Wet River Plunging !

It was a cold misty morning outside when we both woke up, as discussed between us previously, sex would be on the menu first thing the next morning. After a good night’s rest, I got up first and went to the bathroom. My hard morning cock bounced out as I pulled my shorts down to […]

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Our Weekend: Part 1

EDITORS NOTE:  MH contributor, Mrs. Rose, and her husband are both serving in the military and currently live apart while they are working.  They are able to get together and reconnect as a married couple as often as they can.  We felt that this may need clarifying in this submission. —————————————————————————————————————————————– I told you before […]

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In Summer Heat

It was hot! Sometimes the city heat can be overwhelming and inescapable. This was one of those nights. We had the windows open and the fan on, but the thick heat just hung in our apartment. Kat and I were sitting on the couch drinking some ice water, trying to stay cool and enjoy one […]

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No Need For Words

Shortly after our wedding, we were staying at our holiday apartment in New York. I remember it was a clear night, and I saw my husband get into bed, naked and started watching some television. So I slipped my silk dress off and slipped into bed with him. He turned around, put his arm around […]

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What Is Allowed?

Another great question from a Marriage Reader reader!  There is tremendous Biblical wisdom to be shared and no doubt that there will be a lot of great conversation. —————————————————————————————————————————————– Hi all, I am a newbie here but have enjoyed all the stories posted. I have a question today. What is allowed in Christian marriage sexually? […]

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Appreciation Leads to Passion

Hi friends! I’ve posted on here once before but I’m ready to share a story instead of asking advice. Please bear with me! This story takes place just a few days ago, after hubby and I had been apart for several days. Our daughter and I arrived home a day later than hubby as planned. […]

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There WILL Be Intercourse in Heaven, and Here’s PROOF!

In my last post, I briefly implied that a married couple’s sexual relationship will stay for eternity. Hopefully most of you already know this, but if you disagree or never really thought about physical intimacy with your mate in Heaven and the New Earth, this post will hopefully make you learn something. I firmly and […]

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A Morning Stretch

Dan is a very disciplined person. Every morning he starts his day off with prayer, meditation, and yoga style stretching. He loves his routine and the focus he has to start each day. This morning was no different. I was lying in bed on the computer catching up on some emails and browsing around. As […]

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Welcome Home, Pastor

I was ordered on all fours. With her right hand she slapped my ass and with her left hand she stroked my cock. Never before had I felt so violated and yet so full of pleasure. I had just returned home from a week-long trip. Dressed as a chauffeur named Hilda, my wife picked me […]

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Cabin Quickie

It was nice to get away for a holiday long weekend recently, my wife and I were both excited to have a good time, and end the summer off having some quality time with friends before getting back into the swing of things at work. It was a 7-hour drive one way and after 5 hours […]

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It’s October!

And you know what that means?  It’s Time to shave your pubic hair off!  Bootylicious issued that challenge last October and so I thought we should make October “Go Bald” month. I took Booty up on her challenge last year and have kept myself shaved smooth ever since (thanks for the suggestion, by the way, […]

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Change of Plans

With six kids at home and a job that often keeps me busy 80-90 hours per week, my wife and I are rarely blessed with alone time.  For our anniversary last year, however, we stole a weekend away. Since we didn’t have the time available for our favorite vacation away to Cancun (more on that in […]

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Heros of My Home

Ever wanted to be a superhero just come to my house. I came home from work last Friday evening to find my wife dressed up like wonder woman. Red, white and blue tights and gold bracelets and even a lasso of truth. She looked amazingly hot her large tits being pushed up showing her amazing […]

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Love of Masturbation

The best thing about living a healthy, loving marriage with your one true soulmate is exploring every avenue of intimacy. My wife just loves to watch cum shoot from my throbbing cock, it truly turns her on. The many ways she makes me cum is so much fun. Last night was fantastic. Wearing only black […]

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What A Pleasant Surprise!

It was 1988 and summer was coming to an end. I had dinner, and put our girls to sleep when I decided to run myself a nice warm bubble bath. I didn’t expect my husband to be home until later that night so I prepared his dinner of chicken and vegetables in the slow cooker before […]

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Apartment Guests

Kat and I live in NYC and we often have people visiting and staying with us in our apartment. This weekend is no exception. We used to try to not have much sexual interaction while people were here so as to not make people feel uncomfortable, but the visits are so often that it means […]

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