Cum for a woman

The following is a question posed to our wives to possibly help us husbands understand what foreplay has to consist of and how to shorten the time it takes for our wives to orgasm. The real question is whether there has been some bad societal teaching that is causing the disparity in orgasm time between […]

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Nineteen Minutes

“I set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes; so we need to hurry. Are you sure you are up to the challenge?  Oh, well from the looks at that thing down there; it looks like you are. Oh, my. How old are you again, K?” The kids had friends over and were playing one of […]

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Tina was already up and gone.  Probably out on the town for some shopping, so he headed straight into the shower, not bothering with breakfast. Adam felt a flood of intense relief as the hot water jetted down washing sweat and grim off burning muscles. There was something intense and primal about fight practice. Just […]

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No Place Like Home

 January 2017 The business trip had taken me across the world and taken two weeks.  Sex was on my mind.  My wife was on mind.  I wanted to hold her, caress her, take her.  The last connecting flight landed late; I drove home from the airport, pulling into my driveway after midnight.  My wife was […]

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hot monogamy wife

New York Hot Monogamy Wife

Hot Monogamy Wife We moved to New York City. At first, I did not like it. The corporate environment threatened me. I worried that my husband and I would loose our sizzle. All was not bad. I enjoyed Redeemer Presbyterian Church. The school we picked was great, and our kids seem to be doing well. […]

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Motorbike Mistress

After my wife Jayne, the biggest love of my life is my motorbike, a low-slung Harley Roadster with a big black tank. We’d spent a lot of our courting days cruising the hills around us on it. We were in our late twenties and married a couple of years, but lately, I’d been spending a […]

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Breakfast Leftovers

Despite making love for nearly the entire evening in the LA apartment I shared with my roommate, (she was out of town for the weekend) the tenderness was bittersweet knowing my beloved K had to catch an early morning flight for the east coast. Newly married, a spirit of sadness hung in the air knowing […]

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Wilderness Sexy Time

  My wife and I enjoy backpacking trips together. Being alone out in the wild is something of an erotic experience. Sex is always a highlight and every year we get a little more adventurous. She wore a bikini for the first time at a sub-alpine lake beside a busy trail. We skinny dipped for […]

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The Sexy Stopover

In 1985, shortly after my birthday, my husband and I were going to Europe, but we had a stopover on Tokyo, Japan. One of relatives, family four actually, were living as ex-pats in Tokyo, and they invited us to come to their place for the three nights we were there. We were excited, and their […]

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Through the Day

One…two…three…Click-click, as I hit ‘3’ on my scanner and enter my count in. The strain of my OP as it rises to the next bin.  My thumb already weary from the controls and it’s only been an hour since my shift started. Okay this one has four– Please fuck me! I hear you clearly say […]

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