Marriage Heat, the Website?

Marriage Heat is a marriage heat support site that seeks to ignite more hot monogamy in your marriage.

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Marriage Heat encourages hot monogamy through sharing marriage erotic stories or erotic writings. These moral erotic stories include encouragement for Christian Couples to thrive in making their marriage bed vital. See our  statement of belief  that guides the selection of stories that are featured at

Marriage Heat: For Those Practicing Hot Monogamy

The stories on Marriage Heat include marriage sex experiences of married couples practicing hot monogamy.  The selected stories are arranged introducing interesting situations or activities that lead to more marriage closeness or oneness. These stories will not include stories that intentionally include other people (Unless Professionals) or marriage sex stories that bring in pornography. Marriage Heat is inspired by the Biblical book of the Bible called Song of Solomon or Song of Songs.

Make a marriage profile that will not give away your identity. You real identity will not be shared with other members or individuals. Submit a story that will bless Christian marriages. Check out our marriage guidelines for submissions. We are seeking to create a stage for sharing marriage heat stories by Christians who are called to write about the blessed experiences of marriage sexuality. . See Submissions

Marriage Heat  believes that you are responsible to bless your spouse. Please enjoy this site as a blessing not a comparison to what you currently do or believe on these personal and private experiences. You will not agree with every writer or even with every writer’s use of language in this area.  encourages positive messages about marriage. We will seek to offer resources that bring you more hot monogamy.

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