Wife Breast Feeding


Wife Breast Feeding – After our first baby girl was born, for the first three weeks we didn’t have sex. So I used to pleasure myself. I liked seeing my wife nursing my baby. That made me give her lot of respect as a mother, more than looking at her with sexual tension I started admiring her beauty in motherhood. And I myself was a responsible dad by taking care of the baby and helping her take care of the baby in the best possible manner. Yet we both had sexual feelings but in a controlled manner.

We used to be nude at home before our baby was born. But after her birth we didn’t show much interest in it. I waited patiently till we could hear what the doctor said about the date for our intercourse. After 2 weeks the doctor gave us the green signal. But still we did not have sex as we were concentrating on our baby.

Later one day when we went to bed I was just wearing my shorts. My wife at that time was wearing a satin shirt and satin skirt. She came out of the bath she turned away from me showing her butt towards me she removed her panties and put it in the laundry. When I saw her doing that I had an instant erection. The baby was lying towards her side. She climbed over the bed kissed my lips and turned towards baby and unbuttoned the top 2 buttons of her shirt and fed the baby her milk. When she was about to finish I slowly placed my hand over her butt. She didn’t mind it. Slowly I slid my hand playfully inside her satin skirt from below. My wife turned her head and smiled at me and said, “Let me finish with the baby.” Then my baby fell asleep. I slowly laid my hand over her right breast from behind. It was big and supple. She said, “Honey, can you finish the milk. I feel some more is left inside me.” I said, “With pleasure.”

She turned towards me and removed the shirt and skirt and became nude.  I told her to put the baby in the cradle.  She kissed the baby and placed her in the cradle and mean time I removed my shorts and became naked.  My honey said, “I was waiting for this moment for a long time, darling.” She slowly crawled over me and kissed my lips and said, “Please don’t wait, I am hungry.”  I kissed her lips again and slowly placed her on the bed and kissed her nipple and said, “Shall I have my share?” She nodded and smiled.  I started sucking her one nipple and pressed her other breast slowly.  She started moaning in pleasure.  I slowly sucked her one side and tasted the sweet fluid while I pumped out some of the milk from her other.  Then I made her boobs wet with her milk and licked them dry. Then she asked me to make love to her.  I told her, “How about 69?” She accepted and we placed our mouths on each other’s pleasure zones and had fun. Later before she climaxed I slid my cock inside her and fucked her slowly. Her vagina was now free due to post delivery. I felt easy thrusting inside her and for each thrust a small moan of pleasure escaped. When she climaxed she squirted the remaining milk from her boobs. I helped her by pumping her boobs. Then finally I climaxed and we went to sleep hugging naked for a long time.  The next day we had to change the bed sheets due to the mess made by us the night before.

Wife Breast Feeding to Husband Begins

The next night my wife started using big rubber sheets on the bed to clean the mess that we make during love making.  We went to bed nude.  I hugged her when she nursed the baby.  After she finished with the baby she started nursing me and even her milk flow improved more after she started feeding me.  Wow, that was a great workout for us.

 After that I got into the habit of sucking my wife’s milk, it was a usual happening at our home. My wife’s breasts started becoming bigger than they were before childbirth. As we again started practicing nudity after our first baby, it changed into a turn on for me whenever I see my wife breast feeding my baby.

After the day we had sex after her feeding my baby it continued for a week, then one day when I returned home, i saw my wife swimming in the pool naked. It was a cold evening and the pool temperature was set to be warm. The baby was sleeping in the cradle. I asked her why she was in the pool during that late evening. She said that she just wanted to relax. I bent near the pool wall and asked if I could join her after a shower. She swam towards me and placed her hands over the pool wall and rested her 2 breasts over them and said, “Come soon, darling, my boobs are heavy due to over milk production, they badly need you to suck them.” That made my dick grow hard inside my pants.I bent further down and kissed her lovely lips and said that I would be back in 10 minutes.

When I went inside the bath, I could hear the baby crying and it suddenly stopped. After drying myself I came out to see what was going on. I saw my wife sitting on the pool wall with the baby wrapped in a towel and feeding her. Seeing her naked in that state made me hot as I know the next turn was mine. I was also nude at that time. I slowly went near my wife and sat near her and hugged her along with our baby from behind. She said that she felt more aroused than she normally does while feeding the baby. I slowly pinched my wife’s other nipple and pressed her boobs and said, “That’s for me.”

I slowly ran my hands into her pussy and felt the wetness there and I slowly slid my fingers inside it and she moaned and said, “Honey, can you feed on other side?” I slowly shared my wife breast feeding with my sweet baby. My wife hugged both of us and said, “Honey, I feel like I am a mother of you and our baby.” Hearing that I was more touched than feeling erotic. But soon the baby’s stomach became full and we placed her in her cradle and continued our erotic wife breast feeding session.

I told my wife to spray her milk over my dick, she positioned her boobs towards my dick and squeezed her boobs, her lovely juice hit my dick and she told me to lie on her lap and suck the rest. Her one hand was on my dick fondling it and the other under my head supporting it towards her boobs. I was sucking slowly the sweet juice. This time she was moaning with pleasure. My one finger was having a nice time with her cunt.

When I drank half of her milk she climaxed with a sudden shiver and at that time she sprayed all her milk over me. Meantime she made me climax with the help of her soft hands.

From the day wife breast feeding started, we enjoyed it for quite along time.

Wife Breast Feeding

By: Anthony Cain

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed the story but can marriage heat change the f word part? Because our culture uses it do vulgarly, it feels out of place in these sweet stories. Màybe someone can give me a different view in the use if this word? Thanks.

  2. Bud
    Bud says:

    Thank you for reminding me of my wife and me when she was alive.the pleaseure we hadloving each other. i

  3. smitten
    smitten says:

    Enjoyed your story, Marriage Joy. We too practice adult breastfeeding. It takes marriage to a higher level of intimacy.

  4. anu
    anu says:

    now me and my husband read this…he became moody and suck my nipple……its so ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………mmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. someone
    someone says:

    Really good more please! not like the ones that are harsh with men that fuck real hard but this is nice and gentle. love it!

  6. PennY Laine
    PennY Laine says:

    Loved having the milk suckled out of my breasts and Al loved doing it. Only thing about pregnancy I miss, not as much as Al, but always got me ready.

  7. WifeyJ83
    WifeyJ83 says:

    Wow. My husband can't get enough of my tits too. I love to watch him suck my nipples. Your story made me so horny that I had my hub suck my nips for half n hour. I love all the locking and biting he does. I feel so horny when he does that specially cuz am preggers

  8. kamath
    kamath says:

    I have done with my neighbouring aunty when i was 15 years boy. It was so memorable one throughout my life.

  9. HotNips
    HotNips says:

    I love my husband suckling me, he draws my nipple deep in his throat. The rhythm of his sucking is just heaven…

  10. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    My wife is your twin then – she is definitely a nipple gal! She likes licking, sucking, flicking with tongue, twirling with finger tips, putting it as deep in my mouth as possible, whipping me with them, titty fuck, squeezing, burying my head in between them, cumming on them, rubbing my cum in them, sucking nipple only, sucking areola and nipple, kissing side boob, kissing middle cleavage – I think I could go on and on. I love it all. She loves it all. We are happy boob people. We life life titillating. We like to wind boobie prizes. When we swim, we love the breast stroke. I like fruits that are cut in half that look like boobs. If I don't stop – this will become boob (I mean a book). See what I mean? 🙂 God bless you and your husband HotNips. LH

  11. Shammy
    Shammy says:

    I loved it. Want some good decent guy to suck lick slap play with my 42 size boobs. I'm feeling horny right now. Anyone thr for me

  12. JAM777
    JAM777 says:

    Be careful though….
    Are you married? If so, have your husband do it.

    But if your not, no decent guy would do anything sexual with you until he marries you…

    I understand how strong it can be, masturbate thinking about your future husband and revel in God's glory!

  13. Chinni
    Chinni says:

    I loved it. You reminded about my days with my husband when he was alive. Really he was great. I can't forget those days with him. Ever remember him……

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