Your Client is Here (L)

After reading stories on MH I felt so horny and in the mood. My little pussy was throbbing. I decided…

I'll Take the Job

It all started with a text to my wife. The text told her I left something special in her car outside…

Mom for a Week (IV) - Conclusion

Sitting eye-to-eye with her best friend in their small town"s sole ‘tea room," Lisa gave a brief look…

Vibrator Fun: Let's Just Give A Sex Toy A Try

Vibrator Fun - I admit, I did not like the thought of a foreign object being slid up inside of me. My…

Hot Vibrations

My wife came out into the living room with garters and very sexy red stockings.  She was wearing a very…

What a Surprise.

My wife knew I had to go to our farm and get the end of the spring work done.  We tried 3 times to…
wife orgasm

Wife Orgasm -She Surprised Me!

Wife Orgasm -Every morning I have to work on my computer without being interrupted for a few hours. My…
sizzling sex

Sizzling Sex -Thank God for Nine Years

Sizzling Sex - My wife turns me on more than any living soul I have ever met.  Her body is like a genital…
Nude Weekend

Nude Weekend - Hot Summer Evening

It's summer, almost fall, but here in the Southwest USA it'll still be warm for a while. When the kids…
vibrator fun

Vibrator Fun - The Remote

Vibrator Fun - Frank couldn't wait to get home to show Claire the new toy he had picked up while on a…
vibrator sex

Vibrator Sex - Young Wife Discovers the Joy of Sex by Masturbating for Her Husband

Vibrator Sex -I was raised in a large legalistic family where rules were made not to be broken. In my…

Toy test

Doug had finished all he could handle of his lessons for the morning. He was eagerly waiting for Connie…