because I was looking forward to pleasing my wife with sensual oral sex. I called with apologies, letting her know I won’t be home until morning. My understanding love thanked me for […]

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Sweet Passion

It was December of 1993 when this beautiful, special night happened. December 10th to be exact, so not at all long before Christmas. It wasn’t our best year (nothing to do with our marriage, all was well there), but everything was well now, and December was wonderful. At least God brought us through and our […]

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Wanting Him So Badly…

It was a weekday and my husband took the day off, which almost never happens. He works very hard and even goes in when he is sick. So if he took a day off, I wanted to make the best of it! The first thought that popped into my head was, I’m going to give […]

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An Arousing Memory

As she lies next to him she wonders, Do I satisfy him? Even though he’s always reassured her that he is content, she still doubts. Maybe the years creeping past make her insecure. She remembers a time when she didn’t have to worry if she satisfied her man. She was younger then and more spirited. […]

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