Being “Open” to New Things

I decided to spice up some things in our bed, so I purchased a vibrating dildo that is similar in size to my hubby’s thick, long manhood. The evening it arrived I decided why to wait? We went to bed, and he rolled over and began massaging my clit very gently. I squirmed away, and […]

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New Year’s Sex

I know I haven’t been on for a while now but with Vivi walking everywhere, Michael crawling, marriage, and a new baby on the way, life has been busy. To ring in the New Year, I want to update y’all and then give y’all a story. I’m currently five months along now so a little […]

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Ed Comes to Visit, Again

When I wrote Summer Loving back in June, I promised at the end to write summer loving 2 with roles reversed. Little was I to know what would happen over the rest of summer, autumn and the longer nights of early winter. When I started to pen this, I had no idea how long it would be […]

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Why MarriageHeat Matters

Hello, MarriageHeat! First of all, thank you to everyone who has joined our M&S+: The Community over the past week!  The overflowing response to our new interactive community has been tremendous and we’re really enjoying all the new members, many of whom are participating.  We will provide more of an update on our progress in […]

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Warming Her Up

Hello Marriage Heat Readers, I’ve read MH for quite some time and have realized that if anyone wants some ideas or advice, you all have been very great at helping out. I’m looking for new ways to “warm up” my wife, to help her reach maximum pleasure, due to my lack of being able to […]

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I am a Blessed Man

I had driven my wife to a nearby town to pick up some supplies she had found online. Though I was tired from working all day and didn’t feel like going, I happily agreed with no complaints. It turned out to be a pleasant trip and I was actually not minding the drive and really […]

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After Shower

23rd of August, 2015. When it’s After Shower, you know what’s coming after your shower. Or should I rather say “our” shower…? The memory of that night remains in my deepest of memories. Because it’s not the shower that was out of the ordinary, but what came after that. The way we teased one another when […]

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Waiting on Santa

On Christmas eve we always go to my parents to spend time with them and let the kids open presents. This year the plans were made, the gifts were purchased and everything was ready to go. We were going to be at my parents around lunch so that we could be done in time to […]

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Introducing Marriage & Sex Positive: The Community

Dear Marriage Heat Friends, Last month, when LP was active, several of us believed deeply that the mission that was being accomplished there was an important part of the “hot monogamy” movement. We felt that the interactive community it contained promoted a sex-positive culture and in just the short time, led to several important friendships that […]

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Reginald Kapteyn

Dr. Reginald Kapteyn As Sexual Health Columnist

Marriage Heat is excited to announce our new medical sex-positive column from Dr. Reginald Kapteyn. MH users and website viewers have been sending in questions about the medical health side of sexuality. We declined to venture into this area because we did not have the training or expertise to comment. We have also been asked […]

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Best Date Night Ever

I walked to the car in a cute summer dress with nothing on under it. With my hair, down with curls, and shoes with wedge heels. Then we drove to the restaurant, as we were waiting for the table I whispered in my husband’s ear, “I’m not wearing any panties.” I saw a twinkle in […]

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Fantasies and Having That Conversation

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. We have a great relationship but like many long-term couples we got to a point where our bedroom life was being neglected. One day I wrote down my fantasies that I have and wondered what it would be like to share them with my wife. […]

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Sexy, Hot Role Play

On a vacation at a Las Vegas hotel, she laid out in her new bikini and felt confident how she looked. She noticed a man staring at her and didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable – it made her feel sexy, like she still had it after three kids and all. She got up and walked […]

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Understanding Lust

This is an excerpt from Jim Vander Spek’s book, Overcoming Lust… If we want to overcome lust, we need to recognize what we’re dealing with. A good place to start is to understand the “sexual buzz”—the electric feeling of pleasure that makes sex so enjoyable. The psychobiologic sexual buzz involves our emotions, our bodies, and […]

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