Feeling Like None Other

Last week my parents decided to take the kids for a small vacation just for them. Jake and I took that offer up in no time because we had to unpack since we just moved. Although we didn’t unpack right away we sure did something right away. I ordered some food because everything in our […]

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Do I Dare

My beautiful wife, Donna, and I have been married for about five years when this particular story took place.  Donna is about five-foot seven deep green eyes and a very nice figure. She does have a few extra pounds but I love it that way I never had liked a skinny woman. When we first […]

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Marriage Heat Masturbation

It was a mid-week summer morning when we woke up slowly and peacefully.  We are blessed that our Father is a provider that always takes care of all our needs.  Even though we’ve just recently come through a very tough season, He once again carried us through in a supernatural way! There was nothing serious […]

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Making Up

My husband and I have grown so far apart since our newborn. It has been five months since I gave birth to our perfect little boy. During that time, we had one made love once. We were constantly arguing and refused to agree on anything. I felt like we were growing further and further apart… […]

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In 1983, my brother, his wife, and young son were visiting us for a week. I remember one particular day my husband and I sang a Swedish children’s song while dancing with the kids. We still have that home video on tape! After this sweet occurrence, we all went to bed. As my husband and […]

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Pastoral Blow Job

My fingers ravished my wife’s pussy as her head bobbed up and down my cock until I exploded a cum shot into her mouth. She gave her pastor the best blow job I’ve ever had. Let me back up a bit. My wife and I recently took a trip to Colorado, leaving the stress of […]

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Gym heat

One night about six months ago, my wife and I were at the little 24/7 gym that we own.  We had had a very tough week between our regular jobs and having to be at the gym three nights that week, so we had not been able to spend a lot of time together. We […]

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Advice needed

MH family, I have been reading the site for almost a year and think it is wonderful how so many couples are still so in love many years after the honeymoon. I am here to ask how do you do it. We have been married 16 years, raised 5 children and now are raising two […]

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A Night For Her

It’s one in the morning and you’ve only just gotten home from work because of another late night at the office. You come through the door exhausted from your long day at the office as I call out to you, “How are you feeling, Stephanie?” You pour a glass of wine as you answer, “I’m […]

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Fun in the Tub

By OneCouple’s Better Half…….She knew he was going to be away for a long time, but never expected to be so horny on the second day already! How was she going to get through these couple of weeks without his hard penis ready 24/7? To ease the tingling she felt in her pussy she decided […]

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Dream Cream – Conclusion [to be continued?]

Cool, early evening breezes were blowing gently off the Gulf at our favorite beach cafe. On our table of two, draped with a white table cloth, sat a votive candle, a single red rose, and two half-full glasses of wine. Anne’s beauty, a beach cover that revealed lovely breasts that have satisfied me for decades, […]

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The Grey Sweatpants (L)

A few weeks after our honeymoon, my husband and I went back to our normal lives really quickly actually. School started for both of us in the fall. I was in my 3rd year of medical school and he was in his 4th year of business school. He had recently passed an important exam he […]

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Finding true love.

So this is my first time posting here. I read all the wonderful stories here and I can’t help but wonder why God hasn’t sent the right man my way, I mean you open your heart to love but most times it doesn’t happen. I feel I’m ready to start my little family with the right […]

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Nostalgic Erotica – Part 1

Here we are in Reykjavik, Iceland and it’s so beautiful. We’d just arrived, and as we drove through town, we noticed the colored houses and the beautiful Esjan mountain range. We then reached our hotel, excited to get to try the outdoor thermal pool, that was a family spa. After a day of family fun […]

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